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Armenian Slaughtered for Refusing to Renounce Christ

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Following the other day’s news that two Armenian families in Syria had been compelled to convert to Islam at the hands of the terrorist organization, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL)—which, nonetheless, claimed that the conversions were done “willingly”—new information has emerged concerning the recent killing of a young Armenian man, Minas, for refusing to convert to Islam, again at the hands of ISIL.

He was reportedly killed in one of ISIL’s dungeons in Aleppo, north Syria, which has a notable Armenian minority.

According to iNews, “Minas and his father were held in ISIL’s prison for 115 days, according to one activist, and his accusation was that he refused to submit [to Islam, i.e., convert].”

iNews adds that activists from the region sent the above picture, saying it is of the slain Minas.  Other activists confirm that the picture is of a slain Armenian in Syria, but not of Minas.  In any case, the man appears to be wearing the garments of the Armenian Evangelical Church of Aleppo.

The same report mentions other Christian Armenians killed, including one who reportedly had “his head chopped off and placed in a biscuit box.”

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  • GreekAsianPanda

    A reverse image search doesn’t turn up the picture, so at least it seems that this isn’t a case of pro-Assad propagandists slapping a story onto some random picture of a dead Syrian.

    • Arius1071

      Look at the patch on his coat. It has Armenian letters on it.

  • mollysdad

    Time to force the Islamists to renounce their filthy religion, or failing that to get rid of them.

  • Joyce Collins

    propaganda is everywhere today,believe nothing u read and only half of what u hear.

    • Roland Popa

      Believe nothing you hear and half of what you see!

    • Tony Phillips

      Really? So the reports of Christian Martyrdom doubling in 2013 is just propaganda? You are a moron, lady. Seriously. Muslims have been killing Christians for years, this last year being one of the worst in history. try to use some common sense.

      • mark

        Bear in mind its a common practice of muslims to make out they are not muslims (anything but) in order to try to deceive/missinform and put down anything that exposes their actual evil nature.

    • ninna rubinsky

      excuse me but I have Christian friends from Nigeria Iran Egypt and Sudan THEY DON’T THINK THIS IS PROPAGANDA TO THEM IT’S MORE THAN REAL

  • ChristCrusader

    Get those Christians out of there and offer them assylum!

    • Mme Scherzo

      You can help get Christians out of these countries by helping to finance the people who will smuggle them out:

      • ChristCrusader

        That looks promising. What of it’s legitimacy?

        • Mme Scherzo

          Time will tell. I will say this, however. Theodore Shoebat is one fine apologist for the arming of Christians against their Muslim persecutors.
          I’m currently watching the DVD (4 hour long lectures) on Christian militancy, and he’s one of the few in a cauldron of effeminate pacifists willing to say what needs to be said in Christians arming and defending themselves against the neverending onslaught of heretics and tormentors. The DVD was 15 bucks and well worth it. I have, in the past, given money and purchased books from Voice of the Martyrs, and while they do a very fine job of bringing these terrible stories to our attention, I don’t know that they are actively raising money for the sole purpose of getting Christians to safety.

          • Arius1071

            Christians in Syria were so appalled and angered by jihadi attacks on Christian villages that they armed themselves and fought the jihadis with the Syrian Army.

      • SoCalGreek

        How about arming them so they can defend themselves.

    • Eugene Edward Yeo

      It is their home. Why should they leave? Help them fight.

  • jenkem5

    Time to purge the earth of the death cult known as Pisslam.

    • Vardan Nazaretyan

      I am an a Christ and I am an Armenian, and I can definitely tell you that not all Muslim people are like those monsters. I have many Muslim friends here in Germany, and they are not intolerant towards Christians. The majority of Syrian muslims were also not intolerant to Armenian Christians. It is just that their current leadership is radical Islamist. Christians had their own fair share of Muslim massacres in the middle ages, because of Crusades…

      • Arius1071

        Sure, there were some massacres of Muslims during the short period of the Crusades but for 14 centuries Muslims have been slaughtering Christians. I am also an Armenian whose father just barely survived the Turks genocide of the Armenians. Do you know that Muslims have slaughtered about 10 million Armenians in 14 centuries which include the 1.5 million in 1915? I know your type of Armenian, the type that is the result of 14 centuries of dhimmitude that has ingrained into your genes a subservient attitude toward Muslims, making excuses for them no matter what they do. Just wait until Muslims dominate in Germany, then you will start to experience what everyone elsewhere that lives in a Muslim dominated country suffers – the oppression and violence of Islam. You need to go back to the history books (the books that are not slanted to whitewashing Islams atrocities) and discover our 14 centuries of suffering at the hands of Muslims.

