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Al-Qaeda to Morsi: Execute All Christians and Secularists Who Oppose Sharia

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Jihad Watch

Many of the alleged telephone recordings between ousted Egyptian president Muhammad Morsi and Muhammad Zawahiri, al-Qaeda leader Ayman Zawahiri’s brother, are becoming available on Egyptian media, and will likely be part of Morsi’s February 16 trial, dealing with his alleged conspiracies with various foreign jihadi organizations.

Muhammad Zawahiri

One call is especially telling regarding al-Qaeda’s enmity for secularists, Coptic Christians, and all who oppose the Sharia agenda.  I translate portions below:

Zawahiri: “The teachings of Allah need to be applied and enforced; the secularists have stopped the Islamic sharia, and the response must be a stop to the building of churches.” ( An odd assertion considering how difficult it is for Copts merely to acquire a repair permit for their churches in Egypt.)

Zawahiri also added that “All those who reject the Sharia must be executed, and all those belonging to the secular media which works to disseminate debauchery and helps deviants and Christians to violate the Sharia, must be executed.”

Morsi reportedly replied: “We have taken deterrent measures to combat those few, and new legislative measures to limit their media, and in the near future, we will shut down these media stations and launch large Islamic media outlets.  We are even planning a big budget from the [Brotherhood] International Group  to launch Islamic and jihadi satellite stations  to urge on the jihad. There will be a channel for you and the men of al-Qaeda, and it can be broadcast from Afghanistan.”

Undeterred, Zawahiri responded by saying, “This [is a] Christian media—and some of the media personnel are paid by the [Coptic] Church and they work with those who oppose the Sharia… secularist forces are allied with Christian forces, among them [Naguib] Sawiris, the Christian-Jew.”

Morsi: “Soon we will uphold our promises to you.”

There is much more to be said concerning the Morsi-Zawahiri connection.  More later.

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  • GreekAsianPanda

    Jesus Christ, what is wrong with these people?

    “This [is a] Christian media—and some of the media personnel are paid by the [Coptic] Church and they work with those who oppose the Sharia… secularist forces are allied with Christian forces, among them [Naguib] Sawiris, the Christian-Jew.”

    I can’t stop laughing.

    • mollysdad

      Islam needs to be banned as a matter of urgency.

      • GreekAsianPanda

        I disagree. Even if Islam were really completely compatible with these evils, most Muslims don’t practice it that way. Islamism, however, deserves a crackdown everywhere.

        • mollysdad

          If you can’t eliimate Islamism without eliminating the ideology that incubates it, then you must eliminate both. If in a thousand years’ time there were a movement that believed Adolf Hitler to have been a man sent by God, it would be dangerous for any Jew to reside anywhere near a community of Nazis, even if most of them were peaceful and non-violent practitioners of Nazism,

          • GreekAsianPanda

            Nazism is literally all about racism. Without racism and fascism, there is no Nazism. It’s possible to remove anti-nonbeliever bigotry and fascism (i.e. Islamism) from Islam because that’s not the entire substance of the religion.

          • wayne burrows

            Islam will be left behind in history the same as the Nazi ideology but Jesus Christ will always be Lord

          • Lea

            Muslims even joined with Nazi Germany in their wars on Jews and Christians, all non muslims, the concepts of both militant political ideologies are the same, and Muslims showed Hitler how to pull off the Jewish genocide with the Armenian genocide. Muslims and Nazis are the same.

    • wayne burrows

      Im not white but Muslim’s are becoming like Nazis man stupid Muslims wake up your not white the whole world doesn’t not want to be like you backward monkey s

    • wayne burrows

      do not take the Lords name in vain I don’t find it funny

    • Chip

      I am laughing at you!

  • Bobby Leo

    I’m trying to figure out who is worse…the Nazi’s or these clowns….The Nazi’s win…but not by much…

    • Chip

      I am beginning to think politics of Islam has already become as bad as the Nazi Party.

      • Lea

        the ideology is in intents and purposes the same, islam as just co-opted the God of Israel, but who in fact is the demon called allah, not the same God of the Bible.

    • CronoT

      Hitler & many of the highest people in the Nazi party went & studied Islam and the way they spread their anti-Semitic ways. The parallels are obvious, since one learned from the other.