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Exposing Christian suffering under Islam, the ongoing continuation of Crucified Again.

Raymond Ibrahim on NewsMax: Mideast Christian Extinction

Earlier today I appeared on NewsMax TV’s “America’s Forum with JD Hayworth” via Skype.  The topic of discussion was the very real threat of Christian extinction in the Middle East. The video follows:  

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Jihadis Cleansing Pakistan of Christians

PJ Media On Sunday, March 15, as Christian churches around the world were celebrating morning mass, two churches in Pakistan were attacked by Islamic suicide bombers. At least 17 people were killed and over 70 were wounded. The two churches (located in Youhanabad, Lahore’s Christian quarter) were St. John’s Catholic Church and Christ Church (Protestant). The Taliban [...]

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Muslim Strength Decides if Christian Churches Stand or Fall

Coptic Solidarity A video recording made on December 14, 2013 of Dr. Yusuf al-Burhami, a leading cleric in Egypt’s Salafi movement, was recently publicized on Arabic media due to its controversial nature. In the video, Burhami says that “Destroying churches is permissible—as long as the destruction does not bring harm to Muslims, such as false claims that [...]

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The Madness of Our Age

Truth is the new ‘Hate Speech,’ and True Islam is not Islam by Ralph H. Sidway In the ‘Sayings of the Desert Fathers’, that collection of the wisdom of the early Christian hermits, there is recounted a saying of St. Anthony the Great, founder of monasticism: Abba Anthony said that the time is coming when men [...]

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Islamic State Relied on Egyptian Salafi Book to Slaughter 21 Copts in Libya

Coptic Solidarity Dr. Ahmed Karima, professor of Sharia at Al Azhar University, Egypt,  recently exposed the fact that the Islamic State received its justification to slaughter 21 Coptic Christians in Libya from a book titled (in translation) Christians in the Koran.  The author of said book is Mahmoud Lutfi ‘Amr—president of Damanhur’s Ansar al-Sunna al-Muhammadiya, [...]

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CIA Chief John Brennan’s Deceptions About Islam

FrontPage Magazine By constantly projecting Western standards on Islamic jihadis, CIA head John Brennan has come to epitomize the U.S. intelligence community’s intellectual failures concerning the true sources of the jihad. Last Friday, March 13, Brennan insisted that Islamic State (IS) members are not Islamic.  Instead, “They are terrorists, they’re criminals.  Most—many—of them are psychopathic [...]

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Egypt: Road Building Project a Scheme to Loot Ancient Coptic Monastery

The world recently saw the Islamic State plunder and destroy monuments of Iraq’s ancient heritage.  Now, elements of the Egyptian government appear to be trying to plunder some of the monuments of Egypt’s ancient Christian heritage.   An update on why Coptic monks recently prostrated their bodies before bulldozers manned by “Allahu Akbar” screaming Muslim [...]

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Raymond Ibrahim on NewsMax TV: ISIS and Christian Persecution

Earlier today I was interviewed on NewsMax TV’s “America’s Forum with JD Hayworth” via Skype.  Topics included the Islamic State’s persecution of Christians, the West’s response, and Egypt’s supplication for America to help combat Islamic terrorism. The 10-minute clip appears in two 5-minute parts below: Part 1 Part 2

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Maronite Church Invaded, Hole Dug by Altar

In late February, “unknown persons” invaded Mar Elias, an ancient Maronite church in Bekaa, Lebanon.  Along with damaging one of the church’s windows, they destroyed a portion of the flooring, as they dug a large hole near the altar (see pictures below). According to Maronite Bishop Joseph Mouwad, much of the church’s sacred items were [...]

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Coptic Christian Priest’s Car Set Aflame

On February 17, “unknown persons” set fire to the parked car of Fr. Ayub Yusif, the priest of the Saint George Coptic Catholic Church in the village of Dalga, Minya, Upper Egypt. By the time authorities put out the fire, the car was completely charred (see pictured). Dalga has been the scene of many attacks [...]

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