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In Pictures: Savage Islamic Attack on St. Mark Cathedral Allowed by Egyptian Forces

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Egypt’s Coptic Christians frequently accuse State Security and police of overlooking Muslim attacks on Christians and their places of worship, especially monasteries and churches.  The Western mainstream media often ignores these accusations, or mentions them in passing as “unsubstantiated reports.” Last weekend’s assault on the St. Mark Cathedral — unprecedented in significance — was no different, except for the fact that there are many pictures demonstrating State complicity.

To recap: After last Sunday’s St. Mark Cathedral funeral service for Egypt’s most recent Christian victims of jihad — including one man set aflame — gangs of Muslims attacked the Christian mourners, resulting in the deaths of two more Copts, including one shot through the heart.   Hundreds of Christians retreated back into the cathedral — both to get out of harm’s way, and to protect their holiest site.  They were trapped there all night, enduring projectile and firebomb attacks.   State Security also opened fire on the cathedral, including through tear-gas.

Several Egyptian media outlets and newspapers, especially the popular Youm7,  have published a variety of pictures showing mobs, if not terrorists, attacking the cathedral in front of absolutely indifferent, possibly approving, security forces.  Some of these pictures, with my captions, follow:

Muslim”youth” climb to the roof of a building adjacent to St. Mark Cathedral to attack it. To the left, a man winds to hurl a projectile at it. And in the white circle to the right, high-ranking Egyptian officials and security stand by watching (easily recognizable by their hats and helmets).

A better close up. This image shows a masked sniper with rifle in hand preparing to open fire at the cathedral — confident that security forces will not intervene.

Same man opens fire.

Another man prepares to hurl stones at the cathedral, even as security forces stand by watching.

A masked man, with a rifle, sits inside an Egyptian armored vehicle — bought with U.S. taxpayer money — and fires at the cathedral.

More snipers attacking Copts and their cathedral.

Yet another picture showing rioting Muslims throwing projectiles (upper left-hand corner) at the cathedral.  A man with a pole (in yellow circle) dismantles or destroys something — a cross, or something else of Christian significance? — and Egyptian “security” (lower left-hand corner, in red circle), idly stand by.

St. Mark Cathedral, holiest site for Egypt’s indigenous Christians — and home of the Coptic pope — now turned into a war zone,  under Muslim Brotherhood leadership.

A Muslim burns a Bible in front of the cathedral, right under  security’s nose. In Egypt, if a Christian is merely accused of “desecrating” a Koran, he/she gets several years in prison. Yet here is a Muslim burning a Bible, with photo evidence, but he has nothing to fear.

A collage of some of those on rooftops firing at the cathedral. Most of them are known by name — including the second one in the Palestinian scarf — and Copts regularly report them to police and security, to no avail.

More rooftop terrorism against the cathedral.

The aftermath: the entrance of Coptic Christianity’s holiest site, the St. Mark Cathedral, after Egypt’s Muslim mob and State Security were through with it.

Finally, lest there be any doubts as to the Islamic nature of this attack, here is a video of Muslims chanting “Allahu Akbar!” in front of the cathedral as smoke rises from it:



  • Yusuf_Al_Kafir

    Thanks for finding and posting these photos.

    It’s a shame that no one in the Western media cares to provide due coverage to these events.

    • P Jem


      • Scott Pam

        The shame is that America was warned by many of us and we were labeled as loons and “birthers” to invalidate the facts that were presented.

        Today we have overwhelming evidence that the Kenyan is a fraud as is his “birth certificate”, that he is a socialist/communist/fascist intent on destroying the America as we knew it.

        Bought out by government program money for years, most of those who voted for him have no clue they have voted for their own enslavement and are far hidden from the truth through the obfuscation and disinformation peddled by White House to the MSM.

        • whr2206

          I agree that he has hurt our country —> but conspiracies about a Kenyan socialist/communist/fascist intent on destroyed the USA? Come on.

          • irishsmile

            I don’t think that it is Kenyan. But it sure as heck is socialist!

          • eva

            come on do you think they are stories anymore? Everything he does screams socialist. He himself said he wanted to “fundamentally change America” did you think he mean that he was going to make it better? We must fight against this tyranny and bring America back to its rightful place. I will never give up my guns nor will I give up my freedom to any man. And as far as Islam is concerned I will never lay down and let them do what they are doing to the Egyptian Christians to us.

      • chan chan

        They are not violating anyone’s human rights according to Islam, and that’s the point. The Cairo Declaration of Human Rights that all Muslim countries have signed up to is based on shari’ah law. The UN convention on human rights is null and void, as is the Geneva convention etc.

  • Ron Hirang

    Idiots…but they say Islam is a religion of peace….yeah right.

    • whr2206

      Most organized religions are harmful, not just Islam.

      • John Robert Kenny

        Shush, sit the hell down, and loosen yer tie.

  • JL2

    Amazing, go to the MSM and read about this event, and it sounds like an even-stevens fight – indeed the MSM make it sound like the Coptics are the aggressors. Thank God for the alternate media, like Ibrahim’s – I mean look at these pictures!

  • Peter Buckley

    “Muslims will be the scum and the rubbish even though their numbers may
    increase; the enemy will not fear Muslims anymore. This will be because the
    Muslims will love world and dislike death…”(Sunaan Abu Dawud, 37.4284)

    “The Islamic faith will recede to Medina just as the serpent crawls into its
    hole…”(Sahih Muslim, 1.0271, 0272)

    The end of Islam:
    To destroy it, you just tell the truth about it…….

