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Islam’s Outrageous Obscenities

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Warning: vulgar language and imagery ahead

Islamic TV personality, Abu Islam—the man who made international headlines when he insulted Christianity and tore a Bible on camera to screams of “Allahu Akbar!” and later incited Muslims to rape female protesters—unwittingly insulted Islam’s prophet Muhammad in a way that would have caused much of the Islamic world to riot and call for his death (if he was a non-Muslim).

Abu Islam: Too “well-mannered” to speak like his prophet

This occurred during one of Abu Islam’s recent TV shows, which revolved around attacking Egyptian commentator and comedian Bassem Youssef, whose popular jabs frequently target Islamists, including President Morsi.  In retaliation, Abu Islam spent a large segment of his show insulting Youssef.  Yet, unlike the latter’s well-received jokes which are primarily based on wit and innuendo, the cleric relied on hurling ugly obscenities.  Among other things, Abu Islam swore to Allah that according to Sharia law, because Youssef is a “pretty boy,” he is required to wear a niqab, or face veil, to cover himself up like a woman.

Abu Islam hurled even worse insults on the comedian, which he tried to justify by referring to the teachings of Islam. He told Muslim viewers who would condemn his use of vile language, “Shame on you Muslims; learn your religion well.  The Koran itself curses them, curses the likes of Bassem Youssef, those before him and after him.”

He went on to give examples, quoting Koran verses that refer to infidels as “dogs,” “donkeys,” and “cattle.”  “Are these curses or not?” asked the cleric. “Well, it’s your lord who curses, who insults…. Cursing and insulting is from Allah almighty, praise and glory to him.”

Next Abu Islam moved to the Sunna—along with the Koran, the second pillar of Sunni Islam, the words, deeds, and recommendations of Islam’s prophet, Muhammad, and his companions as documented in the hadith literature.  Said Abu Islam:

Now hear the words that the prophet counsels me to use against people like you [Bassem Youssef].  He tells me to tell you “Bite your father’s penis, and do not whitewash.” In other words, I’m supposed to tell you to go bite your father’s male member, but I’m supposed to use the real word [“penis”] without whitewashing.  The prophet orders me to mention your father’s male member, but without whitewashing [instead of saying “male member” he should say “penis”].  You see how well-mannered I am—I cannot even bring myself to use the words the prophet commanded me to use on you.  I just can’t do it!

As for Muhammad’s closest companions, he quoted Abu Bakr, Islam’s first “righteous caliph,” telling someone, “Go suck on al-Lat’s clitoris!”  Al-Lat was a pre-Islamic goddess of Mecca, whose image was subsequently destroyed on Muhammad’s orders.

When Abu Sufyan finally converted to Islam and asked Muhammad what he should do about the large idol statue of al-Uzza, another pre-Islamic female goddess of Arabia, Islam’s second “righteous caliph,” Omar al-Khittab, responded, “Go take a sh*t on it!”

Abu Islam is not the only popular Muslim cleric to justify his foul mouth by referring to Islam and its founders.  Here, for example, is popular Sheikh al-Huwaini—who likens the face of women to their vulvas—also quoting and explaining the “Bite your father’s penis” hadith in graphic detail.

Al Azhar graduate and professor of Islamic interpretation Sheikh Abdullah Badr is also on record trying to justify his use of foul language by referring to the same hadiths (he got in trouble when he publicly referred to a popular Egyptian actress as a “whore.”)  Ironically, he is also the same sheikh who publicly swore to Allah to cut the tongue out of the mouth of anyone who insults Islam and its Sharia.

As a more moderate cleric pointed out in a TV show dealing with Sheikh Badr’s claims that the prophet and his companions were cursers and insulters, “If one of Islam’s opponents made such assertions, the whole world would have stood up in objection to such words.”

Indeed, while non-Muslim YouTube videos portraying Muhammad in unflattering terms prompt riots, deaths, and groveling Western politicians, Muslim portrayals of the prophet and his companions as vulgar and foul-mouthed pass in silence.

Which leads to the greatest irony of all—a sort of “strike back” from the God of the Bible: the same Abu Islam who tore and desecrated the Bible, unwittingly went on to tear into and desecrate the image of his beloved prophet Muhammad.  Recall that, after he quoted Muhammad’s words “Bite your father’s penis, and do not whitewash,” Abu Islam insisted that he could not bring himself to say “penis,” but did whitewash, constantly using the word “male private member.”  As he put it:  “You see how well-mannered I am—I cannot even bring myself to use the words the prophet commanded me to use on you.  I just can’t do it!”

