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Why Islamists Ban Women from Sitting on Chairs

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Last week I reported how the al-Qaeda-linked Islamic State of Iraq and Levant had, among other stipulations, issued a decree “banning” women from sitting on chairs.  This information was derived from a Syrian news clip (link in original post).  But no reason was given for this seemingly bizarre rule.

However, digging around through some fatwas and opinions, apparently the fear and logic is that, by sitting on chairs, women may move the wrong way and thus get sexually aroused.

Moreover, beyond the original report, the accompanying photo of a sign on a shop, presumably in the area where ISIL reigns, appears on some websites.  It says:

“Women sitting in chairs is strictly prohibited, according to the teachings of the authority [reportedly ISIL].”

Lest one dismiss this as absurd, or a “hoax,” it is well to remember that, when it comes to fatwas, the sky’s the limit concerning strange and bizarre teachings — including one asserting that women are banned from touching or eating things like bananas or cucumbers, due to their supposed phallic imagery.



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  • Izman Quaasalmy

    well, in one province in indonesia, they force women sits on motorcycle sideways :D

  • wally

    Removing the clitoris is the answer, I understand most Middle Eastern women have had theirs removed when they were children? So they should be able to eat all the bananas and cucumbers and carrots and celery sticks they like.

  • Kazzer

    Islam, its followers and anyone that supports these dumb and laughable believes should be thrown from the edge of the world