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Exposed: President Morsi’s ‘Brotherhoodization’ Plan for Egypt

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The Muslim Brotherhood’s former General Guide, Mahdi Akef, the organization’s supreme leader from 2004-2010, declared during an interview published today by the Kuwaiti newspaper, Al Jarida, that the “Brotherhoodization” of Egypt’s state organs—which would see the transformation of Egypt into the image of the Muslim Brotherhood—is President Muhammad Morsi’s grand plan for the nation.

Mahdi Akef

Akef was referring to Morsi’s electoral program, also known as his “Nahda [or Renaissance] Project,” which, as it appears on the English-language website of the Muslim Brotherhood, says nothing about overrunning Egypt’s state institutions with Brotherhood members, but rather speaks glowingly of freedom, equality, and pluralism.  Yet, according to Al Jarida, Akef declared that “there is no Nahda without the Brotherhoodization of Egypt’s state organs.”

Akef further indicated the determination of Morsi’s resolve by boasting that, “despite the lack of cooperation from some state institutions and despite his being exposed to a fierce attack from the media and judiciary, he [Morsi] remains in office.”

During the same Al Jarida interview, Akef—who when once pressured to talk more about Egypt’s interests and less about Islam’s declared “the hell with Egypt”—further exposed the totalitarian and supremacist nature of the Muslim Brotherhood mentality.  For example, concerning Egyptian surgeon-turned-satirist, Bassem Youssef—who has been targeted by Morsi’s government for his jabs at the Muslim Brotherhood—Akef warned that the comedian “is transgressing against his masters.”

Needless to say, this assertion has ruffled some feathers among Egyptians.  As secular TV host Mahmoud Sa‘ad said in mockery, “Who, exactly, are our masters, the Muslim Brotherhood?  They have to clarify, so we can kiss their hands and their feet when we meet them, since they’re our masters.”

Egyptian talk show host Sa‘ad also read Akef’s words as documented in Kuwait’s Al Jarida, including that approximately 3,000 Egyptian officials are on their way to being removed by Morsi and replaced by Brotherhood members, as part of the “Brotherhoodization” process. Visibly amazed at this assertion, Sa‘ad said “Did you hear that?  Are you paying attention? No one has even denied this report as false.  Of course, they’ll deny it now, since I read it on the air, but as of this moment, this report is still up on the Kuwaiti paper’s website.”

True to Sa‘ad’s prediction, Akef just responded hours ago saying he never said any such thing, that “the entire interview is lies, all lies.” Yet, as of this writing, Kuwait’s Al Jarida has not taken down the interview from its website, not to mention I have the PDF of the actual newspaper, a snapshot of which also appears on several prominent Arabic websites including Gate Ahram.

Update, April 5: In response to  Akef’s claims that he was never interviewed by Al Jarida, the Kuwaiti newspaper just posted the recording of the interview on YouTube.

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  • Krame

    Its just amazing, Egypt is becoming like America. Just as The One can lie thru his teeth with no repercussions, so can the MB say whatever they want, and take it back, with no repurcussions. And all the while ‘we the people’ gnash our teeth at the madness

  • Jane Seymour

    This is just as we all know and expected, the problem is that many of their base in the rural areas do not have access to the net, some are illiterate, if only somehow we could spread the contents of this article to every area of Egypt, the NSF are not spreading the word or making their policies and programs for Egypt known either, even though I was aware of their plans, it is still frightening to read especially their atrocious lies. To me their distinguishing features are constant lies, propaganda and misinformation, of course their main aims of brotherhoodizing the state is well under way, but believe me, I know the Egyptians well and they will NEVER succeed in changing the society and face of Egypt, never!