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Islamic State Relied on Egyptian Salafi Book to Slaughter 21 Copts in Libya

Coptic Solidarity Dr. Ahmed Karima, professor of Sharia at Al Azhar University, Egypt,  recently exposed the fact that the Islamic State received its justification to slaughter 21 Coptic Christians in Libya from a book titled (in translation) Christians in the Koran.  The author of said book is Mahmoud Lutfi ‘Amr—president of Damanhur’s Ansar al-Sunna al-Muhammadiya, [...]

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Coptic Christian Mother ‘Thanks’ ISIS Slaughterers of Son

The mother of Kyrillos (Cyrus), one of the 21 Coptic Christians recently butchered by the Islamic State in Libya, said in a recent interview that she forgives the Muslim murderers of her son — since he is now “with his Lord” — and prays that they see the light and turn from evil. Said the [...]

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Christian Slaughter in Libya

FrontPage Magazine  The disputed fate of the 21 Coptic Christians abducted in Sirte, Libya is now clear and visible for all to see on video: while holding them down, Islamic State members shove their fingers in the Christians’ eyes, crane their heads back, and slice away at their throats with knives—all in the name of [...]

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Islamic State Cites “Grievances” in Slaughter of 21 Copts

Coptic Solidarity Islamic jihadis never fail to find an excuse to slaughter innocent Christians.  For example, as discussed here, secular Western actions that have nothing to do with Christianity are often enough to provoke Muslims to blame, locate, and attack Christian minorities in their midst as way of “retribution.” Now, as shown in a new video, [...]

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Coptic Victims Call on “Lord Jesus Christ” Before Slaughter

Before having their heads carved off by the Satanic forces of the Islamic State in post “Arab Spring” Libya, some of the Coptic Christians can be seen and heard muttering “O Lord Jesus Christ,” say Arabic media. Do not be deceived: this is a war on Christians — one that began almost 1,400 years ago, [...]

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Syria’s Assad to America: “What Do You Get From Supporting Terrorists in Our Region?”

In a recent interview, Syrian President Bashar Assad makes some interesting observations.  When asked “If you were able to deliver a message to President Obama today, what would it be?” Assad responded (via VIE): I think the normal thing that you ask any official in the world is to work for the interests of his [...]

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Islamic State: “Great Reward” for Killing Coptic Christians

The following excerpt from the Islamic State captures well the perverse logic that its many members and even more sympathizers operate on.  It recently appeared in an Islamic State report explaining why the jihadis already did — or soon will — execute 21 Coptic Christian workers abducted in (post-”Arab Spring”) Libya.   The justification begins by positioning [...]

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Libya: 21 Abducted Coptic Christians Possibly Executed

Note: An important press release from Coptic Solidarity follows: Coptic Solidarity Demands Urgent Actions to Save Kidnapped Copts in Libya Contact: Lindsay Vessey, Coptic Solidarity, 801-512-1713, WASHINGTON, Feb. 13, 2015 /Christian Newswire/ — A new report by the Islamic State has just been published with photos alluding to the possible execution of the 21 Coptic Christian [...]

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How the West Destroyed Libya

FrontPage Magazine The full impact of Western intervention in Libya was recently highlighted during a televised interview of Worlds Apart.  Hanne Nabintu Herland, a Norwegian author and historian who was born and raised in Africa for 20 years, was the guest. At one point while talking about Libya, Herland firmly asserted that “In a just [...]

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‘Our Daddy is in Heaven’ — Daughters of Christian Family Slaughtered in Libya

More information about the Coptic Christian family — mother, father, and daughter — killed in Libya continues to surface.  In an interview with the mother’s brother, he explained how the murderers broke into the house in the middle of the night.  They handcuffed and killed the father. Then they entered the children’s bedroom, three girls. [...]

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