The meaning of this is clear: the foul-mouthed, rape-advocating, Bible-tearing Abu Islam—who, as a Muslim cleric, is charged with guarding the sanctity of Muhammad’s image—actually sees himself as more moral and “well-mannered” than his prophet.  Is this not a greater insult to Muhammad than a movie made by non-Muslims who may be expected to be irreverent?

  • Mike H.

    “Is this not a greater insult to Muhammad than a movie made by non-Muslims who may be expected to be irreverent?”


  • twostellas

    Islam is vulgar, period. As it’s founder was.

  • Serge T

    when will the world wake up and realize what it’s dealing with in Islam? we are dealing with a primitive, savage ideology that permits it’s followers to lie, cheat, steal, rape – and now curse as well. Disgusting! Wake up America! Start using that thing called ‘common sense’!

    • Joe Dokes

      The Left has long ruled the thought process of the West so leftists are simply doing what they’ve always done: using any corrosive element at its disposal to weaken the foundations of the societies they want to rule. Then, when the foundation is collapsing, they step in and inplement absolute authoritarianism. It’s worked every time they’ve tried it so far; I see no sign it won’t work here, eventually.

    • TheProphet


      • Cemil Kerimov

        Please dont think bad about ISLAM. Islam is the best religion.They are not muslims.They are Saudi Arabian DOGS ! (WAHHABI).Their mission is to make you hate ISLAM.(with terror acts and foolish sheikh`s fatvas)

        • Chanah Robinsky

          we don’t need the Saudis to hate islam, there is nothing best abt islam period

        • Chanah Robinsky

          “I put on her my cloth to let her wear the cloth of paradise, and had sex with her to ease the grave suffering on her She was the best of god`s creations after Fatma the mother of ali”, Mohammad said that when he got caught sleeping with a dead woman. and that woman was his aunt. (sahih muslim 34424)I
          saw the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) putting Hussein’s thighs apart and kissing his (little) penis.
          Related by Al-Tabarani and its authenticity is good.
          We don’t need muslims to think bad abt islam, all we need is to read your book

          • Russian_Medic

            I’m a Sunni Muslim and I can tell you that, that quote isn’t actually real. It’s a weak Hadith, it had an incomplete list of narrators one of which was proven to be a liar. Do a little research first man. Only trust the Sahih Hadith, and carefully examine the Hasan.

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          • randy63ism

            Yea sure it is. You muslims always fall back on that lie, “weak hadith.” It’s from sahih muslim for Christ’s sake!

          • abdullah

            you are stupid as you don’t understand..why will a person preaching against commiting adultery,commit adultery with a dead person and say it to his companions..

          • randy63ism

            Why don’t you just “bite your father’s penis, and don’t whitewash.” You cannot polish a turd. In the end, it still stinks.

          • mikentosh

            Because moosLHamz are a bunch of inbred morons.

            Hey, I hear your sister is wondering where you are, fuckwit…

        • janno

          And I suppose it wasn’t a Chechyn rebel that cut out the heart of an Assad supporter and ate it, just a Saudi speaking lousy Arabic. You are taught that it is good and right to lie, steal and deceive enemies of Islam. How can you ever expect us to believe anything from avowed liars?

        • Ming the Merciless

          Sunnis say YOU are fucking your baby daughter and that is what Khomeini preached AND PRACTICED!(Ruhollah was fucking
          and killing with his penis four years old babies!)
          On the other hand, look up google and Ramallah’s “cannibals” and there you have sunnis eating a jewish soldier alive and describing the event to the victim wife on his cell phone…both kind of fucking muslims are vomits from hell!

          • Ming the Merciless

            The beasts of Allah in Ramallah!

          • randy63ism

            Paleostinians at their Stone Age, cannibalistic finest. Homo Islamopithecus Paleostinus, an invasive species that upsets the ecological balance of Judea and Samaria’s native (and civilized) flora and fauna.

