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Obama’s New Libya

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Remember all the hoopla the Obama administration engaged in after helping Libya’s “freedom fighters” oust (and sodomize and murder) the nation’s former president, Muammar Gaddafi? Remember the rationale used by Obama to justify using the U.S. military to help Libya’s “opposition”?  In his March 28, 2011, speech, he spoke of “our responsibilities to our fellow human beings,” adding that not assisting them “would have been a betrayal of who we are.”

Ansar al-Sharia, (or “Sharia’s Supporters”): empowered by Obama

Although it was common knowledge that al-Qaeda and other fiercely anti-American forces were involved in the Libyan jihad, this did not shake Obama’s “responsibilities” to his “fellow human beings.”  Predictably, the thanks  the U.S. received was an al-Qaeda attack on the American consulate in Benghazi and the murders of four American officials, including Ambassador Chris Stevens (an attack the Obama administration tried to frame as a product of an amateur YouTube video that had “offended” Muslims).

Beyond the attack on Libya’s American embassy, there has been no end of examples of the true nature of the “New Libya” Obama helped create. On Sunday, December 30, an explosion rocked a Coptic Christian church near the western city of Misrata, where a group of U.S. backed rebels hold a major checkpoint, killing two. Two months later, on February 28, another Coptic Christian church located in Benghazi, Libya, was attacked by armed Muslim militants, resulting in serious injuries for the priest and an assistant.

On February 10, four foreign Christians were arrested in Benghazi, including one with American citizenship, on the claim that they were “missionaries.”  Three days later, two more Christians from Egypt were arrested. Three days after that, a seventh Christian, also from Egypt, was arrested. Then, on February 27, Benghazi forces raided another Coptic church rounding up some 100 Coptic Christians, accusing them of being missionaries—simply because they were found in possession of Bibles and other Christian “paraphernalia.” Many of these Christians have been tortured, some with acid.

Indeed, it was just revealed that one of these Christians was literally tortured to death by the terrorists Obama helped empower.  A March 12 Coptic Solidarity press release has the details:

Coptic Solidarity condemns in the strongest terms the unlawful acts by the group Ansarul Sharia [“Supporters of Sharia”] in Libya to arrest, torture and detain dozens of Copts; and the detention by Libya’s Preventive Security department in Tripoli of the Coptic man Ezzat Hakim Atallah for ten days till he died on March 9 under torture, and the detention of his Coptic colleagues … and others who are still being subjected to torture inside the Preventive Security building.

And what has the response of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood-led government to the murder of a fellow Egyptian citizen at the hands of Libyans?  The press release continues:

Coptic Solidarity condemns in the strongest terms the Egyptian authorities, especially the foreign minister, the ambassador in Libya and the Consul in Benghazi, for their failure to defend their fellow citizens. In contrast, the [Egyptian] presidency and the foreign ministry had enthusiastically rushed to defend a Muslim Brotherhood cell that was arrested in the United Arab Emirates on charges of threatening the country’s national security. The attitude of the Egyptian authorities in dealing with the Coptic citizens is shameful.

Once again the Muslim Brotherhood—whose former General Guide declared “the hell with Egypt”—show that their true loyalty is to Islam and fellow Muslims, even if foreign, and not to non-Muslims, even if fellow Egyptians.   Nor is this surprising, since Egypt, Libya, and any number of Arab nations continue edging towards the resurrection of a global Muslim caliphate.

And Obama’s only response has been to continue empowering jihadis—now in Syria, where the “opposition” he supports has, among other atrocities, been making the lives of the nation’s Christian minority a living hell.   Such are the policies of the man a majority of Americans voted for; a man who—in our postmodern world and in the words of the ancient prophet—apparently “calls evil good and good evil.”

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  • smandan

    It is astonishing that US is not able to read a writing on the wall.When US supported the forces against Gadaffi ,it was quite clear that these forces are some elements of the Al Qaida and yet US went ahead in the name of supporting freedom et all.It appears that the dictators like Gaddafi and Mubark s were better than these herds of terrorists who kill innocent christians and their muslim brethren.Why the christian world is keeping quiet gleefully watching the killing of their folks by the Muslims.Is it not the massacre of freedom ?

  • Mary2333

    Obama won the election by fraud and he needs to be impeached as a traitor! ( We the People need to stop funding the enemies who have sworn to conquer us and subject us to Shariah law. We Christians need to pray for, sacrifice for, and speak out against the atrocities done to other Christians and Jews and all non-Muslims by Islamic rule. We can only now truly understand the Crusades. There needed to be a crusade to protect the Christians in Southern Sudan who were facing genocidal jihad, but there was ignorant silence. That silence cannot continue.

  • krinks

    The Lord removed himself from us when we asked him to leave. This is best seen in stories like this and the perverts that celebrated their right to desecrate the sanctity of marriage ordained by God as one man and one woman for life.