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Bloody Weekend: Trend of Muslim Rage Against ‘Infidels’ Continues

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The Blaze

Muslim slaughter of non-Muslim “infidels” saw an especially dramatic weekend in the nations of Pakistan and Kenya.  Even so, these are simply the latest in a long list of jihadi attacks on the Christians of both nations.

Slaughtered in Pakistan for being Christian (“infidel”) church-goers

Last Sunday, September 22, in Peshawar, Pakistan, Islamic suicide bombers entered the All Saints Church compound right after Sunday mass and blew themselves up in the midst of some 550 congregants, killing, according to the latest count, nearly 90 worshippers, including many Sunday school children, women, and choir members, and injuring at least another 120.   The now destroyed Protestant church was built in Peshawar some 130 years ago.  The Taliban claimed the attacks.

According to Margrette, a parishioner who survived (though her sister’s status was unknown), “I heard two explosions. People started to run. Human remains were strewn all over the church.”

(For an idea of the after-effects of Islamic suicide attacks on churches, see these pictureswarning: graphic—of the Islamic terrorist attack on the Our Lady of Salvation Church in Iraq, when some 60 Christian worshippers were slaughtered after jihadis raided their church, opening fire on the worshippers before detonating themselves.)

Armed attacks on churches are hardly uncommon in Pakistan, even though Christians are less than 2% of the population, while Muslims are 97%.  In 2001 Islamic gunmen stormed St. Dominic’s Protestant Church, opening fire on the congregants and killing at least 16 worshippers, most women and children.  Last Christmas, “when Christian worshipers were coming out of different Churches after performing Christmas prayers, more than one hundred Muslim extremists equipped with automatic rifles, pistols and sticks attacked the Christian women, children and men.” The attack came in response to fatwas condemning Christmas celebrations.

As for Muslim mob violence (as opposed to preplanned terrorist strikes) this is a common fixture that regularly flares up against Pakistan’s Christians and other minorities, most often in the context of “blasphemy,” that is, offending Islam or its prophet. A few months ago, in March, because one Christian was accused of blasphemy, some 3,000 Muslims attacked the Christian Joseph Colony of Lahore, burning two churches and 160 Christian homes (see pictures of Muslim rage in action here).

According to one Christian eyewitness, “The police was doing what it does best—nothing! Their bias towards Christians is quite evident, because when the Muslims were raiding our church and property, they just watched, but when we confronted them, they started hitting us with batons and used live ammunition to deter us.”

In 2009 in Gojra, eight Christians were burned alive, 100 houses looted and 50 homes set ablaze after another blasphemy accusation.

Thousands of miles away in Kenya (83% Christian and 11% Muslim), on Saturday, September 21, Islamic terrorists linked to neighboring Somalia’s Al Shabaab (“the youth”) raided the Westgate shopping mall, slaughtering, as of today, September 24, at least 62 people and injuring at least 150.

Among the Islamic terrorists are several Americans.

Yet, to anyone following events in Kenya closely, this jihadi raid simply follows a long line of attacks targeting, as in Pakistan, Christians, often in their churches.   For example, in just the four months between April-August 2012, at least 14 Kenyan churches were attacked by Al Shabaab-linked Islamic terrorists, with many Christians killed.   Since then, even more have been attacked, often by hand-grenades, leaving many dead, again, often including women and Sunday school children (see Kenyan church attack section in Crucified Again: Exposing Islam’s New War on Christians, p. 75-76).

In the mall attack, the jihadis further made it a point to try to differentiate between Muslims and non-Muslims, to slaughter only the latter.  According to Elijah Kamau, “The gunmen told Muslims to stand up and leave. They were safe, and non-Muslims would be targeted.”  Another Christian eyewitness who managed to escape said, “an Indian man came forward and they said, ‘What is the name of Muhammad’s mother?’ When he couldn’t answer they just shot him.”