    • Brian Murphy

      they murder all non Muslims as per their Qur’an; so their main aim is to murder us all in addition to what you listed

  • Peter Buckley

    Some hadiths are quite hilarious . Plenty to choose from here:

    • Serge T

      And that’s the problem, some of these hadith are downright filthy, permitting Muslims to indulge in all kinds of sick behavior — remember the suckling fatwa? — which means as long as these hadiths exists, we’re gunna have millions of psychos living out there medieval ways

      • Joe Dokes

        That’s actually an insult to the medieval period, bad as it was. These people are on par with the ancient, child-sacrificing pagan tribes wiped out at God’s command by Israel.

        • Ming the Merciless

          The modern version is in Khomeini’s “Tahrir ol Vasileh” where
          he advise to sodomize newborn babies, regulate the copulation with animals and advocate Nikāḥ al-Mutʿah (Arabic: نكاح المتعة‎, “pleasure marriage”) or the twenty minute marriage, effectively turning mollahs into pimps and mosques into bordellos…

        • Debpratim De

          Pagans were more philosophically liberated than monotheists.

  • Survivor

    They claim women are converting to Islam in droves. No wonder they become dumber and dumber with women who willingly go into this, they cannot have much between the ears. How can they have intelligent children? Looks like they can’t. Because the countries in the West are mainly socialistic the masses let the lefties do whatever lefties are best at, they go after you as a person if you have a different opinion. The lefties are Islam’s messengers. They are traitors. They brainwash weak people who usually are too ignorant and lazy to seek information. These men have so much in common with abusers, they ARE abusers. Strange how abuse is condoned in Western societies, but Islamic abuse is not.

  • 4N 2L

    Does their so-called ‘holy book’ actually say: “Bite your father’s penis, and do not whitewash.”? Well, then, it’s no wonder they get so violent. If they’re trying to make us die laughing, IT’S WORKING, BABY!

    • logdon

      Islam is a one way force. Infidels do not have any rights. Attacking the kuffar is defence.

      That’s how it goes.

      • Ming the Merciless

        Dont try logic on a neo-nazi…they are wannabe muslims, getting huge financial support from the saudi rats for their sordid socialist slime and racist vomits.

  • pityu


  • Mehdi

    Ah yes the american way listen to lies until it sounds likes the truth
    Open ure eyes and research things on your own rather than turning to people who spew hate

    • Wolff Bachner

      some of us have read the Qur’an in Arabic and we know the truth. stop trying to cover for Islam with that false excuse that we didn’t understand or we read the wrong translation We know what “Jews are descendants of apes and pigs” means and it is simply Jew hate from Islam. We understand the meaning of

      Quran (9:29) – “Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.”

      Islam is a blight on humanity and a curse on the soul of every single human being. Like Roman Catholicism of the Dark Ages, it does nothing but kill, oppress and enslave.Killing in the name of any god is simply unacceptable.

      • Zog Mossad

        Dont confuse the RC with the Prods…one million women were burn as witches by the Protestants, three by the RC Inquisition! Half the German population was murdered by the Danish Protestant invaders, far more than the Spanish ever did…

        • Chanah Robinsky

          are you serious half the german population was murdered by danish protestant invaders just where have you read this?

          • wollfb

            The Reformation led to a series of religious wars that culminated in the Thirty Years’ War (1618–1648), which devastated much of Germany, killing between 25 and 40% of its population.

          • rightrightright

            The Scandinavian element in the 30 years war was led by Sweden, not Denmark. The Swedish king and leader, Gustavus Adolphus, got his head blown off by an Austrian canon ball during the war. You have omitted the carnage occasioned by the Austrian faction in that war.

        • wollfb

          he is correct. the rc only burned a few hundred to a thousand people during the inquisition. the protestants killed many more.

          • Lisa

            don’t forget the killing of the natives in South America and Africa in the name of the Catholic Church during the years of the great discoverers!

          • wollfb

            i never forget what has been done to innocents in the name of god by the pope and his underlings.

          • Ming the Merciless

            Freeing the slaves of the cannibal tribes was”the killings of the natives”???
            “Chinese” Gordon Pascha was not even Catholic!
            And was murdered by the Mahdi in Khartoum because he freed slaves, like the Catholic church while the Protestants engaged in massive genocides, in Ireland, Africa and America!
            The Christians’ abuses were still minute compared to the hundreds of millions murdered by the Muslims yelling ALLAHU AKBAR!(In the name of a moonstone dildo idol!)

