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Translating breaking news from Arabic media, news Western media often ignore for not fitting their narrative.

America’s “Moderate Syrian Rebels” Are All Islamic Jihadis, Says Saudi Intelligence

Jihad Watch More evidence recently emerged indicating that the Obama administration is using the pretext of fighting one set of Islamic State terrorists in a way to help support another set of Islamic State terrorists—those fighting Syria’s Bashar Assad. Back on September 10, Reuters reported that Saudi Arabia has agreed to host training camps for moderate Syrian rebels [...]

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Egypt’s Salafi Party Defends Islamic State Terrorists

Coptic Solidarity Further demonstrating its true face, Egypt’s National Salafi Party recently refused to count the Islamic State as a “terrorist” organization, or even that it had misinterpreted Islam. Despite the fact that the Islamic State’s many atrocities are well known—crucifixions, beheadings, massacres, enslavements and rapes—Yousry Hammad, the party’s vice president, said: “I hope that a delegation [...]

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Egypt: Another Christian Girl Kidnapped; Indifferent Police Complain about Muslims Dying in Syria

Coptic Solidarity Another Coptic female was kidnapped by Muslims in Egypt earlier this week. The 20-year-old Christian youth was on her way to St. George Church in Sohag governate during the early morning but never returned, according to her brother during a video interview. The family later received a phone call from a certain “Muhammad” [...]

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New Revelation: ISIS Leader Originally from Muslim Brotherhood

In a new video interview, Shiekh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, one of the most respected clerics in the Muslim community and spiritual father of the Muslim Brotherhood, confirmed that the leader of the Islamic State, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, was once a member of the Brotherhood. But he was always “inclined to be a leader,” so after he [...]

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Muslim Man Sexually Harasses Coptic Woman to Convert to Islam and Marry Him

Coptic Solidarity Lisa Nasim Basari, a 28-year-old Coptic Christian girl living with a very few remaining family in Minya province, Egypt, recently made a video descrying the advances of a Muslim man who has been pressuring her to convert to Islam and marry her. According to her account, Wa’il Hassan Abdul Mu’min started to appear [...]

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Islamic State Grants ‘Non-Infidel’ Certificates

French Coptic Solidarity During its conquests in Iraq and Syria, the Islamic State has had to come up with a method to allow all those non-Sunnis who ended up converting to Sunni Islam instead of being killed—the Christians, Yazidis, Shias, who for whatever reason remained under IS territory—to be identified as true and legitimate Muslims. [...]

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‘Love’: The Islamic State’s Source of Strength

Jihad Watch The Islamic State recently posted a message on social media addressed to U.S. president Obama and all Arab world leaders reportedly allied with the U.S. against the new “caliphate.” Titled “The State of Love,” the message harangues fellow Muslims to come and fight alongside the Islamic State against the “infidels,” adding: “The Islamic [...]

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The Salafi Mindset Returns to Egypt: Mickey and Donald Banned

Dr. Yassir Burhami, vice president of Egypt’s Salafi party, issued a fatwa or Islamic decree last week saying that it is forbidden to hang pictures of “Donald Duck or Mickey Mouse” inside of children’s bedrooms. Burhami added on the website ana salafi (“I am a Salafi”) that “All children toys are thrown on the ground by the child [...]

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One Copt Released, Many Still Captive or Dead

Coptic Solidarity Wadi Ramsis, a Coptic doctor who was kidnapped in Sinai two months ago was released Monday after “payment of large sums of [ransom] money,” said authorities. Targeting Copts—especially professionals, who can afford to pay, or children, whose parents become desperate to pay—is becoming endemic to Egypt. In May, five “unidentified persons” kidnapped a Coptic Christian [...]

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Islamic State creates jihad video game to inspire and train jihadis; characters scream “Allahu Akbar” and behead opponents

French Jihad Watch According to Arabic media, the Islamic State’s media wing just announced that it has created a new video game where players consist of jihadis battling Iraqi and American forces. Among other things, the purpose of the game is to “raise the morale of the mujahedin and to train children and youth how to battle [...]

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