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Muslim Blood Superior to Infidel Blood

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Arguing that Muslim blood is more precious than infidel blood, Muslim clerics in and out of Sudan are outraged because a Sudanese court has condemned a Muslim man to death—simply because he murdered a non-Muslim, the American diplomat John Granville on January 1, 2008.

2008: The four Sudanese murderers behaving like heroes after being convicted of murdering an American “infidel.”  They later “escaped from a maximum security prison.”

A 2009 report offers context:

The court had sentenced the men [originally four] to death in June for killing Granville and his driver in January 2008, but the sentence was cancelled in August after [his Muslim driver] Abbas’s father forgave the men.

Under Islamic law, the victim’s family has the right to forgive the murderer, ask for compensation (fedia) or demand execution.

Granville’s mother, Jane Granville, at the time had asked for the men’s execution, but her letter was rejected because it was not notarized.

The judge said the sentence was confirmed because Granville’s family, from Buffalo, in northern New York State, had requested it.

Then, in 2010, the four men convicted of murder, in the words of the U.S. State Department, “escaped from a maximum security prison” in Khartoum. One of the men, Abdul Ra’uf Abu Zaid Muhammad Hamza, was recaptured and is currently in prison awaiting execution.

Finding the punishment unjust, several international Islamic organizations, most recently, the London-based Islamic Media Observatory, have been trying to commute the death sentence, mostly by arguing for Abdul Ra’uf’s “human rights.”

However, the Legitimate League of Scholars and Preachers in Sudan (an influential body of Muslim clerics) issued a statement last month titled “Let no Muslim be killed because of an infidel”—a verbatim quote, in fact, from Islam’s prophet Muhammad—revealing the true reason why so many Muslims are trying to overturn the death sentence.

John Granville and his murderers.

The Arabic language statement begins by asserting that “Allah has honored human beings over creation and multiplied the Muslim’s honor over the infidel’s, because Islam elevates and nothing is elevated above it. The value of the blood of Muslims is equal, or should be, but not so the value of the blood of others.”  (The Koran itself, e.g., 2:221, confirms this idea that even the lowliest Muslim is superior to any non-Muslim.)

Next, the statement quotes the clear words of Islam’s prophet, Muhammad, as recorded in a canonical hadith: “Let no Muslim be killed because of an infidel.”  It then elaborates on the meaning of this statement by quoting from “the consensus of Islamic scholars,” or ijma‘, a legitimate source of Islamic jurisprudence.

The Legitimate League of Scholars and Preachers then elaborate on the prophet’s injunction as meaning that, when judging between Muslims and non-Muslims, under no circumstances are Muslim rulers ever permitted to execute Muslims—even if they murder non-Muslims in cold blood, including those groups that are nominally “protected” by Islamic law, such as dhimmis (subjugated, tribute-paying non-Muslims) and foreign non-Muslims granted aman, or a pledge of security to enter Muslim lands.

Abdul Ra’uf triumphantly holds a Koran while in prison for murdering an “infidel.”

Finally, after chastising the offending judge of North Khartoum’s felony court, Sayed Ahmed al-Badri, the statement concludes by warning all Muslim rulers and judges “to fear Allah, to apply Allah’s law in every matter, whether big or small, to seek justice according to the consensus of Islamic scholars, not to seek to please the infidels, not to rush the verdict, and to know that Allah prefers the annihilation of the entire earth over the spilling of the blood of one innocent Muslim” (emphasis added).

When American soldiers desecrated copies of the Koran—a book—media maelstroms occurred and grandstanding politicians condemned.  But when the scholars of Islam, quoting the words and teachings of their prophet, openly assert that the blood of non-Muslims is cheaper than the blood of Muslims—and hence the murder of an American “infidel” by a Muslim cannot be punished blood-for-blood—such hate-filled supremacy and racist-like contempt is not even deemed worth reporting by Western media or condemned by Western politicians.

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  • randy63ism

    Islamic hypocrisy at it’s finest. Of course the liberal scum in our media are only too happy to enable all this madness. We will never be able to defeat islam until we defeat the traitors in our midst, liberals. Some liberals get it concerning islam such as Bill Maher, but the vast majority are sniveling, worthless cowards.

    • deeZee

      Muslims are not really different than Americans.
      Americans don’t consider non-US citizens to have legal rights the same to those of the US citizens. Hence, the drone attacks of foreign citizens is no biggie o American law makers.

      Fix the nazi approach to law at home before criticizing others.

      • randy63ism

        “Muslims are not really different than Americans,” you say? Are you really that stupid? Moving on now, just why should we give non-citizens the same rights as those possessed by citizens? Wee recognize fundamental human rights and they already possess most of those of citizens, and in many jurisdictions, are permitted to unlawfully exercise some such as voting, even the aliens here unlawfully. It is all very partisan and many such as myself, oppose this flagrantly-unlawful practice that segments of the Democratic Party engage in to gain votes, illegal votes. You sound like a leftist internationalist, or perhaps a muslim, but at any rate, you most definitely sound like a blithering idiot, thrashing about in a sea of subjectivity and abject ignorance.

        • deeZee

          Actually, the US DOES NOT recognize fundamental human rights. If we were to apply the same legals standards to the US as those applied in Nuremberg towards the Nazis then almost all US presidents and their closest staff would have to be executed for crimes against humanity.

          Look for “manufactured consent” and forget what you think you “knew”. You are a victim of severe propaganda, or you are blind, and your country is an evil empire.

          • KIdGallahad

            You are a very stupid individual.

        • KIdGallahad

          Yes, he is really that stupid. Anybody who can compare a religion of barbarians and thieves to Americans is asking to be labeled that and to start a fight. Islam sucks, I admire Muslims who leave the religion and become Christians, even Atheists. But they who stay because they think its God’s will are ignorant.

          • randy63ism

            I most certainly concur with that. deeZee is a moron of the highest magnitude. His statement above, “…You are a victim of severe propaganda, or you are blind, and your country is an evil empire” betrays his projectionistic mentality. People like deeZee are so stupid they actually believe they can pick up a turd by the clean end.

  • ugwu

    In veiw