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A Triple Jihad and France

This article was written for by Michele A The world woke up yesterday [Friday, June 26] to the horror of a triple jihadi attack: one at a beach resort in Tunisia, killing 37 and wounding as many; one in a Kuwait city mosque, killing and injuring scores of Shia worshippers; and one at a [...]

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Raymond Ibrahim on the Joe Miller Show: ‘Might Makes Right’

Last week I was interviewed on the Joe Miller Show, KOAN 95.1 FM.  Along with Muslim persecution of Christians, several other topics were discussed, including the Islamic notion of “might makes right,” the Wests historic position, the significance of the Sunni/Shia split, and much more.  The 25-minute interview follows:

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Raymond Ibrahim Radio Interview: Differences Between Jihadi Groups, the Truth About Arab Dictators, and Jihadi Strategy

Jason Hartman of Holistic Survivor  recently interviewed me on a number of topics, including: the differences between the various Islamic jihadi groups; the truth about Arab dictators; why the Islamic State is not attacking Israel; and Western misunderstandings concerning the moderate/radical dichotomy.  Click hear to listen to this 30-minute, comprehensive interview.    

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U.S. Becomes Chief Enabler of Christian Persecution: Muslim Persecution of Christians, January 2014

Gatestone Institute Danish Human rights organization Open Doors published its 2014 World Watch List in January, highlighting and ranking the top 50 nations that persecute Christians.  The overwhelming majority of countries making the list—and nine of the top ten worst offenders—are Muslim, and include nations from among America’s allies (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait) and its contenders [...]

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Barefaced Lies of the Muslim Brotherhood

Pro-Muslim Brotherhood sheikh and cleric, Dr. Muhammad Abdul Maqsud, in an almost surreal turnabout, just appeared on Al Jazeera saying that he and the Brotherhood are staunchly against violence and/or acts of terror in Egypt, telling Brotherhood supporters in that country, “Bearing arms never leads to any good” and “We do not incite the youth to protest [...]

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Approximately 11,000 Foreign Jihadis in Syria Recruited through Skype and Social Media

Jihad Watch According to the well-read Russian newspaper Nezavisimaya Gazeta, and as relayed on Arabic media, “the civil war in Syria appears to be in need of more victims, so that the jihadis are making use of the social networks to recruit fighters from among the Muslims of Britain.” Adds the report: “A new wave [...]

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Muslim Brotherhood Dealing Drugs to Fund Terrorism

Coptic Solidarity The Muslim Brotherhood and its jihadi supporters are the latest terrorists to grow and cultivate illegal drugs in the hills of Sinai, in order to sell them and fund their terrorism campaign with the proceeds—not unlike Afghanistan’s Taliban earlier. A security source from Egypt’s Interior Ministry who chose to remain anonymous recently made [...]

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‘Our Youngest Hostage’

  According to Sham Times and other Arabic websites, jihadi social media networks posted the above picture of a child sitting on the ground while surrounded by armed men pointing their rifles at him.  The caption appearing with the picture, purportedly posted by a supporter of the Free Syrian Army, is “Our youngest hostage from [...]

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The ‘Radicalization’ of Western Muslims

A new Danish statistical study finds that “Muslims [are] 218 percent more criminal in second generation than first.”  While some of these crimes are clearly related to Islam—such as attacks on Muslim apostates to Christianity—others, such as rampant theft of non-Muslims, would appear banal, until one realizes that even robbery and plunder is justified by [...]

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Former Jihadi Leader: Brotherhood Bought Al-Qaeda ‘Terror Support’ for $25 Million

Yesterday on Haya TV, Nabil Na‘im, a former leader of Egypt’s Islamic Jihad and close confidante of current al-Qaeda leader, Ayman Zawahiri—who also helped found Egypt’s Islamic Jihad—asserted that, during the reign of former president Muhammad Morsi, Zawahiri was given $25 million from Muslim Brotherhood leader Khairat al-Shatter to organize, fund, and assemble the jihadi [...]

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