          • Lisa

            “Freeing” the slaves?????From which cannibals? If you call killing = freeing – O.K.! Sorry, I forgot to mention the Protestants, they were all the same – killers in the name of religion! And the Muslims of course, and don’t forget the Crusaders – all killers in the name of God! What a heartless and cruel God that must be………. but the cruel and heartless are the people in the past and nowadays! I am against any religion if it is used to harm people, who have a different belief, in the name of God. Which God? Who has the ‘right’ God? How many Gods are there?????
            There must be something wrong with mankind!!!

          • Debpratim De

            The ‘free-ers’ were equally, if not more ‘cannibalistic’ cultures.

      • Russian_Medic

        “until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued”

        Ahem ahem, this quote is allowing Muslims to fight only those non-Muslims who do not pay the Jizya, the state tax in an Islamic State. This isn’t saying kill ALL non-Muslims, and if they pay the Jizya they can still continue to practice their pagan/christian/jewish beliefs. And the fact that you get punished for not paying a state tax isn’t an Islam-only thing just to get that out of the way.

        • wollfb

          the jizya is not a state tax. it is a penalty to be imposed on non-muslim to define their lesser status and humiliate them for not being muslims. comparing the jizya to income tax is idiotic. income tax isn’t imposed on non-muslims as humiliation nor does the irs kill people who refuse to convert to Islam. not yet anyway.

          • Russian_Medic

            Well in return for the taxes the non-Muslims would get protection from outside attacks, to be exempted from military service, and they wouldn’t get taxed the Zakat which all Muslim citizens needed to pay. I think that it’s quite a fair trade, not to mention that they were lucky they weren’t getting hanged for heresy like many another countries would do around that time. Obviously though in the modern would the Jizya shouldn’t be a thing anymore. Finally the quote really just doesn’t say to fight anyone who does not believe in Islam. You’re completely ignoring the bottom part of the verse, “until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.” You can’t just pretend it’s not there, and you’re calling ME illiterate.

          • wollfb

            what a total crock. You are trying to justify killing people until they agree to submit to third class status and pay blood money for the right to be humiliated and treated like dogs. i read the whole disgusting passage and i know exactly what it means. and in addition to being given the special “privilege” of paying jizya instead of zakat,, non muslims were also forbidden to build house taller than a muslim house,required to step aside whenever a muslim approached, forced to submit to physical abuse even from muslim children, prohibited from building churches or synagogues, forbidden to pray out loud or ring church bells, required to ride an ass instead of a horse and on and on and on.only a demented lunatic like yourself would try to pass this crud off as fair treatment. it was intended to make non-muslims aware they had been conquered and degrade them every second of their existence. as i said in my last post, only a liar or muslim apologist would try to pass off submission and humiliation as fair treatment. 270 million people have been murdered in the name of islam in the last 1400 years and the killing hasn’t stopped. 21,000 islamic terror attacks since 2001. Islam is a blight on humanity.

            I should also point out that non muslims were forbidden to own weapons or bear arms. this was not done to excuse them from military service out of kindness. it was done to render them defenseless. you are perverting the truth in a truly foul manner, you posts are typical of how muslims and their enablers in the West lie about Islam in order to deceive non muslims.

          • Russian_Medic

            Following the modern version of these laws, you got a ton of it wrong, Zimmis aren’t allowed to, build NEW churches or synagogues however they could renovate old ones that were left over from the Muslim Conquests, they weren’t allowed to print their religious books or sell them in public settings, however they could do this in their own churches and such, they weren’t allowed to put non-islamic symbols on their houses or churches, they are not allowed to broadcast their religious ceremonys on the radio or television, they are not allowed to have public religious celebrations but instead do that in their own church, and finally they aren’t allowed to join the army unless there is a dire need for them.

            Seems quite restrictive, and it is, but these laws are more of a cultural thing. Not everything about religion is done because of a religion after all. I’m sure that people like you would, if in charge of a country, would probably put restrictions and or ban practicing Islam. It wouldn’t be because of your faith correct? It would just be because you don’t like the religion. It’s the same here, it’s not because the Quran tells these Muslims to do it, it’s just because they want to. Find me a section of the Quran that puts down these restrictions.