Al Shabaab boasted of its care to distinguish between “infidels” and Muslims in a barrage of Twitter messages: “Only Kuffar [“infidels”] were singled out for this attack. All Muslims inside #Westgate were escorted out by the Mujahideen (Islamic Holy Warriors) before beginning the attack.”

This is an old jihadi tactic often used when attacking places other than churches, which do not require this extra care (presumably, according to jihadi thinking, everyone inside a church deserves death, whereas a Muslim may be in an open mall).  For example, in Nigeria in October 2012, Islamic militants stormed the Federal Polytechnic College, “separated the Christian students from the Muslim students, addressed each victim by name, questioned them, and then proceeded to shoot them or slit their throat,” killing up to 30 Christians.

And in  September 2011, Muslim militants “went to shops owned by Christians at a market at about 8 p.m., ordering them to recite verses from the Quran. If the Christian traders were unable to recite the verses [and thus proving they are not Muslim], the gunmen shot and killed them.”

While it is good that the world has been exposed to these two latest attacks on non-Muslim “infidels,” let there be no mistake: these are no “aberrations,” but rather the natural culmination of jihadi hatred for non-Muslims, chief among them Christians, which has been manifesting itself with increased frequency in both Pakistan and Kenya for years.

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  • DogWithoutSlippers

    This will not stop until this terror is addressed with absolute force and reverse brutality. Take the perpetrators, slit their throats, soak them in pig blood and burn them sending them to allah – unclean and therefore no virgins. Sorry to sound radical with no mercy, but this has to stop. All religions with the exception of one must be honored by all!~

    • parisclaims

      Don’t apologise

    • walterc

      The only way we (meaning non-muslims) are going to win this war that is being waged against us is to fight to win. Appeasement, apologies, multi-culturalism etc only encourages the muslim mind. Jefferson understood this, and sent the Marines to “the Shores of Tripoli.” He didn’t own a koran because he liked islam, he owned and read the koran to better understand the enemy that was capturing and ransoming our merchant ships.

      Fight to win or surrender, those are the only outcomes.

      • Meggles

        It is essential that you read the quran – then you’ll have no doubt about this cult.

    • mollysdad

      I was thinking more in terms of impalement and crucifixion. If you slit their throats they’ll die too quickly.

  • Waiting

    Remembering to do as Jesus Christ said, to pray for endurance and His Kingdom to come to put an end to the evil as God has promised.

  • Kristi17

    CAIR and Obama are Islamic Terrorist’s in the United States Of America!! Do Not Trust the Obama Regime ( Administration )!! Trust in Only One Man and His Name is Jesus Christ!! There is NO one Holy or Righteous on the Earth God Made, No One! There is only One who is Righteous and Holy and His Name is Jesus Christ!!! Please Pray for Our Christian Brothers and Sister all over The Earth God Made, They need our Support!!!

    Love In Christ Jesus, YSIC o/

    Kristi Ann

    • Mike Holt RestoreAustralia

      Religion is the problem….islam and christianity are two sides of the same coin. Stop believing in fairy tales and start thinking for yourself.

      it’s time to BAN ISLAM and CHRISTIANITY!

      • Meggles

        Christianity is most definitely NOT one side of the same coin as islam. You’re nuts!!

  • indian

    heartless religion islam
    i hate islam and jihad

  • mab735

    They live in our County, are we next? Are they a sleeper unit waiting for word to strike and kill us? I need to know.

    • walterc

      Ina word, yes, Read the koran, it will tell you everything you need to know about islam. I refer you particularly to koran 9:29.

    • thelowdown

      YES. We ARE next! There are 3 stages of jihad (Islamic struggle for supremacy). UNDERSTAND THEM, we are in STAGE 2.

