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Translating breaking news from Arabic media, news Western media often ignore for not fitting their narrative.

Egypt’s Salafi Party Calls on Government to Uphold Islam’s Apostasy Law

Coptic Solidarity The Salafi party in Egypt, the Islamic party that most tries to follow the literal example of Muhammad and his first companions, wants the Egyptian government to uphold Islam’s apostasy law and penalties—punishing any born Muslim from abandoning Islam or even criticizing it (which is tantamount to breaking from Islam in Salafi eyes). [...]

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Saudi Arabia: The World’s Greatest Hypocrite

FrontPage Magazine Saudi Arabia recently preached to the international community about the need to confront “intolerance, extremism and human rights violations.” If this sounds surreal, consider the following excerpts from a July 26 report in the Saudi Gazette (emphasis added): Saudi Arabia has reiterated its call on the international community to criminalize any act vilifying [...]

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Egypt: Christian Pastor Arrested for Preaching Christ to Muslims

Coptic Solidarity  A Christian pastor was arrested in Egypt on the charge of preaching Christ to Muslims. On August 10, Arabic media reported that Islam Dayf, chief prosecutor in al-Minya governorate, ordered the imprisonment of Methat A., 37, who serves as a pastor of a church in the area. He is charged with preaching the [...]

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Kerry Continues Meeting with Egypt’s Banned Muslim Brotherhood

Coptic Solidarity According to Dalia Ziyada, director of the Egyptian Center for the Study of Free Democracies, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry recently met with leading members of the banned Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.  Kerry, said the human rights activist, covers up such meetings with controversial Egyptians who have political agendas by referring to them [...]

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Christian Church Firebombed in Alexandria, Creates ‘State of Panic’

Coptic Solidarity Soon after the end of the month of Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr, another Christian church in Egypt came under attack. The Fathers Church on Gamal Abdel Nasser Street in eastern Alexandria was attacked Tuesday, July 21 by unknown assailants—some reports indicate three men—using Molotov cocktails and other homemade bombs which were hurled at the church. Egypt’s [...]

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Egypt: Three Christians Accused of Distributing Jesus Pamphlets Arrested for ‘Contempt of Islam’

Coptic Solidarity Three young Christians were arrested last Saturday in Alexandria on charges of “contempt for Islam.” The previous evening, the Christians, reportedly members of the evangelical church, were seen handing out bags of dates to Ramadan fasting Muslims. Some Muslims reported them to authorities, saying that pamphlets containing “the teachings of Christ” were found in the [...]

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‘Incensed’ Muslims Surround Christian Home Accused of Being Turned into Church

Coptic Solidarity Dozens of “incensed” Muslims in Egypt congregated before the house of a Christian on the accusation that was trying to transform his home into a church.  Security arrived in time to disperse angry Muslims before acts of violence were committed. A security source said that clashes between Muslims and Christians were avoided, confirming [...]

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Bomb Placed Alongside Coptic Church Dismantled Before Exploding

Coptic Solidarity A bomb was placed alongside a Coptic Christian church in Egypt, but security was able to dismantle it before it exploded earlier today. The bomb was placed adjacent to the building of the Virgin Mary Church in Helwan city, part of Greater Cairo.  It was reported immediately, and security came, effectively dismantling the [...]

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Islamic State in Egypt: A ‘Fiery Summer’ Awaits ‘Worshippers of the Cross’

Coptic Solidarity After the foiled suicide attack on the ancient temples of Karnak in Luxor, Egypt—a tourist designation—the Islamic State has promised a “fiery summer” for the Christian Copts and Sisi government. The jihadi group vowed to unleash a number of suicide bombers—or “martyrs”—to target both groups. Abu Zayid al-Sudani, a leading member of the group, [...]

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Egyptian School Principal: ‘As long as I am present in the school, no Christian pupils will be accepted’

Coptic Solidarity The principal of a preschool to primary school in Sohag, Egypt, has been openly refusing the enrollment of Christian students, simply on the basis of their religion. When Copts and others protested—the current law of Egypt is on their side—the principal unabashedly declared that “As long as I am present in the school, [...]

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