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Exposing Christian suffering under Islam, the ongoing continuation of Crucified Again.

Islamic State Torches Syriac Catholic Diocese in Mosul

According to a number of independent sources, the so-called “Islamic State” (formerly “of Iraq and Syria,” or “ISIS”), just recently burned down the Syriac Catholic Diocese in Mosul, destroying all its contents. This comes soon after the organization threatened all Christians under its authority either to pay jizya, or extortion money, convert to Islam, or die.

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New Caliphate Stones Woman to Death for Adultery

Friday, July 18, the Islamic State, which recently proclaimed itself the new caliphate, stoned a woman to death on the accusation of adultery.   This occurred after evening prayers in the open market place of the northern province of Raqa, Syria.  The woman was “in her thirties and found guilty of adultery in a Sharia [...]

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Obama Administration Suppresses Talk of Muslim Persecution of Christians: March 2014

Gatestone Institute Along with an especially egregious list of atrocities committed against Christian minorities throughout the Islamic world, March also saw some callous indifference or worse from the U.S. government. President Barack Hussein Obama was criticized by human rights activists for not addressing the plight of Christians and other minorities during his talks with leaders in [...]

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What an Islamic Caliphate Would Mean for the West

I was recently interviewed by CBN News’ George Thomas on the rise of the Islamic State, its aspirations for caliphate, and what all that means for free peoples around the world:

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Extremism Fuels Abuse of Christians in Mideast

Originally published by CNN The world heard of the plight of a Sudanese Christian wife and mother who, while eight months pregnant, was arrested and sentenced to public flogging followed by execution. Her crime? An Islamic court in Khartoum found her guilty of apostasy, that is, leaving Islam and converting to Christianity. It’s a crime punishable [...]

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Raymond Ibrahim on the 700 Club: Christians as Persona Non Grata

People worldwide embrace Christianity more than any other religion, and Christians are the most persecuted. Mideast expert Raymond Ibrahim warns on The 700 Club that such persecution happens most often in the Muslim world.

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Christians ‘Most Persecuted Group in World’: Muslim Persecution of Christians, February 2014

Gatestone Institute The most historic and emblematic sign of Muslim persecution of Christians returned in February:  Christians in Raqqa, Syria, under the occupation of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, which has since consolidated more territory), were given the three classic choices of Islam: 1) convert to Islam or 2) pay jizya [...]

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Egypt’s New Government Promotes Anti-Christian Measures?

Overlooked in the midst of all the celebrations in Egypt concerning the presidential victory of Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, his predecessor, President Adly Mansour—who very much shares in Sisi’s worldview and politics—made a strange comment about the place of the nation’s Christian minority, the Copts.  (Sisi installed Mansour as acting president of Egypt on July 4, [...]

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From Riches to Rags: Christian Experiences in Pakistan

Editor’s note: The following account was written for by an American teacher in the Muslim world.  It is reminiscent of other accounts in Pakistan. For instance, in March 2010, Rasheed Masih, described as a “devoted Christian,” was butchered by Muslim men “with multiple axe blows for refusing to convert to Islam.” Earlier, the “six [...]

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Raymond Ibrahim on CBN News: Christian Woman Facing Execution ‘Tip of Iceberg’

On June 6, Raymond Ibrahim appeared on CBN News discussing the plight of Sudan’s Meriam Ibrahim — a wife and mother on death row for refusing to renounce Christianity and embrace Islam.

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