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Confirmed: U.S. Chief Facilitator of Christian Persecution

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National Review Online

Prominent indicators confirm that the U.S. is the chief facilitator of the persecution of Christians around the world today.

According to the recently released 2014 World Watch List, which ranks the 50 nations where Christians are most persecuted, Syria is the third worst nation in the world in which to be Christian, Iraq is fourth, Afghanistan fifth, and Libya 13th. All four countries receive the strongest designation, “extreme persecution” (other designations are “severe,” “moderate,” and “sparse” persecution).

Sen. John McCain meets with “Syrian rebels,” many of whom are not Syrian, and one of which is a known kidnapper (L – Muhammad Nour)

Aside from being so closely and harshly ranked, these four nations have something else in common: heavy U.S. involvement. Three—Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya—were “liberated” thanks to U.S. forces, while in the fourth, Syria, the U.S. is actively sponsoring “freedom fighters” against the regime, many of whom would be better labeled “terrorists.”

The Syrian situation alone indicts U.S. foreign policy. According to Reuters:

Open Doors, a non-denominational group supporting persecuted Christians worldwide, said on Wednesday it had documented 2,123 “martyr” killings, compared with 1,201 in 2012. There were 1,213 such deaths in Syria alone last year, it said. “This is a very minimal count based on what has been reported in the media and we can confirm,” said Frans Veerman, head of research for Open Doors. Estimates by other Christian groups put the annual figure as high as 8,000.

While most Americans are shielded from the true nature of the war by the U.S. media’s reluctance to report on it, Arabic media, websites, and activists daily report and document atrocity after atrocity—beheadings and bombed churches, Christians slaughtered for refusing to convert to Islam, and countless abducted for ransom or rape—at the hands of those whom the U.S. supports.

It’s enough to point out that “the largest massacre of Christians in Syria,” to quote a top religious leader, was left wholly unreported by any major U.S. news network.

At any rate, the statistics speak for themselves: Syria, which used to be religiously tolerant, is now, in the context of the United States’ trying to bring “democracy” to it, the third worst country in the world in terms of “extreme persecution” of Christians.

The Blaze reports that Dr. David Curry, president of Open Doors,

charged that the Obama administration has essentially declined to make the protection of religious minorities a priority . . . “There are many instances where the vacuum of leadership and spokesmanship has created a real problem,” said the human rights leader. “I would say that every significant data point on this year’s ‘2014 Watch List’ is worse—and I think a factor in it is a lack of leadership from Western governments including . . . the U.S. in terms of religious freedom.”

But it’s worse than that. Far from taking any action or providing leadership—or simply ceasing to support the terrorists responsible—the Obama administration recently tried to go to war with Syria on behalf of the “freedom fighters,” amazingly, in the name of “human rights” (Apparently the unsubstantiated rumor that Assad massacred people is enough for the U.S. to go to war, but the ongoing and well-documented massacres of Christians and other civilians at the hands of the opposition is not enough for the U.S. to stop supporting them.)

What’s worse, even the most misinformed mainstream-media-watching American today knows that the so-called “Arab Spring,” which was hailed to justify U.S. support for “rebels” of all stripes—in Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood (which months ago destroyed some 80 churches); in Libya, al-Qaeda, which has turned Benghazi into a terror zone; and now the “freedom fighters” in Syria—is not what it was touted to be.

In other words, at this point, whenever the U.S. intervenes in an Islamic nation, Islamists come to power. This is well demonstrated by the other three nations to which the U.S. brought “democracy” and where Christian minorities suffer “extreme persecution”:

Surely a common theme emerges here: Where the U.S. works to oust secular autocrats, the quality of life for Christians and other minorities takes a major nosedive. Under Saddam, Qaddafi, and Assad, Christians and their churches were largely protected.

Moreover, while George W. Bush was responsible for Afghanistan and Iraq, the argument can be made that, back then (2001 and 2003), this pattern of Islamic radicalization that erupts once autocrats are gone was less well known than it is today. There weren’t many precedents.

Conversely, the Obama administration has had both Afghanistan and Iraq to learn from—and yet still it supports Islamists and jihadis. But by now, what happens once they assume power—religious persecution, terror, oppression—is no longer a secret.

Incidentally, those who care little for the fate of Christians or other minorities in the Islamic world would do well to remember a simple truism: Wherever anti-Christian elements come to power, anti-American forces come to power. The two are synonymous.

