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Writings on topics not directly related to Islam or the Middle East.

After Meeting with U.S. State Dept., Brotherhood Officially Declares Jihad on Egypt

Connections between U.S. leadership and the Muslim Brotherhood — which is banned as a terrorist organization in many countries — have always been there, for those with eyes to see. And now this. According to the Washington Free Beacon: The Muslim Brotherhood called for “a long, uncompromising jihad” in Egypt just days after a delegation [...]

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New Saudi King Snubs Obama?

Some in the Arab world are having a chuckle on social media, saying that new Saudi King Salman just spurned U.S. President Obama during his recent visit to the Arabian kingdom. They point to the video clip below.  In it, Obama and first lady Michelle are standing by the king as the U.S. president shakes [...]

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Muslims Pin Offensive Caricatures on Christianity

Although Western media have reported about the many protests against Charlie Hebdo all around the Islamic world, they have failed to point out that, once again, Muslims are conflating Western behavior with Christianity — blaming offensive caricatures of Muhammad on Christianity — without realizing that the satirical magazine habitually pokes fun at  Christ and all [...]

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Sisi Welcomes Evangelical Church

Egyptian President Sisi just issued a decree licensing an Evangelical church, the Church of Welcoming Brothers in Alexandria.   Not only is such a move rare, but doubly so, in that evangelicals are often tolerated even less than indigenous Orthodox Christians, such as the Copts — presumably because they are seen as “outsiders” with too [...]

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President Sisi Revisits ‘Egypt’s Identity Crisis’

FrontPage Magazine Portuguese  Of all the recent calls for reform made by Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, perhaps most adamant has been his insistence that all Egyptians—Muslims and Christians—see themselves first and foremost as Egyptians. This came out very clearly when he visited the St. Mark Coptic Cathedral during Christmas Eve mass.  Then, he passionately [...]

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The Significance of President El-Sisi’s Greetings

Gatestone Institute On January 6, Abdel Fatah al-Sisi became the first Egyptian president ever to visit the St. Mark Cathedral during Coptic Christmas Eve Mass and offer his good wishes to the nation’s Christian minority. Because Islamic law bans wishing non-Muslims well on their religious celebrations, all previous presidents — Nasser, Sadat, Mubarak, and of [...]

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Raymond Ibrahim Interview: Relativism, the Media, and Islam

I was recently the featured guest on the Denice Gary Pandol Show.  Click here to listen to the 30-minute interview (begins around the 25:15 mark).  Topics include differences between Islam and other religions, MSM misrepresentations, and Saudi beheadings.    

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Islamic Violence, the MSM, and I

FrontPage Magazine Two events recently transpired that forced mainstream media to address a question they habitually dodge: Is Islam intrinsically violent?  First, on New Year’s Day, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi—a world leader, and a Muslim—did the unthinkable when he publicly asserted that Islamic texts and thinking have made the Muslim world a scourge to [...]

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Sisi’s Brave New Egypt?

PJ Media.  Portuguese  Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi continues to be the antithesis of longstanding mainstream media portrayals of him. First there was his historic speech where he, leader of the largest Arab nation, and a Muslim, accused Islamic thinking of being the scourge of humanity—in words that no Western leader would dare utter.  This [...]

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What Ideology Unites ISIS, Boko Haram, Al Qaeda and Hamas?

Yesterday I appeared on Ave Maria Radio’s “Kresta in the Afternoon,” talking with Al Kresta about a number of topics, including the ideology that united ISIS, al-Qaeda, Boko Haram, al-Shabaab, and Hamas.   Click here and fast forward to the 9-minute mark to listen.

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