  •öm/100000687010312 Jimmy Bergström

    Fucking Islamic IDIOTS!! they are like animals! sick bastards!

  • Raymond Jones

    Egypt turns from peace.for the sake of being Anti Christian eh. mmm.bad move,and self cursing.

  • JoeBideyourtime

    These pictures look like they could be in Chicago.

  • Doug Santo

    Nice report. The attacks on Christians, Jews, and other religions are outrageous. These attacks are ignored by western media. The U.S. government is silent.
    Doug Santo
    Pasadena, CA

    • John Robert Kenny

      Because they are IN LEAGUE with them. The western media DESPISES Israel, AND Christians, and wants them all dead, anyway, in their heart of hearts. They’ll never TELL you that, but that’s where the Lawrence O’Donnells, the Ed Schultzs’, and Chris Matthews’s of the world are at deep inside. They are the most reprehensible of all people on earth.

  • DogNamedBo

    GWBs invasion of Iraq exposed christians in the middle east to terror and persecution. The USA did nothing or little to help Christian churches or peoples. It defended muslims. Christians have lived in the region since the beginning of Christianity. They are the history of the middle east. No one says anything, 0bama let the USA’s policy to seek religious freedom in that area pass away. Did not renew any help or effort. So Christians must pray for our brethren in the middle east. Do what we can to help. Keep them in our hearts. It may be coming to us in the USA.

  • Tom

    I wish these embattled Christians could arm themselves and resist jihad.

    • mollysdad

      Better still, let the Christians get out and give the Israelis a clear field of fire.

      • Tom

        I don’t know why Christians should have to cede the Holy Land to either the Jewish state or the Muslims. Would that we could have a new crusade to secure Christianity in the Holy Land. But if I had to choose, yes, better the liberal democracy of Israel, which at least for the present allows Christianity, than the jihadis. I just regret that Christians seem to be the only disarmed party in this show.

  • RVT

    That was a shotgun, not a rifle that guy is holding in the second picture.
    The “guy with a pole” in picture 7 appears to be trying to interfere with a CCTV camera enclosure. Probably trying to tilt it up towards the sky.

  • John

    So yes this is a very horrible action by a bunch of cowards. But, I take exception of what the poster is writing. He is either as ignorant as the people in these images or is using this misleading and dramatic terms on purpose. First, and having been one, I take personal exception at calling any one of these cowards a “sniper”. There is no skill involved in any actions portrayed here. They are defiantly not snipers, the term is being used to overemphasize the facts. Speaking of facts, the guy in green being called a “sniper” is in fact holding a shotgun and the weapon behind the guy in the armored personnel carrier looks more like a teargas gun which would lead me to believe that he may in fact be part of the security forces.

    Bottom line – irresponsible reporting like this is in fact just as damaging as the very one-sided mass media who choose what to report and what not to based on how it will increase their ratings.

    And, knowing this will be unpopular but I’m gong to say it anyway, these images are completely void of context other then what is shown. There is not way to know if they are even from the same event as claimed. Or even any possible time frame of when it may have occurred.

    I find this dubious at best and somewhat suspicious especially when it is being used to sell some guys book.

    • Cyril

      The author already mentioned the sources. These pictures are all over Mideast websites. Only someone who doesn’t want to believe the facts, someone like you, would make the argument that we don’t know if they’re from the same event. No we don’t, but that’s because the media would never publish such photos, the media you probably like to hear as they say what you want to hear. As for me, when it comes to the middle east, I’ll take Ibrahim’s word anyway over CNN and the rest. Oh, and by the way, your other arguments are equally lame — complaining about the use of the word sniper and whether a rifle is a tear gas gun. Instead of nitpicking go and read what happened, even on the major media as even they can’t deny the persecution copts just went through.

    • Sam Huston

      He leftard, the “security” forces were lobbing tear gas canisters into the Cathedral compound.

    • Finrod Felagund

      There is none so blind as he who will not see.

  • irishsmile

    God help these poor Christians in the middle east. What infuriates me is the cowardice of our American media to show these henious, barbaric atrocities.

  • GRose

    Now is the time for great persecutions of Christians throughout the world. It is disgusting that US money is ‘paying’ for these terrorists to terrorise Egypt’s holiest Shrine, God IS Truth and He knows the evil in hearts. We must pray for both sides, one for conversion to the Truth and the other for healings for the Christians involved.

  • Mary2333

    And this is where all that false guilt of Islamophobia comes into play, so that Christians are hesitant to even believe that it was an aggressive and unprovoked attack by Muslims on Christians and on their church! The fear of being called Islamophobic (human respect over the truth) squashing the truth about Islam and preventing jihad victims from support and help of other Christians and reasonable people of good faith. When people (usually Liberal/Progressive useful idiots for the global jihad) accuse me of hating Muslims, I tell them I don’t hate Muslims, but I do hate the evil, woman-hating, non-Muslim abusing, plundering, enslaving, raping, murdering, diabolical nature of Islam as illustrated by Mohammad.

  • Docs357

    The western media is bought and paid for by the Demonic liberals.

  • John Robert Kenny

    This is precisely what Barack HUSSEIN OBAMA has worked his entire life to accomplish: the subsuming of the USA into the UN, and the victory of all things anti-US worldwide. In his Communist mind, there is no American exceptionalism–we’re just a nation amongst many.