Put differently, Muslim persecution of Christians is the litmus test of how radical an Islamic society has become. In all those Muslim nations that the U.S. has interfered in—Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Egypt (till the Egyptians revolted, to the chastisement of the U.S.), and now Syria—the increase of religious intolerance is a reflection of the empowerment of forces hostile to Western civilization.

I am often asked, “How can we help persecuted Christians?” At this point, one must respond: “How about starting with getting the U.S. government to stop being the chief facilitator of Christian persecution?” Altruism aside, it would be in the interests of all who value freedom, religious or otherwise—and especially their descendants.

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  • Arius1071

    My father just barely survived the Turks genocide of the Armenian people in 1915. He loved America for its peace and prosperity. If he were alive today how hard it would be to tell him what evil America has morphed into. The America of today that is rapidly deconstructing its judeo-christian heritage is not the America that he loved or that I remember from my youth. For me, America no longer exists.

    • The duck

      Your right on.The America of WWII and before, no longer exists. It is near its final death throws I think. Yet there is hope of healing America but will take leadership with principles to do it. America requires Christian Statesman. We still have a few but we alsohave a depraved voters gallery to stop any Christian principled men from serving. I’m 83 yo and my America no longer exists. Only in my mind and in the minds of many others. We have become the minority. That will in the near future be a wake up call to those who fight against Christian principled ethics when Sharia finally takes ove America. I fear it is coming.

  • DogWithoutSlippers

    America has changed indeed………..are the Peoples’ protests in the Ukraine headed this way?

  • Ranchman

    I’m afraid it will only get worse, much worse, the writing is on the wall. The Judeo-Christian foundation of countries long known for their religious freedom, slowly eroded at first, is now being cut out of those countries with speed and precision, by both fundamental extremists and governments, including here in the U.S. The people will ultimately have to stand in defense of their beliefs, whether they want to face that fact or not.

  • plb5678

    Christianity believes in freedom and tolerance, everything Islam is against. Obama tries to fain his support by declaring religious freedom day last week but his actions state otherwise. Persecution of Christians as well as any religious minority must be stopped and Islam must be stopped. Obama hasn’t appointed anyone to the post of ambassador-at-large for religious freedom probably because he doesn’t believe in it. like islam espouses. Stop islam, persecution, murder, and destruction stops. Wake up world. The media and leaders need to stop kowtowing to anything islam and turn the tide before it’s too late.

    • Tukadoodle

      You see the problem is you always leave out Israel and us non Commie Jews. Kind of getting sick of the Judeo-Chritian scam so be very careful what you believe and say. Fact is everyone is/keeps trying to steal old JC for themselves starting with the Church. Yes they are the original Antisemites competing for market/mind share naturally.Absolutely no good reason to be Google Stupid anymore so see the history of Magic by the Church and really see what I’m stalking about. I mean they only recently ” Absolved” us for ” killing him” when we all know it was the Bill O’Reilly RC’s. That’s why you find about 159M Antisemites today in Europe alone. You bet the church butchers/slaughtered many of us so stop believing you folks are so great. You want to fight Islam yet ignore the Jews so better check your selves before others is best. You bet it’s a Commie church and plenty of Coomigogues as well. So it wouldn’t be a stretch for Israel to nuke the Vatican along with Mecca/Media at the same time. The Pope meeting with the Muslim Brotherhood is what? Telling America to legalize millions is the same ” Right of Return” by the fake ” Pallistinians” to dillute overthrow us both.You don’t fight for Pollard or us so why should we give you anything? Obama and the Pope will produce just more Commie BS to push our/you emotional buttons to buy some bag. Heck, we have Debbie Shultz and 75% of American Commie JAP/P’s trying to use their Islamos to butcher/slaughter us once again. Of course they hate free thinking and tough questions they refuse, and have high hopes for Francis cleaning out the Commie fags, Just remember that ” whats new is old” and the only thing new is the true history we don’t know…

  • Martin Grimes

    I checked out the Open Doors list of countries that persecute and cross checked that with the Wikipedia muslim population by country list and in every one of those countries the population of muslims is 90+%. The only one, NorthKorea, which has held the #1 spot for a very long time, has no signifcant Muslim population.
    All of this infomation is very depressing if one does not believe in the return of the Risen Jesus Son of God. I put my hope in him and his return and in the mean time I will pray for my Christian family.

