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Writings on topics not directly related to Islam or the Middle East.

A Triple Jihad and France

This article was written for by Michele A The world woke up yesterday [Friday, June 26] to the horror of a triple jihadi attack: one at a beach resort in Tunisia, killing 37 and wounding as many; one in a Kuwait city mosque, killing and injuring scores of Shia worshippers; and one at a [...]

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Obama’s Policies to Empower ISIS Exposed

For months, many Western observers have been closely following the minute-by-minute developments concerning the battle between Islamic State and coalition forces in the hopes that such data will help them discern what the future may hold. Yet knowledge of the end game has been available for anyone viewing the Obama administration with the eyes of [...]

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The Ongoing War between Islam and Europe

In the following video, Hanne Nabintu, historian of religions, interviews me on the history of Islam and the West.  Topics include the original (but forgotten) Arab conquests, the (demonized) Crusades, and why the modern West’s notion of “history” is immensely skewed:

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Raymond Ibrahim on Issues, Etc.

Yesterday I appeared on the radio program Issues, Etc., with Todd Wilken, discussing several Mideast and Islamic related topics of the day. Click here to listen to the 13-minute interview.

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Raymond Ibrahim on ‘Kresta in the Afternoon’

Earlier today I appeared on Ave Maria Radio, with Al Kresta, discussing a number of topics related to the Islamic State and the root source of Muslim ‘Grievances.” Click here to listen to the interview.      

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Freedom, Provocation, and Targets: No Cartoons Required

By Ralph H. Sidway, an Orthodox Christian researcher and writer, and author of Facing Islam: What the Ancient Church has to say about the Religion of Muhammad.  He operates the Facing Islam blog. The recent Muslim jihad attack at a Muhammad Art Exhibit and Contest in Garland Texas has generated strong reactions across the political spectrum. Four of [...]

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U.S. State Dept. Invites Muslim Leaders, Denies Christians

Gatestone Institute Translations of this item: German Indonesian Italian Portuguese Spanish Swedish Late on the evening of May 8, Newsmax TV announced that pressure from Americans acquainted with Sister Diana Momeka’s visa rejection has just caused the State Department to reverse its decision and permit her entry into the United States. Until then, however, she and others [...]

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Raymond Ibrahim Interview: Why Islam Will Not Reform and More

I  was recently interviewed on Reel Talk with Audrey Russo.  Topics included why President Sisi will not reform Islam, the continuity of Christian genocide (whether by Ottomans or ISIS), and Obama’s refusal to fulfill his word to the Christian descendants of genocide victims of jihad.  Click here to listen to the 30-minute interview.    

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Raymond Ibrahim on Islamic Genocide of Christians Throughout History

I was recently interviewed on The Steve Deace show.  Topics of discussion included Medieval history between Islam and Christendom — and why it matters for today — the wiping out of entire peoples and languages under Islam, and more.  Click here and fast-forward to the 8-minute mark to listen to the interview.

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Raymond Ibrahim on the Islamic State’s War on Christians

I recently appeared on Ave Maria Radio’s “Kresta in the Afternoon.”  Topics discussed included the slaughter of some 30 Christian Ethiopians, the true meaning of “jizya” (it’s not “poll tax”), and how Christians are dying for no other reason than refusing to renounce their faith — and not just at the hands of the Islamic [...]

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