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Writings on topics not directly related to Islam or the Middle East.

Obama’s Secret Directive Supporting Global Islamism

French A recent Gulf News report sheds some light on how and why the United States helped bring the Muslim Brotherhood and its Islamist allies to power, followed by all the subsequent chaos and atrocities in the Mideast region. Large portions of the report follow with my commentary interspersed for added context: Dubai: For the past decade, two successive [...]

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Video: Raymond Ibrahim Discusses ‘Islam’s Protestant Reformation’ on Sun News

I recently appeared on Byline with Brian Lilley discussing my recent article, “Islam’s ‘Protestant Reformation.’”

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Raymond Ibrahim on the 700 Club: Christians as Persona Non Grata

People worldwide embrace Christianity more than any other religion, and Christians are the most persecuted. Mideast expert Raymond Ibrahim warns on The 700 Club that such persecution happens most often in the Muslim world.

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The New York Times Defends Al-Qaeda

Gatestone Institute Why are some of the biggest Western mainstream media outlets—especially the New York Times (NYT)—often apologetic, not only for radical Islamists, but for al-Qaeda, an organization responsible for, among other atrocities, killing nearly 3000 Americans on September 11, 2001? A recent NYT report titled “Abduction of Girls an Act Not Even Al Qaeda [...]

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Raymond Ibrahim Discusses Christian Persecution with Ex-Muslim Woman

Raymond Ibrahim recently appeared on “Embracing New Life,” a satellite television show hosted by Isik Abla, a former Muslim woman who fled Turkey and Islam and converted to Christianity.  Ibrahim’s book, Crucified Again, and the phenomenon of Muslim persecution of Christians were the primary topics of discussion in the half-hour episode:

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An American’s Experience with Islamic Apostasy

Editor’s note: The following was written for by an anonymous American teacher living in the Muslim world At a recent dinner party, the death sentence of Meriam Yahia Ibrahim for the crime of apostasy by a Sudanese Islamic court came up as a topic of discussion.  Not surprisingly, the progressive elements of the group [...]

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The New York Times’ Propaganda War on Egypt

CBN News A recent New York Times article exemplifies why the Times simply cannot be trusted.  Written by one David Kirkpatrick and titled “Vow of Freedom of Religion Goes Unkept in Egypt,” the article disingenuously interprets general truths in an effort to validate its thesis. Much of this is done by omitting relevant facts that [...]

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Nigerian ‘Sex-Slaves’ Disrupt Obama Narrative on Islam

Islamic law permits the possession of concubines, or sex slaves.  This has been demonstrated countless times, including through Islamic clerics quoting Islamic scriptures, and through ordinary Muslims, past and present, acting on it. That said, Islamic sanctioned sex-slavery does not perturb the Western world simply because the powers-that-be—specifically academia, media, and government—ignore it, and all [...]

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Raymond Ibrahim Discusses the ‘Brave German Woman’ and Europe’s Islam Question

On May 7, Raymond appeared on CBN News discussing his recent article, “Lessons Learned from the Brave German Woman.” The video follows:

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Lessons Learned from the ‘Brave German Woman’

CBN News Several are the important lessons learned from last year’s “Brave German Woman” incident. Context: On November 10, 2013, a Muslim imam was invited to give the Islamic call to prayer inside the Memorial Church of the Reformation in the city of Speyer, Germany—a church dedicated to honoring Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation. [...]

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