    • Sarrah Goldblume
      • Martin Grimes

        Thank you for your link. I am familiar with the subject and the rhetoric. I have been introduced to similar productions and books many times. You see, as far as I understand, individuals who ascribe to this world-view are still thinking in human government terms. history is replete with them. Please, I know I am going on but let me get through with this. I am not alarmed by these well put together videos. They focus on recent political movements and see a trend and are somewhat aware of what is going more than the average guy. If this movement of people become motivated and mobilised then they kill and establish them selves as the new government. Is that not what is happening in Syria, Central African Republic and what happened in Nazi Germany, the Russian revolution. Peace be with you.

      • Tukadoodle

        A real grade A antiemetic/Anti american loser as well. This guy is a total lunatic blaming everyone for $. This site isbrun by losers and sickos that don’t have a life! Blaming 6M lousy Jews for everything in the world is just too Google Stupid and evil himself. Yep, ” what’s old is new” and you folks are the suckers born every minute fall for this same old shit. Go tune into to see the real updated facts being peddled here. Raymond’s last name really says it all as just another Cult crazy pushing ancient videos as ” news today”. The first/only tip off is always Antisemitism and blaming everyone else. So get a grip and get real cos tiny Israel and 6M controlling over 5 billion folks /companies countries with Trillion$ is always a total lie. The EuropeOns lead the pack usingusing/blaming Israel/Jews to cover up their crimes. With over 150M Antisemites in Europe alone really does say it all. Just look at the Britwits Imperialism alone with their uber sick Queen just to start. Just can’t miss the French Mandela defeated so stop the ” he beat the whites”. When you realize the Church stole old JC “from the Jews” and still are trying to remove all witness’ and evidence today. They are the Original Antisemites cos they want market/mind share that makes sense too. So Google magic and church history to see what I’m talking about. …

        • Sarrah Goldblume

          Scripted response.


I am neither anti-Semitic or anti American- I am well informed.

          Obviously you and I are not going to agree.

          Reputable men such as Henry Ford and Charles Limburg had the same views, our failing schools and media fail to mention this.

You are simply wrong on this issue. Israelis are eye socket deep in virtually every aspect of social ills. Period the end.


Israel sucks between 10 and 30 million dollars a day out of the United States a well hidden FACT.

          Israel has sold more secrets to Americas enemies than anyone.

          Pollard is only one example.

 Israelis are Black belts at profiting & being a “victim” and using the media and educational institutions to brainwash the masses.


Israel attacked the USS Liberty. Look up the “Dancing Israelis” from 9-11.


Israelis are engineers of the FED, bad Government programs (AIPAC), Illegal immigration (while kicking 6000 Africans out of Israel) free trade, and so on.


We hear about Hitler and the Holocaust with the 6 million trademark deaths constantly in the Israeli controlled media. This is as ingrained into society as questioning anything
          Jewish is automatically “anti-Semitic”.

          Due to the ability to control the media and educational institutions the American people are ignorant of history and facts concerning “Gods’ chosen people” Americans are also ignorant to the hoards of Jewish scam artists who
          have been discredited for lying about their role in the Holocaust to profit. 20 million Europeans died at the hands of Jews in the Bolshevik Revolution. (If they were Jews killed that number would be 180 million) Americans do not know of the treachery of Lev Bronstein (Leon Trotsky) or Lenin and worse yet the modern day Jewish psychopathic killers and profiteers. 

These quotes from Jewish leaders are undisputedly factual and clearly portray the dark evil mindset of the nation wrecking devils… 

          The video is a homerun run – far better than Broke Back Mountain or other filth to distract the goys. The video reaches the same conclusion that the founding fathers did ( Thomas
          Jeffersons Tree of Liberty) dealing with tyrants. 

