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Syrian Child Raped and Brutalized by Jihad

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According to the “Largest Syrian Christian Group on Facebook,” the above is a picture of a young girl in Syria, before (L) and after (R) the U.S.-sponsored jihad reached her.  The Arabic caption along with the picture reads: “Syrian child, tortured, raped, her face disfigured at the hands of the Saudis and others from among the psychos and criminals of the revolution.”

In fact, as many as 95% of the “freedom-fighters” in Syria are foreign jihadis trying to carve out an emirate — as they always do — justified by fatwas permitting rape and other perversities in the name of jihad.  Meanwhile, it is the average, indigenous Syrians, such as this child and countless others, who suffer in silence.

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  • megapotamus

    Jihad without mercy. It should earn a Crusade without mercy.

  • Papylon
  • Papylon
  • Jakareh

    Islam must be destroyed at all costs.

  • Kimberrly Ruben- Yahn

    THIS IS A FAKE STORY……… is what REALLY happened to her, her brothers and many other children…in a MASSACRE over a YEAR AGO!!… HORRIBLE!!! but not a rape!!

  • Amna Rizvi

    FAKE!! This was actually killed by Assad’s forces. Details from 1 YEAR AGO.. YES, OLD:

  • Kellie Coffman Petitfils

    Dear God. Only the devil himself could perpetrate such things on a child. It seems our fearless golfing leader is Satan incarnate.

  • Elisa Haryonugroho

    Dear Lord, please treat this little angle physically and pshychologally by Your true love, in Jesus name, Amen

  • Swam Dishly

    you are just a mother fucker lier

  • bassel

    obama has permitted these jihadis to commit limited rape

    just like his limited strikes

  • stilu

    the reason her expression in death does not reflect the horrible things done to her, though she was clearly tortured, is because Jesus took her in his arms to Heaven.

  • Teresa Morrisroe

    THIS STORY IS FALSE. The following link is the original report on this angel’s murder:

  • Tim


  • Dalia Saleh

    Whose really running the world’s agenda? Ithink its satin and the people playing his card which aare” the new world order”. I believe that every religion including Islam promotes peace, this is not Islam or true jihad. Jihad is fighting for peace and love that’s jihad in Islam. Whether you raise your children to love and respect others or simply strive to smile at everyone you meet and truly wish well for for others as you do for yourself from your heart, that’s also jihad. Its utterly sad that the world has come to tie these horrifying actions with the most peaceful religion. I wish that everyone will at least give themselves a chance to know what Islam truly is and at least read the Quran before judging. For their own good not mine. Suffering in Islam does not exist in life or after death. The most beautiful thing I find about Islam is that as a Muslim you respect yourself as well as others in many ways, by the way we talk, dress and behave. I know that this picture of the girl is nothing like how she is in heaven with Allah and the angels. May Allah / god bless her soul and give her family the strength to cope with her loss. Whoever is responsible for what’s happening in Syria will see the day when the same will happen to them. And even though I believe this, what goes around comes back worse, I wish for world peace and I do not wish harm on anyone, because that is what being a Muslim has taught me to believe. Peace.

  • Nahla Moosajee

    I stand for all Muslims who believe that those who perpetrate such crimes against any person, Christian, Buddhist or any other creed, are not followers of the Quran or Hadith of the noble Prophet Muhammed SAW. This is not what Islam teaches nor advocates in any way.

    May God Almighty guide us all and may He grant understanding to those who have strayed.

    To all those affected by such atrocities, I know that God Almighty is all seeing and all knowing. My prayers are with you all.

  • naaem

    islam never said to those people go kill innocent people in the name of god those bad people who did this and using islam in this mission you all waiting a chance to blame islam u all sick people islam always straight when it ever say something here is a chapter from quran :

    “Whoever kills a person it shall be as if he killed all mankind;
    and who saved a life, it shall be as if he has saved the life of all
    mankind.”verse 5:32.

    and islam Does not contradict himself if u don’t believe get back to the source i’m sure this girl now in heaven forever a place better than this short life which god put us in it to test us

  • ISIS

    We shall reach the USA soon!! Allah hu Akber!