            After all Islam is supposed to be buddy-buddy with all the other religious since no matter what religion you practice, we all come from the same god. I mean they are our sister religions after all. And yes there have been fundamentalist attacks, but those are just the radicals of the religion, Christianity, Judaism, they have all the same radicals. Most terrorist attacks stem from the lack of proper education in the Middle East along with the increasing homeless rate problem. I saw a survey that they took in almost all of the Islamic majority countries where out of all of the surveyed, 93% said that homelessness was a huge problem in the country. If you believe in the Broken Windows Theory, increased homelessness leads to an increase in crime due to a desperation to get money, an increase in crime usually leads to gangs and these gangs have gotten incredibly powerful and have adopted terrorist tactics. The Quran doesn’t say ANYWHERE that you should kill non-believers, all those Islamic terrorists will be going to hell. Try to find me a quote in the Quran that says you should.

          • wollfb

            I do not support any religion that uses force to impose itself on others or seeks to control every aspect of human life from the cradle to the grave, Islam, Roman Catholicism, Protestantism, Judaism, all have eras during which religious doctrine was used to control humanity. At present, only Islam is murdering and using force to control the life of billions of people.

            to blame the homicidal behavior of Muslims on social problems is a lie. Muslims follow the Qur’an and they believe all law comes from Allah through Mohammad. Anyone who has read the Qur’an and the Hadith knows this to be true .

            By saying that if something is not in the Qur’an, it is not part of Islam is simply manipulating the truth. If you know as much about Islam as you claim, you know that Islamic law is based on the Qur’an, the Hadith and centuries of Islamic jurisprudence, not just on the Qur’an.

            Furthermore, since the Iranian revolution in 1979, 99.9% of all the world’s terrorism has been committed by Muslims and every single act was linked directly to Islamic teachings. The videos left by suicide bombers mention two things and they aren’t social justice. They mention Islamic law and JEW HATE, the other guiding principal of Islam.

            For the sake of space, I will list just a few the verses from the Qur’an that call for violence against unbelievers and the readers can look them up.

            Infidels are your sworn enemies (Sura 4:101).

            Be ruthless to the infidels (Sura 48:29).

            Make war on the infidels who dwell around you (Sura 9:123, 66:9).

            Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day (Sura 9:29).

            Strike off the heads of infidels in battle (Sura 47:4).

            If someone stops believing in Allah, kill him (al-Bukhari 9:84:57).

            Take neither the Jews nor the Christians for your friends (Sura 5:51, 60:13).

            Never be a helper to the disbelievers (Sura 28:86).

            Kill the disbelievers wherever we find them (Sura 2:191).

            No Muslim should be killed for killing an infidel (al-Bukhari 1:3:111).

            Your comments are typical of religious apologists who ignore every aspect of Islam that calls for supremacy and violence and blames everything on social issues. Religion is used to kill and control and Islam is the worst offender.

            Faith is beautiful, organized religion is poison.

            The lack of honesty of Islamic apologists is best illustrated by the claims that Islam is a religion of peace. Even Obama uses a few lines of sura 5:32 while ignoring the entire sura and 5:33 that follows. Obama and the Islamic apologists ignore is that the law that teaches that killing is wrong applies to JEWS and 5:33 calls on Muslims to punish non-believers.

            sura 5.32 in full:

            Because of that, We decreed upon the Children of Israel that whoever kills a soul unless for a soul or for corruption [done] in the land – it is as if he had slain mankind entirely. And whoever saves one – it is as if he had saved mankind entirely. And our messengers had certainly come to them with clear proofs. Then indeed many of them, [even] after that, throughout the land, were transgressors.

            sura 5:33 in full:

            Indeed, the penalty for those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger and strive upon earth [to cause] corruption is none but that they be killed or crucified or that their hands and feet be cut off from opposite sides or that they be exiled from the land. That is for them a disgrace in this world; and for them in the Hereafter is a great punishment,

            Thr above is a prefect example of how apologists for Islam manipulate the truth. 5:32 clearly states the law against killing is for the “Children of Israel” and even goes on to call the Jews transgressors. 5:33 makes it clear what Muslims must do to transgressors. Kill them or crucify them.

            David Wood has created a video that discusses the fraud of claiming Islam is a religion of peace in depth,. I suggest readers watch it.


