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Coptic Christians Threatened to Convert to Islam

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Two weeks ago in Egypt, a Coptic Christian man named Milad living in Tanta in northern Egypt submitted a formal complaint to authorities, saying that “unknown persons” invited him and his family to renounce Christianity and submit to Islam and convert.  “They also snatched at the crucifix he was wearing around his neck, and threatened to kidnap his children and wife if he refused to convert to Islam.”  The man identified them as members of the Salafi movement in Egypt—as they wore the trademark white robes and long beards.

Such incidents—threatening Coptic Christians to convert to Islam and kidnapping their children—are becoming commonplace in post “Arab Spring” Egypt.  Some months back, Coptic priests were threatened with death if they did not convert to Islam, and the jihad on Egypt’s Christian children is an ongoing phenomenon, most recently resulting in the abduction and slaying of a 6-year-old boy.

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  • wwlee4411

    Religious “TOLERANCE” ?

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    The gate of hell shall not prevail in Jesus name

  • Hummer

    Please tell me- has the President of the US done anything to help the Coptic Christians or has he just been silent? I sincerely believe the latter since it doesn’t fit politically with his agenda. They are expendable these fellow believers and human beings-if you won’t protect the most innocent-the unborn-why should he bother with these.

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