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Muslim Brotherhood Member Killed While Planting Explosive

In the midst of the ongoing terror attacks in Egypt, a bomb blast occurred in Port Said in the early morning of January 30, killing one person — the Brotherhood member who planted the explosive device: 22-year-old student, Bilal Osama Ibrahim al-’Arabi (pictured above).   The man’s father, also a Brotherhood member, is currently in [...]

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After Meeting with U.S. State Dept., Brotherhood Officially Declares Jihad on Egypt

Connections between U.S. leadership and the Muslim Brotherhood — which is banned as a terrorist organization in many countries — have always been there, for those with eyes to see. And now this. According to the Washington Free Beacon: The Muslim Brotherhood called for “a long, uncompromising jihad” in Egypt just days after a delegation [...]

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Unlamented Copts Killed During January 25 Protests

Coptic Solidarity While the world heard about Shaimaa al-Sabbagh, a female political activist who was tragically shot and killed by police at close range during January 25 demonstrations, Egypt’s Coptic Christians are asking why their own who died on the same day—by random bullets between police and the Muslim Brotherhood in different protests—have received little [...]

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Frequent Charlie Hebdo-Style Attacks in Mideast Ignored in West

“The jihadis will not stop here [Syria], the war will spread to Europe. What will England be like in ten or 15 years?”  – Archbishop Issam John Darwish of Furrzol speaking in 2012 (from Crucified Again, p. 246) Although the Western world heard about the Charlie Hebdo attacks, similar and worse Islamic attacks in the Middle East remain [...]

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Islam — Not Saudi King — “Snubbed” Obama

Turns out the reported “snub” to Barack Obama from Saudi Arabia’s newly crowned king, Salman, was a product of Islam: the king — indeed, apparently every Saudi present — interrupted the welcoming protocol for the U.S. president because it was prayer time. Below you can see the video again, where the king and his entourage [...]

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Washington Times Interviews Raymond Ibrahim on Muslim Persecution of Christians

Note: Yesterday the Washington Times‘ Cheryl Wetzstein interviewed me on the topic of Christian persecution in Muslim lands, especially in the context of Nigeria.  The interview appeared later that day (yesterday) and follows (Portuguese translation here): “Nigeria Elections Put Christians in Danger of More Muslim Attacks” By Cheryl Wetzstein Washington Times Muslim persecution of Christians is [...]

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New Saudi King Snubs Obama?

Some in the Arab world are having a chuckle on social media, saying that new Saudi King Salman just spurned U.S. President Obama during his recent visit to the Arabian kingdom. They point to the video clip below.  In it, Obama and first lady Michelle are standing by the king as the U.S. president shakes [...]

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Muslims Pin Offensive Caricatures on Christianity

Although Western media have reported about the many protests against Charlie Hebdo all around the Islamic world, they have failed to point out that, once again, Muslims are conflating Western behavior with Christianity — blaming offensive caricatures of Muhammad on Christianity — without realizing that the satirical magazine habitually pokes fun at  Christ and all [...]

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Sisi Welcomes Evangelical Church

Egyptian President Sisi just issued a decree licensing an Evangelical church, the Church of Welcoming Brothers in Alexandria.   Not only is such a move rare, but doubly so, in that evangelicals are often tolerated even less than indigenous Orthodox Christians, such as the Copts — presumably because they are seen as “outsiders” with too [...]

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President Sisi Revisits ‘Egypt’s Identity Crisis’

FrontPage Magazine Portuguese  Of all the recent calls for reform made by Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, perhaps most adamant has been his insistence that all Egyptians—Muslims and Christians—see themselves first and foremost as Egyptians. This came out very clearly when he visited the St. Mark Coptic Cathedral during Christmas Eve mass.  Then, he passionately [...]

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