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France: Drooling Man Repeating Muslim Prayers Destroyed 215 Christian Gravestones; Motive ‘Unknown’

On April 15, 215 Christian gravestones and crosses in the cemetery of Saint-Roch de Castres (Tarn), France, were damaged and desecrated (see pictures below). Thanks to onsite cameras and information given by a cemetery employee, a man fitting the description was detained and hospitalized on the assumption that he is insane.  According to Charlotte Beluet, the prosector: [...]

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Suspected Islamic Gunmen Open Fire on Catholic School in Pakistan

On the morning of April 17, suspected Islamic gunmen opened fire on St Francis High School, a Catholic school founded in 1842 in Lahore and long considered one of the finest schools in the city.  One student and two security guards were injured and taken to hospital. Although the motive behind the attack has yet to [...]

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400 Syrian Churches Destroyed, Christianity Nearing ‘Extinction’ in Mideast — Russian Orthodox Patriarch

Around mid-April, Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia –who once wrote a letter to Barack Obama beseeching the president to reconsider his foreign policies which enable the persecution of Christians in Syria — spoke again of the threat of Christian extinction in the Mideast during a meeting with Greek Defense Minister Panagiotis Kammenos. In [...]

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Islamic State ‘Sledgehammers’ Christian Gravestones and Crosses in Mosul

Islamic State members ravaged Mosul’s oldest Christian cemetery near the Syrian Orthodox Cathedral and published pictures of the destroyed  tombstones and desecrated crosses as proof of their pious efforts to eradicate all signs and symbols of Christian “paganism.” Several jihadi websites posted these pictures.  Some include Islamic State members using sledgehammers to destroy gravestones and [...]

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Muslim Refugees Drown Christian Refugees for Being ‘Infidels’

On Thursday, April 16, police in Sicily reported that Muslim migrants hurled 12 Christians overboard during a recent crossing from Libya; another forty-one Christians were believed to have been drowned in a separate incident.  The motive was that the victims “professed the Christian faith while the aggressors were Muslim.”  According to the Associated Press: Palermo [...]

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Coptic Christians Celebrate Easter Outdoors Because Muslims Forbid Church Building

Coptic Solidarity Due to the difficulties Egypt’s Coptic Christians experience in trying to build—or even repair—churches in their homeland, some end up meeting in Coptic homes to worship (and often are attacked for it), while others worship out in the open. This was the case for the Christians of Nag Shenouda, in Sohag City.  For [...]

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Saudi Thinker: Muslim Institutions Teach that Christians are ‘Infidels’ and ‘Enemies’

According to Saudi novelist and writer, Hani Naqshabandi, “Our [Islamic] religious institutions do not give us room to exercise free thought.”  By way of example, he pointed out that “They [Saudi institutions] said that the Christian is an infidel, a denizen of hell, an enemy to Allah and Islam.  So we said, ‘Allah’s curse on [...]

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Burned Christian Boy Dies Mysteriously, Pakistani Media Covers Up Christian Persecution

Following the mysterious death of Nauman — a 14-year-old Christian boy attacked and burned by Muslims for his faith — some in the Pakistani media have changed the narrative, suggesting he was attacked over a family feud, not religion. However,  Christian lawyer Aneeqa Maria Anthony, coordinator of the NGO “The Voice Society,” says these are [...]

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Obama’s Christianity: A Political Tool to Silence Christians

FrontPage Magazine Here in the United States, where Americans are used to hearing their president always invoke Christianity in a manner that silences Christians, United Kingdom Prime Minister David Cameron’s recent Easter message was moderately refreshing. Among other things, Cameron made it a point to say “that we should feel proud to say, ‘This is [...]

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Pentagon: Bible and U.S. Founding Documents Promote ‘Sexism’

Here again we see why Western “elites,” including the highest echelons of the U.S. military, are clueless and incapable of acknowledging — much less responding to — Islam: Modern sexism is rooted in the Bible, U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, according to a Pentagon-approved seminar. In a presentation prepared by the Defense Equal Opportunity Management [...]

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