            Before I conclude and leave you to live with the shame of being lying, I will add one final word. Making war against Islam, as Mohammed was so fond of saying, referred to much more than military campaigns or attacking muslims with weapons.speaking out against Islam or Muslims, disobeying any Islamic law, refusing to submit to dhimmi status and a wide range of other oppressive rules that made life a living h*ll for non- muslims, was considered making war against Islam. All clearly covered under the infamous “mischief in the land ” that appears so many times in sura and hadith.

            I’m done with this. you can lie all you wish. More non-muslims are waking up to the truth everyday and seeing Islam for what is really is: a murderous 7th century ideology that will torment mankind and reduce all non-muslims to the status of slaves.

          • Thomas Erickson

            It is quite amusing how you list several instances in which non-Muslim’s rights are violated as if it supports your opinion.

          • JustSaying

            I guess governments are just as bad, and just as happy to se the populations striped of arms. Same shit different reasons!


  • Zog Mossad

    Muhammad? Yes, the guy who decapitated 1000 men one day by himself?
    Poor sand niggers…such a hard model to imitate!

  • Zog Mossad

    The basic reason of Islam constant collapses are that any muslim with wealth marry his children together to keep the money in the family…result? Mindless retards for offsprings, war, famine and constant pestilence in all the Umma, countries of eternal hellish nightmares for forever.

  • Jimi Streets

    …and these are the type of people that the exceedingly arrogant yet ignorant Western leaders tell us we need more compassion for and to listen to their “grievances” against the civilized world which cause them to lash out at us in “frustration.”
    I have a better explanation as to why they are so murderously hostile – Because the combination of Koran sanctioned incestuous marriage among first cousins, along with the murderous commandments of their “holy” book, has resulted in mass insanity and damaged brains on a scale never before seen in history.
    Let the white Western elites prostate themselves before the 8th century hordes in a harmonious gesture of good will, only to have their own heads lopped off.
    I will be fighting these dirt people on their own terms. They are at war with us. Wise men realize this and respond in-kind. Unless the civilized world wakes up, our leaders’ policies are in effect a death wish…

  • GFRF

    Anti-Christ in it’s essence!

  • df

    The God of Islam is not the real God. I pray for every muslim to get to know the one true God. Word of advice to every Muslim – please have an open mind and think outside of Islam. You will be amazed .

  • herb benty

    And these evil people call us dirty, disgusting! Muslim men RAPE one out five Swedish women and the stubborn Leftists refuse to help their own women, THAT is comming here if we keep letting people like Hillary Clinton( with her MB spy) keep running our country. Obama has to go and the Democratic Party that is taken over by traitors,NOW!

  • Brian Murphy

    these Muslims are primitive vulgar and treat women like animals.This is not a religion but a pagan culture; their Qur’an could not come from God but Satan and Mohammad wrote it to facilitate his sexual perversions and his murderous followers; the similarity with some of the bible is merely a cover for their evil actions.

  • naro

    You all notice how Muslim people like Abu Islam who are so full of hate and venom become so ugly in their personal appearance too. It is as though the ugliness and hatefullness within their hearts and brains become gradually reflected in their facial expressions. I’m sure that Abu Islam was a good looking young man but his venomous hate has changed him to a monster outside, reflecting the monstrous brain inside.

  • JustSaying

    Seems like many of them just kinda does it like oh so many jehova followers
    and other have done it thru the ages.
    Same shit different faces.
    The childish kindergarten fight over whos “toy” is the best and
    douchbags pathological need to oppress and degrade other just
    for the reason to through the ego make them self seem better, more righteous

    and moral and so on, when their lack of spirituality and love for and trust in them

    self has turned into a black hole that they never can feed enough by devouring

    external things and feelings of other.

    The blind belief and following of other insted of one self (God or gang leader) due to disconection from one ones internal flame 99% of the time turns into shit with lost humans gazing over other from their high horses.

    The worst kind of drug addicts there is.
    If you have to leen on religion and rules from “Gods” to give you a set of moral standards to live by i guess you lack real deep and genuine human empathy

    by some degree. And it is just to bad that so many morals growing out from

    different religions through out the ages circles around the noble art of pissing in ones one territory with the result of milions “death by pissing contest” ….

  • SoggyBottomBoys

    Their religion is the veneer they slather on their 7th century mentality.

  • herb benty

    The in-breeding shows itself. Our Holy God does not need semtex or AK47′s, He only requires us to Believe….and watch Him work. We are getting there.