Translating Words, Interpreting Events

Egypt’s Government and Media Conspire against Christian Copts

Published by Gatestone Institute From top to bottom, from the Muslim Brotherhood president to the Muslim Brotherhood-monitored media, the lies concerning Egypt’s Christian minority—whether presidential lies that claim they are cared for, or whether media lies demonizing them—continue unabated.  Some recent examples follow: After two Christian boys were earlier arrested for allegedly blaspheming a Quran [...]

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Muslim Cleric Condemns Christianity for Teaching Gender Equality

A recent talk show on the Egyptian station Al Hafiz partially explains why it is that Islam’s clerics are staunchly against discussing Christian or biblical teachings in Egyptian schoolrooms—even as the teaching of the Quran is mandatory, for both Muslim and Christian students.  Discussing Christianity’s teachings concerning women, one of the guests, a sheikh dressed [...]

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Did the Muslim Brotherhood Really Win Egypt’s Presidency?

The one and only positive point that every Western commentator, beginning with Barrack Hussein Obama, have pointed to regarding the victory of an Islamist president in Egypt, is that it was done through democracy—through elections, fair and square.  It was the “will of the people,” and so must be respected. Yet, even that, too, is [...]

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The Rape and Murder of Pakistan’s Christian Children

The West sighed in relief when Rimsha Masih, the 14-year-old Christian girl arrested in Pakistan on August 16 for allegedly burning pages of the Quran, was finally released.  Yet the West remains clueless concerning the graphic abuses—including rape and murder—Christian children in Pakistan routinely suffer, simply for being Christian.  Consider two stories alone, both of [...]

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Muhammad, the Sexual Superman

Indonesian  Apparently the prophet of Islam, Muhammad, was something of a sexual superman—indeed, possessing the sexual appetite and potency of 4,000 mortal men. According to Islam’s most trusted and traditional sources, the story is as follows: Muhammad used to visit and have sex with his nine wives in a single hour (other accounts indicate 11 [...]

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Muslim Persecution of Christians: September, 2012

 Published by Gatestone Institute The aftermath of collective punishment for Pakistan’s Christians—the inevitable byproduct of the notorious Rimsha Masih blasphemy case, concerning a Christian girl falsely accused of desecrating a Quran—was more dramatic than the blasphemy case itself.  Indeed, knowing what was in store for them, some Christians even held a symbolic funeral procession, carrying a [...]

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The Christian Left’s Humanitarian Hypocrisy

The world’s double standards concerning which peoples qualify as oppressed and deserving of help is staggering.  Two recent stories make this clear: First, a report exposed, in the words of the Turkish Coalition of America, “Turkey’s continued interest in expanding business and cultural ties with the American Indian community” and “Turkey’s interest in building bridges [...]

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The Islamic Schoolyard Bully and Obama’s America

In an era of high education and specialty degrees—from psychology to political science—perhaps it was inevitable for simple common sense to fall by the wayside.  The embassy attacks across the Muslim world, especially the most savage in Egypt and Libya, are a testimony to this: U.S. policy towards these countries fundamentally exacerbated their wild reactions.  [...]

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Shocking Video: Muslim Women Drinking Camel Urine for ‘Good Health’

A video just appeared (see below) further substantiating my recent report, “Sharia-Medicine: Egyptian Clinic Treats People with Camel Urine,” which documents how several Islamic authorities praise the practice of drinking camel urine for good health—based on the advice of Muslim prophet Muhammad—and how in Egypt there is now even a clinic that treats people by [...]

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Quran and Hadith

Islam’s Insanities: All Just a ‘Hoax’?

You read something immensely disturbing concerning the Muslim world—say, that some Muslims seek to legalize sex-slavery or destroy Egypt’s Pyramids or approve of sodomy-suicide-missions or crucify infidels. Your mind—exclaiming “tell me this is a joke!”—finds it difficult to accept such news.

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