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Shias: The Arab Spring’s Latest Victims

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The U.S.-sponsored “Arab Spring” continues to expose itself as a Sunni supremacist takeover.  While the indicators are many—from the al-Qaeda Benghazi consulate attack to the ongoing persecution of Christian minorities—attacks on Shia Muslims are also on the rise.

Syria: Toddler reportedly chained to a fence and made to watch jihadis kill her Shia parents

In Syria, where foreign Sunni jihadis, supported and armed by the United States, are attacking all non-Muslims—Christians are prime and obvious targets, and reports of church attacks, abductions of Christians, and their slaughter are many—Shias, who are seen as “false Muslims,” are naturally also under attack. For example, Salafi Sheikh Yasir al-‘Ajlawni recently issued a fatwa saying that those Muslims fighting to topple secular president Bashar Assad and install Sharia law are free to “capture and have sex with” all non-Sunni women, specifically naming President Assad’s sect, the Alawites, as well as the Druze and other Shia branches.

Days ago, popular news outlet, Syrian Truth, posted a photo of a toddler living in the Deir ez-Zor Governate in eastern Syria, along the Iraq border, who was reportedly tied with chains to a fence from where she witnessed the killing of her Shia mother and father at the hands of the Sunni jihadis making the ranks of the “Free Syrian Army.”  Syrian Truth correctly describes them as takfiris, that is, Muslims who, like al-Qaeda, accuse—and slaughter—other Muslims, in this case, Shias, for not being “true” Muslims.

And now in Egypt, where Shias make roughly one percent of the nation, a Sunni mob reportedly numbering in the thousands—also described by Arabic reports as takfiris—attacked the home of the spiritual father of Egypt’s Shia, Sheikh Hassan Shehata, killing him and four of his followers, and wounding dozens of other Shias that had congregated at his home. The mob descended on his residence last Sunday, savagely beating him and his followers with sticks, before setting his house on fire.

Watch the graphic video (also embedded below) as the mob beats the men and drags Shehata’s bloodied body all over the street. According to the general manager of Hawamdia Hospital in Giza, where the Shia leader was taken after his beating, “when Sheikh Hassan Shehata arrived to the hospital, he appeared to be slaughtered from his neck, in addition to several injuries around his body … the rest of the bodies had several injuries as well as skull fractures.” Another report mentions “numerous puncture wounds and severe bruising.”

Eyewitnesses told Ahram newspaper that police stood by and did nothing to stop the attack—just as they invariably do when Egypt’s Christian Copts and their churches are attacked.

Egypt: Shia cleric Hassan Shehata, before and after

Much of these recent attacks on Shias come in response to Salafi clerics—Salafis are ultra “purest” Sunnis—whipping their followers into frenzies against the Shias, especially in the context of the Syrian war.   Countless clerics are calling on Sunni Muslims to go to Syria to join the battle against President Assad, not to mention Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood president himself, Muhammad Morsi, who recently condemned Assad, cutting all ties with Syria.

Thus the “Arab Spring” is proving to be an Islamic takeover by the largest and strongest Islamic faction—Sunni supremacists—who are cleansing the lands of all “non-believers,” from indigenous Christians like Egypt’s Copts to all Shia branches.  While apathetic Americans living a world away may think this has little to do with them, it is well to connect the dots and realize that all this is prelude to the resurrection of the caliphate—the chief goal of Sunni Islam, whether for the “moderate” Muslim Brotherhood or al-Qaeda.  And the caliphate exists for one ultimate purpose: to expand, until, in the words of Koran 8:39, “all religion is for Allah,” interpreted to mean, until Islamic Sharia law governs the entire world.

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  • wollfb

    Ray, As our friend Pamela says; “Obama says you gotta love it.” Islam is beyond any redemption. It has become a plague on humanity. are these human beings or ravening, wild dogs?

  • Alja Gerschman-Meijer

    Sick and sickening!

  • GFRF

    I need to get right with The Lord.
    He is coming soon

  • IA

    Vicious dirty bloodthirsty animals – these proponents of “religion of peace”

  • knowshistory

    weep not for the shias. they are muslims too, and if they had the upper hand would be as vile and murderous as the sunnis. be not concerned about shia-sunni violence. they will make peace soon enough, and will then turn their inexhaustible malice towards what they do best–the rape and murder of infidels. do not blame muslims, though. they are just doing as allah the merciful, instructed them through the prophet, peace be upon him. Christians also are doing as their savior instructed them: turning the other cheek, then turning the other cheeks. perhaps muslims are right. their god is greater, or at least their god is on their side. our god and president Obama seem to me to be the same. they both favor islam over Christianity.

    • i-i-c

      “weep not for the shias. they are muslims too, and if they had the upper hand would be as vile and murderous as the sunnis”

      Yeah, and what Iran does to non-muslims (specially to Christians) proves your words. This time they may be the victims, but when they get the chance, they become savages too.

  • Hass

    I am so ashamed of our Western Governments. They totally ignore the savagery of Muslims, however they are quick to gaol you if you merely talk about Muslims and their primitive ideology.

    Savage Pedo worshipping inbred sand monkeys.