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Graphic Images of Christian Persecution Under Islam

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WARNING: This page contains graphic images that tell of Christian persecution under Islam — images that rarely if ever appear on mainstream media.  It is meant to supplement the pictures that appear in Crucified Again: Exposing Islam’s New War on Christians.

While graphic in nature, we feel it is necessary to show these pictures to give a better understanding of the true sufferings of Christians under Islam.

This first set of pictures that follow are from the 2010 Islamic raid on the Our Lady of Salvation Church in Iraq.  Armed jihadis stormed the church during worship service, opened fire indiscriminately at the Christian worshipers, before detonating their suicide vests, which were “filled with ball bearings to kill as many people as possible.”

Dead Christian baby, victim of the jihad.

Mutilated carcass of one of the jihadis, after detonating his suicide vest.

Different angle of martyrdom-seeking jihadi.


  • Pim van Kesteren

    These atrocities will go on and on unless governments state clearly that suicide bombers will be buried sewed in a pigskin.

  • IvaGjozni

    i na kraju ovih fotografija vi stavite svoju reklamu ledo i vatrenei i Bog vam srce dao od mesa ne od kamena, sramite se

  • nldel5

    I can ONLY hope they died instantly,but I would guess not all did.RIP. I pray for the islamic suicide bombers family they may come to know how this is murder and not what ANY GOD calls us to do…may all muslims realize that GOD is not death….

  • John Connor

    Sea beast (Islam – Middle East) & Land Beast (Communism – Russia) REVELATION FULLFILLED !

  • Mbangun Deso

    Mr. Raymond Ibrahim ….
    I believe in you, that the best educated people (like you), ought not to attempt to divide the peace on this earth, we are all people of God, whatever religion we profess, I’m sure all teach love, and I sure that your images show it is not from the effects of the Lord’s teachings, you opine with your way of thinking, but remember that the way you pointed out to us (the reader) may not equal to those who truly believe in a religion like that you mean. Remember, you are one of the elements of your faiths, religions and ways of thinking you do not like you, even your LORD, do not think like you, so be wise if you do not judge other religions, we do not know whether the perpetrators of such scenes pictures you post it is really the people you think are people who believe in religion you mean. LORD only knows, my question: What do you learn in deep you mean religion (Islam)?, and do you also learn in depth about the religion you profess?, Syukron Katsiira, Wassalam

  • hammar

    This is sick, very sick religion and no one say’s anything or no outrage. The phony war in the Middle East by Hamas is hatred that is allowed. The phony war that Russia is waging to take over the Eastern part of Ukraine for access to the Black Sea and shooting down an airliner. No world outrage? No world outrage? Why? But we see all over the world news protests by the phony religion protesting Israel? Why no outrage. Are we tone deaf now to the murder by islam? Tell me.

    • HopeLawrence

      it seems that many have become complacent these days with disasters like these… and the fact that many are also condemning Israel for defending itself doesn’t make the world a better place. those in the west who wish death upon the state of Israel are only wishing death upon their own freedoms since Israel’s enemies are our enemies, too.

      • FollowMe@Jesus1975


  • louis Burgemeestre

    Read What John has written in the revelation.
    21 vers 8.The Lord zend them all direct to Belzebub in the Hel.

  • Brian Murphy

    such hatred and savage brutality against innocent persons; they must be demonic

  • 1PierreMontagne1

    So what exactly is the reason they don’t want to bury dead Jihadists in pig carcases?
    General Pershing knew how to stop this and it worked.

  • Alessandro Maccarrone

    The Pope wants to talk to these people? The Pope must save the faithful he leads by fearless avoidance of political correctness, because this will misguide the Christians, make them believe in possibilities that do not exist, endangering the Christian world.

  • awfulorv

    A country, whose media leads them to believe it is torture to have prisoners drink “Ensure”, a dietary drink, is not, in my estimation, ready to do battle with these nut cases, who care little for their own lives.
    Shucks, we’re too busy taking guns away from retirees, to ease our own Communist takeover, to notice what’s going on amongst these fanatics.

  • Horace Yo

    These pictures should be posted in Churches throughout the world with the heading “Christian church service after Muslim Jihadi visit. How did your church service go today? It can’t happen here?” Or maybe the pastor wants to cover it up and not allow the display.

  • Nancy Wynegar

    Dear Lord please help us ALL these are very evil people and now obama has opened the gates to U.S. These people are so bad Those people only Loved our God

  • Al

    And to think that things will be much worse before Judgement Day.I cant fathom hating a religion just because its different, especially killing infants.These people were accused of forcing Muslims to convert to Christianity.I didn’t see anybody there in chains, forced to sing hymns.Its more likely that Muslims ran from their faith when they saw how peaceful and happy Christianity is compared to Islam.
    God help us all !

  • Steven Smith

    I have spoken many times with so called ggod muslims and after an intense conversation they true image magnifies itself. THIS religion should not exist!!!!!

  • Larry A Singleton

    This is Islam. Islam is a disease and Muslims are the symptom.

    • Guest

      and fix the goddamned share function.

  • jimships

    It’s a question of values. They value death to project faith. Christians value life to project faith in the one true God. Theirs is satanic. Ours is righteous and divinely inspired by God’s Bible. God is the ultimate judge. In the meantime, I will, with God’s help, defend my American values, and will protect myself, my family, the innocent and powerless. If you agree with the attached Principles and Values pass it on. It’s time to stand up for Liberty and Justice. It’s time to defeat Satan.

  • Manoel Mendonça de A Neto

    There are several nations that possess nuclear weapons , incluse tactics .
    If you want to stop these sanginários who use the name of God ( Allah ) , these nations should launch hand of all weapons that are within reach .
    The world can not see and allow these thugs to destroy the lives of innocent people. This insane view of these groups must be combated mercilessly by the nations that are being hit .
    Holy shit , that cowardice with these people …. are murdering unarmed people without a chance of defense.

  • Virginia Llorca

    Why doesn’t our Supreme Being stop this? If it is a “lesson”, we get it. Strike down our leader.