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Translating breaking news from Arabic media, news Western media often ignore for not fitting their narrative.

Slain Coptic Soldier: Latest Victim of Egypt’s “Military Jihad” on Christians

Coptic Solidarity A familiar scene recently took place in Egypt: yet another Coptic Christian soldier was killed in his (Muslim majority) unit. Bishoy Nata‘i Bushri Kamal, 21, was found dead in his military unit in Cairo under “mysterious circumstances.”  The military told the family that he was found hanging, and thus committed suicide.  However, Sami [...]

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Al Azhar and ISIS: Cause and Effect

Coptic Solidarity Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah Nasr, a scholar of Islamic law and graduate of Egypt’s Al Azhar University—regularly touted as the world’s most prestigious Islamic university—recently exposed his alma mater in a televised interview. After being asked why Al Azhar, which is in the habit of denouncing secular thinkers as un-Islamic, refuses to denounce the [...]

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Islamic State Bombs Christian Convent in Iraq

Coptic Solidarity The Islamic State reportedly detonated the convent belonging to the Dominican Sisters of St. Catherine of Siena on the morning of November 5. The explosion of the convent caused considerable damage to adjacent buildings. According to the Assyrian Monitor for Human Rights and other media, this latest attack by the “caliphate” occurred in Tel [...]

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Egypt: Christian Tortured for Refusing Islam

Coptic Solidarity A Christian man was abducted and tortured for refusing to convert to Islam last week in Egypt. Fayiz Fouad, a Coptic Christian, was kidnapped as he was returning from a visit to the St. George Coptic Orthodox Monastery in Qena. His vehicle was forcefully stopped in a Nag Hammadi village that he had [...]

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Teacher Savagely Whips Coptic Christian Boy 40 Times

Coptic Solidarity An Egyptian teacher of Arabic language whipped a 10-year-old Coptic Christian boy with 40 lashes using an electric wire last week in a Cairo school. The doctors who later examined the boy’s wounds “could not believe that a teacher could do this,” said the child’s father. The incident occurred on October 21, during [...]

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Coptic Blasphemy Case Sheds Light on Muslim Views of ISIS

Coptic Solidarity On October 22, a court postponed to December 3 the case concerning four Coptic Christian students accused of blasphemy.  They did this after the Copts’ lawyer, Maher Naguib, convinced the court to bring the exhibits of the case, including the video made by the Copts which is responsible for the blasphemy charge. The four Coptic [...]

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Egyptian Journalist: Sermon on Mount Should be Taught in Egyptian Schools

Coptic Solidarity Ibrahim Eissa, an Egyptian television personality, recently made some remarks that were as objective as they were startling to many in Egypt. After pointing out that it is good to teach Coptic Christians the Koran in public schools, simply because knowledge of the Koran goes a long way in improving knowledge of the [...]

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Turkey: Armenian Neighborhoods Must be Turned into “Cemeteries”

Coptic Solidarity  Turkey’s Muslims recently invaded with violent intent a number of Armenian (Christian) neighborhoods in Istanbul. “These districts must be turned into Armenian and Kurdish cemeteries,” chanted the angry Turks who support the Erdogan government. This came in response to ongoing clashes between Turkish authorities and the Kurdish Worker’s Party in the east and [...]

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Mecca: Muslim Pilgrim Commits Suicide in “Hope of Entering Paradise”

A Muslim pilgrim in Mecca committed suicide by hanging himself in a bathroom of the holy site of Mina.  He did so in “hope of entering paradise.” The man was from Bangadesh and reportedly 50-years-old.  He was found hanging in the bathroom around 5 a.m. on Tuesday, September 22. According to  witnesses, the man had [...]

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Al Azhar Promoting ‘Anti-Christian’ and ‘Anti-Infidel’ Violence

Coptic Solidarity While discussing how the Islamic State burns some of its victims alive—most notoriously, a Jordanian pilot—Egyptian journalist Yusuf al-Husayni remarked on his satellite program that “The Islamic State is only doing what Al Azhar teaches… and the simplest example is Ibn Kathir’s Beginning and End.” Located in Cairo, Egypt, Al Azhar is the [...]

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