      #1. “Stealth jihad”… Infiltrate & be peaceful, lie (taqiyya), ‘co-exist.’ “Smile in their face, while inside you curse them.”
      #2. “Defensive jihad” …Wait, propagate the area w your babies/relatives & raise your numbers, also begin to belly-ache about discrimination so you get special considerations, covered by “Freedom of Religion” statutes & laws, and make infidels feel guilty for mistrusting you.
      #3. “Offensive jihad”… Attack & rise to force Islam & be dominant. (See what’s happened in Tennessee, Minnesota, and many other states where Somalian “refugees” have been placed.) This guy’s spot-ON in the attached video… 3 stages explained here clearly, brilliantly…you can see it happening in the USA:

      • Meggles

        This is very true: There are the 3 stages and most of Europe, and now creeping into US, are in stage 2. As we can see from the current (limited) media, some areas are now moving into stage 3.Make no mistake, this is for real.

    • thelowdown

      Also, see the “Muslims Of America” military-training compounds IN THE USA. Google it. They are practicing w/ guns, bombs, have underground bunkers, have been cause shilling our Gov’t for benefits, Credit Card fraud, money laundering, Illegal Arms Trading, etc. BUT THE POLICE DON’T STOP THEM BECAUSE THEY ARE CHARTERED AS “RELIGIOUS” organizations. The MOA was developed by Sheik Gilani, YES, the SAME Muslime MOFO who had Wall Street Journal reporter, Daniel Pearl BEHEADED!

    • Meggles

      In a word, YES.

  • Vishnu Mahant

    ‘Eye for an eye makes the whole world blind’ said Mahatma Gandhi. However, someone or something has to force them to introspect, and lament their sins! We need peace makers, not peace keepers!

    • Undrstander

      Here here!

  • Ragedolly

    Slaughter these filthy Islam pigs…I would love to watch them die in pain and looking at them DEAD is satisfying me

  • Godi Peterson


  • Mark Gerardy

    These boneheads need to get a grip on reality. I don’t care what they worship: rocks, their schlong, crystals, another planet, voodoo hippie stuff – just leave me the F alone, and we are good. I really don’t understand this infidel crud. Like let me be, I will let you be, it is all good, just don’t F with my stuff…and then I will not nuke you, your children, your grandchildren, your ancestors, and everything that you know or ever could possible be – into oblivion. My religion is basically don’t F with people, and otherwise, who the F cares, the rest of how you pray or screw is your F ing business, as long as you are not hurting anyone? Some Christians are almost just as bad, and history proves this correct. Honestly: I do not care if you are Muslim, Christian, alien from Mars, or swahili with a yeast infection – if you mess with me or my stuff, I am going to make sure that you suffer and cry out in pain and surrender yourself in eternal sorrow and beg for mercy – and I will have no mercy, as I pull your towel-head teeth with a pair of pliers while I laugh my A off. Otherwise, if you don’t jack with my stuff, then we are good, brother. Everyone has the right to be left alone. I just want to snow ski and ride my Harley, keep a nice home and live my life in peace. If you are into peace, you are my brother. If you have a problem, then I will fix your wagon.

    • thelowdown

      Tell that to a Muslim and he will tell you how he will slowly cut off your head AFTER he makes you watch him give your wife & children his ‘salty snack’ and beheading them in front of you. Fact.

      The problem they have with everyone is that. … well, they don’t believe in worshipping Jesus…it’s considered “polytheism” & the penalty is death. They don’t believe in NOT worshiping anything (atheism or agnotiscism) …penalty is death for not living like Mohammad, period.

  • Burt Murphy

    Muslims…it’s what they do, it’s as easy as breathing to these savages that perpetrated this heinous act.

  • Teresa Morrisroe Pakistani Muslims form human chain to protect Pakistani Christians attending church…

  • Undrstander

    Any radicals shouldn’t get away. There are plenty of Hindu, Christian, Jews and Muslim radicals and nn of thm should get away. The world should accept each other for what they are. Just because these terrorists claim to be Muslim it doesn’t mean they are, the second most hated,isgusting and serious crime you could do is murder, whatever the religion. May these terrorists burn in hell (but not all Muslim just terrorists)