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Brotherhood, Al Jazeera Threaten Christians to Repudiate Jizya Reports

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Following news that the Muslim Brotherhood has revived the practice of collecting tribute from conquered “infidels”—that is, collecting jizya from Egypt’s Coptic Christians in the village of Dalga, first reported on this site—according to a new report published today by the popular Egyptian newspaper Youm7:

The Muslim Brotherhood is passing by the homes of the Copts in the village, accompanied by Al Jazeera photographers, forcing them to record interviews with them saying that they are safe in the village, and that what was published by the ‘pro-government media’ [about jizya collection] is not true.

The Brotherhood working hand-in-hand with Al Jazeera to disseminate falsehoods in their interest is, of course, nothing new.  Earlier, for example, Al Jazeera aired a video of a Brotherhood member supposedly killed by Egyptian security forces who, nonetheless, appeared to “come alive” right before the recording stopped.

Moreover, Fr. Ayoub, the priest of the local church in Dalga, confirmed that the situation is dangerous, that the Brotherhood is in charge of the village, and that the Copts are indeed being threatened with violence to pay jizya.

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  • GreekAsianPanda

    Al Jazeera America calls itself “fact-based, in-depth news”. Ha. If it’s anything like Al Jazeera elsewhere, it’s just an Islamist mouthpiece that should be shunned and boycotted.

  • GFRF

    Liars lie!
    Reprobates can not speak the truth.

  • Mary2333

    When Mohammad’s “god” is named the great deceiver, you know his minions will deceitfully lie.