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Raymond Ibrahim: Pope’s Encyclical, Islamic Rape, and Denied Visas

REEL Talk’s Audrey Russo recently interviewed me on why the Pope’s encyclical failed to mention Christian persecution, the phenomenon (past and present) of Muslim men raping blonde, infidel women in Europe, and how Christian representatives from Muslim nations are being refused visas by the State Dept.  Click here to hear the 20 minute interview.

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Obama Makes U.S. Oath of Allegiance Comply with Islamic Law

The Obama administration recently made changes to the Oath of Allegiance to the United States in a manner very conducive to Sharia, or Islamic law. On July 21, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced some “modifications” to the Oath of Allegiance which immigrants must take before becoming naturalized. The original oath required incoming [...]

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Raymond Ibrahim on the Joe Miller Show: ‘Might Makes Right’

Last week I was interviewed on the Joe Miller Show, KOAN 95.1 FM.  Along with Muslim persecution of Christians, several other topics were discussed, including the Islamic notion of “might makes right,” the Wests historic position, the significance of the Sunni/Shia split, and much more.  The 25-minute interview follows:

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Obama’s Policies to Empower ISIS Exposed

For months, many Western observers have been closely following the minute-by-minute developments concerning the battle between Islamic State and coalition forces in the hopes that such data will help them discern what the future may hold. Yet knowledge of the end game has been available for anyone viewing the Obama administration with the eyes of [...]

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U.S. State Dept. Invites Muslim Leaders, Denies Christians

Gatestone Institute Translations of this item: German Indonesian Italian Portuguese Spanish Swedish Late on the evening of May 8, Newsmax TV announced that pressure from Americans acquainted with Sister Diana Momeka’s visa rejection has just caused the State Department to reverse its decision and permit her entry into the United States. Until then, however, she and others [...]

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For a Possible Preview of Their Future, Western Christians Should Consider the Mideast

National Review Online On the Ethiopians who were killed in Libya, and why we should expect more to come. NRO note: This weekend ISIS released a new video showing some 30 Ethiopian Christian men being beheaded in Libya for refusing to convert to Islam (or to pay a tax for refusing to do so). This comes two [...]

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Pentagon: Bible and U.S. Founding Documents Promote ‘Sexism’

Here again we see why Western “elites,” including the highest echelons of the U.S. military, are clueless and incapable of acknowledging — much less responding to — Islam: Modern sexism is rooted in the Bible, U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, according to a Pentagon-approved seminar. In a presentation prepared by the Defense Equal Opportunity Management [...]

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On Easter, UK’s Cameron Speaks Up for Persecuted Christians, Obama Tells Christians to be Less Hateful

In a world where Western leaders and politicians regularly distance themselves from their Christian heritage, preferring to tout “multiculturalism,” United Kingdom Prime Minister David Cameron’s Easter message is refreshing. Among other things, Cameron (see video below) made it a point to say “that we should feel proud to say, ‘This is a Christian country.’ Yes, we’re [...]

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US Ignores UN Session on Christian Genocide in Mideast

As Christians and other minorities continue to be purged in the Middle East in general under the Islamic State and other jihadi organizations in particular, France sponsored an open UN Security Council meeting on March 27 to discuss “The Victims of attacks and abuses on ethnic and religious grounds in the Middle East. ” While several [...]

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CIA Says Muslims Join ISIS Because of … Economics

PJ Media Speaking at the Council of Foreign Relations on March 13, CIA Director John Brennan said that “the Islamic State had ‘snowballed’ beyond Iraq and Syria, estimating that at least 20,000 fighters from more than 90 countries have gone to join the militant group, several thousand of them from Western nations, including the United [...]

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