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Islamic State Executes Ethiopian Christians for Not Paying Jizya, or ‘Tribute’

The Islamic State has just released another video where it executes more Christians, this time for not paying jizya — the tribute demanded of Christians according to Koran 9:29 in order to live under Islam as Christians. Two scenes appear in the 29-minute long video.  The first scene consists of a group of Christian Ethiopians [...]

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Coptic Christians Celebrate Easter Outdoors Because Muslims Forbid Church Building

Coptic Solidarity Due to the difficulties Egypt’s Coptic Christians experience in trying to build—or even repair—churches in their homeland, some end up meeting in Coptic homes to worship (and often are attacked for it), while others worship out in the open. This was the case for the Christians of Nag Shenouda, in Sohag City.  For [...]

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Saudi Thinker: Muslim Institutions Teach that Christians are ‘Infidels’ and ‘Enemies’

According to Saudi novelist and writer, Hani Naqshabandi, “Our [Islamic] religious institutions do not give us room to exercise free thought.”  By way of example, he pointed out that “They [Saudi institutions] said that the Christian is an infidel, a denizen of hell, an enemy to Allah and Islam.  So we said, ‘Allah’s curse on [...]

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Egypt: Bombs Explode Near Two Churches on Easter Sunday

Coptic Solidarity On April 12, Easter Sunday according to the Orthodox calendar, the churches of Egypt’s Christian minorities—Coptic Orthodox and Protestants—were, as usual, under attack.  According to Egyptian media, three explosions took place in Zagazig vicinity on Sunday to coincide with Easter celebrations.  Two targeted churches. The first explosion—which was placed under a parked car—took [...]

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Muslims Prevent Christians from Praying in Coptic Home

Coptic Solidarity It is not enough that Muslims in Egypt prevent Christians from building or even renovating churches, but, as in other Muslim majority nations, when Christians merely meet in one of their homes, Muslims still attack and prevent them. After Muslims in Egypt rioted and engaged in anti-Christian violence at the proposition that a [...]

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Coptic Christian Arrested for Offending Muslims, Witch-Hunt for 5 Others

Coptic Solidarity Earlier this week, security agents arrested Gad Yusif Yunan, a 22-year-old Coptic Christian man who works as an English teacher in Nasriya village, Upper Egypt, on the charge of “contempt of religions.”  He is accused of posting a 30-second video on his personal Facebook page that deals with Muslim prayers and is apparently insulting. Once [...]

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Muslim Rioters Destroy Crops of Coptic Farmers

Coptic Solidarity In the context of the recent Muslim uprisings against Coptic Christian minorities in the Egyptian village of al-Gala’, Samalout region, unknown persons destroyed the agricultural crops of three Copts. The three owners were “shocked,” in the words of a human rights activist, to wake up Sunday and find their wheat farms destroyed and potato crops [...]

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Muslims Attack Copts Because of Proposed Church Renovation

Coptic Solidarity Although Coptic Christians in the village of Gala’, Samalout district, Upper Egypt, had received all the proper permits and legal paperwork to renovate their dilapidated Virgin Mary Church, some Muslims in the village will not have it. Local police first invited the Muslim leaders who refused to see the church building renovated to a [...]

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Easter Sunday: Islamic State Destroys Christian Church in Syria

Portuguese As millions of Christian celebrated Easter this Sunday morning, the Islamic State destroyed the Virgin Mary Church in Tel Nasri, northeast Syria. The Assyrian church of Virgin Mary was built and consecrated in 1934.  It was then temporarily closed for renovation and reopened in 2005. According to Arabic media reports, the church was leveled [...]

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Christian Priest Abducted by U.S. Sponsored ‘Rebels’ in Syria

Since the Syrian city of Idlib fell to U.S.-supported, anti-Assad jihadis on March 28, Christian inhabitants have been attacked.  Among other things, the jihadis kidnapped 57-year-old Greek Orthodox priest Ibrahim Farah, head of the Greek-Orthodox parish dedicated to the Virgin Mary. Father Ibrahim Farah, a Greek Orthodox priest who chose to remain in the city [...]

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