        • Vardan Nazaretyan

          I’m originally from Armenia. Moved to Germany 1.5 years ago. And I know how everyone hates the Turks. I hate the Azeris, but not the Turks( at least, not the normal population). Turkish Government is our problem. They are fighting against the recognition of the Genocide. As a matter of fact my grand grand grandparents of both, mathereal and fathereal sides have escaped the Genocide too. You know you can’t blame all Muslims for what a small group of Muslims (compared to the amount of Muslims in the whole world) are currently doing. Or, why don’t you talk about the good Turks that saved lives of Armenian children during the Genocide? Were they not Muslim too? My Muslim and especially Turk friends ask me whether I hate them or not, because of the Genocide. And I say that I don’t, because I can’t blame them for what their ancestors have done in the past century. Moreover, they accept what they have done and are sorry for that and ashamed too. Why should I hate them? Why should I kill them?

  • DeaconJohnMBresnahan

    Every reputable history of Islam (sometimes published in the face of death threats) reports on the savagery directed at those living in Moslem countries but have no desire to become Moslem. Yet repeatedly we see people in the media or in academe deny the truth. Is this caused by ignorance?? evil??? bedrock denial???
    Yes. Some world leaders have to be cautious or careful out of strategic concerns. For instance, if popes or patriarchs speak too strongly, simple Christians on the ground wind up murdered .

  • Kathryn Evans

    Then they are martyrs….Christ guarantees a place in Heaven for those who “love not their own lives even unto death”. He will give them a crown of life. But the difference between a Christian martyr and a Muslim martyr is that the former is not required to kill anyone to achieve that status. You can only become a Christian martyr by DYING for Christ, not by killing for Him.

  • RoscoeBonifitucci

    COEXIST my ass. Muslims are agents of Evil.

  • mark

    FOLKS, How about each of us start sending news associations, local newpapers, local tv, national tv stations, links to every article detailing a muslamic travesty.- as well as to all those great and effective online videos designed to clue-up people that are completely unaware of the evil nature of islam, muslims and their agenda!

    It struck me recently how sky news was covering the so called irans nuclear weapons program talks….. they merely show the lying muslamic spokesman including the latest iranian president doing their normal taqiyya as well as ovomit and various dhimmi western politicians,

    They likely dont know of the iranian pre-election video where he was boasting how much he had assisted the iranian nuclear weapons program and fooling the west etc.

    Needless to say they llikely dont know of the videos from iraq on their internal tv etc where the same president and the mullahs and forces leaders boast how stupid the west are in helping them get closer to their nukes (which they have threatened to use on the west by the way as well as Israel), by dropping the sanctions.

    You can find lists of local and inational newspapers url’s, a bit of research on each website gives you the newspapers various departments email addresses etc, same with tv stations.

    You just make up address lists in your online webmail or your email program, then its just a matter of selecting the ‘list’ to send info/a link or links to everyone on that list.

    Lets face it, from what most of us see/are aware of what islam is from various groups/discussions, websites etc, the media seems to be rather ignorant about whats actually going on.

    The religion of peace website (exposing) is updated daily, you can send the link to the website itself, but you may find its included on inappropriate huuum, hate site lists of screening programs many businesses use. Probably better to copy the lilnks to the articles as given on ROP website,

    Plus of course other articles not linked to on ROP site.


  • Guest

    This is the repeat of what the Turks did to Armenians during Armenian genocide. They wiped out 1.5 million Armenians, 750.000 Greeks and hundreds of thousands of Assyrians in the name of Ottoman empire and Islam. For this justice is still pending due to politics, unfortunately. Also, US and United States are supporting these Sonit Islam rebels for the same reason, politics today.

  • Ed

    This is the repeat of what the Turks did to Armenians during Armenian genocide. They wiped out 1.5 million Armenians, 750.000 Greeks and hundreds of thousands of Assyrians in the name of Ottoman empire and Islam. For this justice is still pending due to political reasons. Also, the Al-Qaeda supports the anti-Syrian government Sonite groups who are also supported by United States and United nations, because of political reasons. Today, the crimes of the Muslims against Christians is happening because their past crimes were allowed to happen and ignored afterwards.