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Egypt: Church Vandal Caught in the Act

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During the recent spate of attacks on Christian churches in Egypt, nearly 100 churches, monasteries, and other Christian institutions were destroyed — all in the name of the Muslim Brotherhood. Other churches, however, were “lucky” in that they were “only” vandalized with graffiti.

To the right is one of the rarer instances when a pro-Brotherhood vandal got caught in the act. After placing a picture of ousted Brotherhood president Morsi on the side of St. Fatima, a Chaldean Catholic church in Heliopolis, Egypt, the man was stopped mid-sentence writing “Islamic” on the church door.

Based on other graffiti that was spread on other churches around the same time, he may have been planning to write something like “Islamic, oh you slaves of the cross” (as was spray painted on another church in Heliopolis) or “Islamic, despite Tawadros the Dog” (reference to the Coptic pope, as was painted on the walls of an Asyut church).

At any rate, note how the vandal himself appears “righteously” outraged, even as those preventing him appear passive and apologetic — as if to suggest he is right, after all, to desecrate the church, since those “dhimmi” Christians dared overstep their rights by protesting against Morsi on the June 30 Revolution, but that he should be the “better man” and let it go.

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  • Muslim Comments

    Appears to me that this was all staged

    • SPQR9

      Provide some evidence.

      • Michelle

        What did you expect the Islamic moron to write? The truth?

    • Lyle P Smith

      Muslims are great at staging things just look at Obama!

    • surj

      Muslim Comments ” Appears to me that this was all staged ” You, being a muslim would say that. That is what muslims do in the West , like start little fire in the Mosque and then cry OH ! we are been discriminated against. It happened in England , some where I believe in Ealing. see and Islam is evil and muslims are barbarians. Period

    • friendlykamustaka

      This is rich, coming from a follower of a religion that condones lying:

      Islam has been exposed. Get over it…..