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Raymond Ibrahim on CBN News: ‘Will Egypt’s el-Sisi Protect Christians?’

On April 24, CBN News Senior International Reporter Gary Lane interviewed me about Egypt. Lane’s write-up, “Will Egypt’s el-Sisi Protect Christians?” as well as the three part interview, follow: With only one month to go before Egyptians elect a new president, it looks like former Army Chief General Abdel Fattah el-Sisi will be the likely [...]

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Former Jihadi Leader: Brotherhood Bought Al-Qaeda ‘Terror Support’ for $25 Million

Yesterday on Haya TV, Nabil Na‘im, a former leader of Egypt’s Islamic Jihad and close confidante of current al-Qaeda leader, Ayman Zawahiri—who also helped found Egypt’s Islamic Jihad—asserted that, during the reign of former president Muhammad Morsi, Zawahiri was given $25 million from Muslim Brotherhood leader Khairat al-Shatter to organize, fund, and assemble the jihadi [...]

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Exposed: The Muslim Brotherhood/Al-Qaeda Connection

CBN News As former Egyptian President Muhammad Morsi’s trials continue, it’s enlightening to consider what is likely to be one of the centerpieces of the trial: longstanding accusations that Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood party worked with foreign terrorist organizations, including al-Qaeda, against the national security of Egypt. Based on these accusations of high treason, [...]

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Morsi to Zawahiri: ‘You are our partners in the governance of Egypt’


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Al-Qaeda to Morsi: Execute All Christians and Secularists Who Oppose Sharia


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New Study Exposes Scandalous Fatwas of Brotherhood and Salafis in Egypt

“A woman swimming is an ‘adulteress’ and touching bananas is ‘forbidden…’”

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Ibrahim on CBN News: Obama Accused of Crimes Against Humanity


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Obama Accused of ‘Crimes Against Humanity’


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Morsi’s Christian-Persecuting Lawyer


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Exposed: Muslim Brotherhood Operatives in the U.S.

Arabic newspaper names names…

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