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Egypt: ‘Morality Police’ Thrashed for Whipping Woman

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Now here is some amusing news.  According to the Arabic website, Sawt al-Masih al-Hur, members of the Islamic group “Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice” in Suez, Egypt, deciding to implement their namesake, took to whipping an Egyptian woman today because of her clothing—only to receive a sound thrashing at the hands of the citizens of Suez.  The picture published by the website says it all.

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  • Magicmaninthesky Nothanks

    I love this. Karma’s a real bitch. Islamists be afraid, be very afraid.

    • Gary Rumain

      I’d like to see them try it again. ;-)

  • Mark Peterson

    Let’s hear it for the people of Suez!

  • Yusuf_Al_Kafir

    This story makes me smile.

  • Guest


  • noor

    fuck u nonmuslims u did it ur self n den blame muslims asshole

    • James Roberts

      go fuck yourself you dumb ass cunt if you want a war u will get one! that’s for sure and we will strengthen women children’s dignity and honor so bullies will be crushed and learn to spell you moron

    • Matthew Miller

      derka derka sherba?

  • James Roberts

    great stuff i would like to see the east free from all tyranny and savageness ;) x

  • Ma Jen

    amusing? blood spilled from a human body isn’t really that amusing to me, i guess I don’t get the joke. Hate, anger, and fear haven’t changed anything in centuries. Perhaps we should ALL learn from that mistake, and work on changing ourselves before we try to impose our will on another. Jus sayin’

    • Supercracker

      Not true. I PROMISE you properly and judiciously applied violence just changed those two guys outlook on beating women.

    • Danger Man

      They were imposing their will on somebody else. They deserve what they got.The people of Egypt are fighting to maintain independence and that is commendable.

    • Elena

      It’s about standing up to bullies.

      A bully fears only one thing — his own blood on his shirt.

    • Fabio Juliano

      You’re ridiculous. Jus sayin’.

    • Zog Mossad

      Ma Jen has to be a rag head or at least a wannabe…she would have kicked these schoolgirls back in the fire in Saudia for not wearing a coal sack…

  • Shiv Shanker

    now a days allah reacts immediately he doesnt wait

  • Mark Skidgel

    To the people of suez well done.