          • joemittelman

            You are a distributor of filth and lies. There are good and bad in every race and religion. Jews are not exempt. But if to harp on the bad ones, the mistakes, and Monday morning quarterback all of the decisions gone bad of a specific group or government is to overlook the fact that this goes on EVERYWHERE and with EVERY GOVERNMENT in the world since the dawn of history.
            Why are you and all the Jew haters since the beginnings of Christendom, and then Islam, holding Jews and now Israel to standards higher than any race, religion, or government to standards impossible to attain? Throughout history there have been haters of minorities just like you. They enslaved the Jews, they kept Christian slaves and traded them, they brought Black Slaves to the U.S. and fought a war that killed 700,000 Americans in an effort to keep enslaving more. Then, when you and your adherents lost that war, you invented the KKK…more minority haters. You put narrow minded people into Congress to keep the Black Race down as if they were subhuman. You are a disgusting piece of trash, and like those before you who are long gone….eventually you will depart this earth as well. But never fear you ignoramus, you thug….there will always be more small minded creeps to take your place. Don’t you feel superior. Just look in the mirror and you will see a sad, small minded, nothing, who needs a scapegoat or he would have to face himself and who couldn’t stand what he really is. Have a bad day creep.

          • Sarrah Goldblume


            I thought the organization was formed to combat reconstruction?


            I use to feel exactly like you. I kept hearing people attack the
            Israelis’ and honestly it turned me off. One thing that I found very troubling
            and resonated with me is the number of high-level honorable men that have
            spoken the same message. Henry Ford, Charles Limbaugh, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts,
            Captain Merlin Miller, the list is very amazing once you drill into it.

            Here is a brief statement earlier this year
            (03-07-14) by Philip Giraldi is a former
            counter-terrorism specialist and military intelligence officer of the United
            States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Giraldi is a recognized authority on
            international security and counterterrorism issues.


I’d Dump the Israelis Tomorrow
            –Ex-CIA Michael Scheuer (Former
            Head of the Bin Laden Unit)Tells Congress

House Homeland Security Committee on
            October 9, 2013


            I am also amazed so many Americans know nothing
            about the USS Liberty. This body
            of evidence in concert with the fact the Federal Reserve, our Media, our
            politicians etc., are so closely influenced by this tiny group are points to

            We will disagree on the subject.

          • joemittelman

            Well, after wading through all of your anti Jewish tripe, I realize that we do have one thing in common:
            I have no intention of wasting my time refuting each of your refutable statements and videos of those filled with the same hate as yourself. Just let me add once more:

          • Hendrik Levi Marx

            Henry Ford, Mel Gibson and Obama are/were all Anti-Semites or Jewish Haters, just like their church fathers Constantine and Luther were, just to name a few.
            Do your research properly and try to find “love” in your heart again for the Firtsborn son Yisra’el (Exo 4:22), then will the Ruach illuminate the truth to you. If not, the Adversary will take the seed sown in your heart, and you will be left outside with the dogs and idol worshipper ones.

          • joemittelman

            Incidentally, Henry Ford and Charles Lindberg (correct sp.) were both rabid anti semites. To use them as an example, refutes everything you have to say. And….you are both…anti semitic and anti American…..but anti semitic for sure.

  • Wolff Bachner

    Emir Obama won’t lift a finger to help persecuted Christians. Instead he plans to allow 30,000 Syrian Jihadis emigrate to the USA and he forced Israel to release 126 Jew killing terrorists. What a Guy.

  • chthompson

    Great article. Thank you for exposing this. I believe New American wrote about this trend some time ago as well. For the sake of Christians abroad we need to rein in this regime.

  • Dan Nowotarski

    It’s a tragedy that the President of the United States supports the Muslim Terrorists who are raping and murdering innocent Christian men, women and children. What’s worse is that neither his administration nor their supporters have the courage or common decency to speak out against the support of Muslim Terrorists who rape and murder innocent men, women and children. Those who support this President and his administration will just as quickly accept the beatings, rapes and murders of Christian men, women and children here in these United States. They will excuse and somehow justify their support for such behavior to soothe their own conscious. – God Bless America, Israel, the NRA and all Real Freedom Fighting Patriots.

  • The duck

    I often wondered about the prophecy of the end of this world. That blood would flow as deep as a horses bridle as every nation would be against Isreal. But every nation? Ijust could not see America taking that position. Well I do see America taking that position today. Obama’s show ofcontempt for Isreal’s Prime Miniister and telling him to leave the area Isreal is building in. Then snubbing him when he calls on America for a meeting. Obama has shown his true stripes. I pray God protects His own.
    When I read about Islamic ghettos in France, England and several other European countries and living under Sharia there, I also see it beginning here in America.
    Yes America will send its military strength agains Isreal also. this nation is part and parcel against Isreal.


    Is never too late to open the eyes. At present time USA is ruled by someone that have muslim blood in his veins … It would be a good idea to check how many muslims did enter in USA since Obama get the power … LOL