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Raymond Ibrahim on NewsMax TV: ISIS and Christian Persecution

Earlier today I was interviewed on NewsMax TV’s “America’s Forum with JD Hayworth” via Skype.  Topics included the Islamic State’s persecution of Christians, the West’s response, and Egypt’s supplication for America to help combat Islamic terrorism. The 10-minute clip appears in two 5-minute parts below: Part 1 Part 2

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Maronite Church Invaded, Hole Dug by Altar

In late February, “unknown persons” invaded Mar Elias, an ancient Maronite church in Bekaa, Lebanon.  Along with damaging one of the church’s windows, they destroyed a portion of the flooring, as they dug a large hole near the altar (see pictures below). According to Maronite Bishop Joseph Mouwad, much of the church’s sacred items were [...]

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Coptic Christian Priest’s Car Set Aflame

On February 17, “unknown persons” set fire to the parked car of Fr. Ayub Yusif, the priest of the Saint George Coptic Catholic Church in the village of Dalga, Minya, Upper Egypt. By the time authorities put out the fire, the car was completely charred (see pictured). Dalga has been the scene of many attacks [...]

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Raymond Ibrahim on Islamic State’s Bloodlust for Christians

On March 2, I was interviewed on Issues, Etc., with Todd Wilken.  Topics included why the Islamic State hates Christians so, the doctrinal roots of this animus, its appeal, and more.  Click here to listen to the 20-minute interview.

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West Misses Point—and Lesson—of Buddhist Anti-Muslim Sentiment

PJ Media Ongoing reports decrying “anti-Muslim” Buddhists seem to miss the point: this antipathy did not appear out of thin air but rather in response to Islamic aggression—the same Islamic aggression the rest of the world is trying to cope with. A Financial Times editorial titled “Buddhist militancy triggers international concern” opens by describing the [...]

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‘With This Sword Is Civilization And Humanity Slaughtered’

The above cartoon from Arabic social media captures well the significance of the Islamic State’s recent destruction of priceless and ancient statues dating back thousands of years and which were once a reflection of the grandeur of early human civilization. In the picture above, an IS member unsheathes his sword as he prepares to behead [...]

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Islamic State: All Churches in Cairo Must Be Destroyed

Hussein bin Mahmoud, a jurist of Sharia law for the Islamic State, said in an article published on February 17 and appearing in various jihadi websites that all Christian churches in Cairo must be demolished. Titled the “Ruling on Egypt’s Christians,” the article, written like a fatwa, asserts that The ruling concerning the churches that are [...]

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Pakistan: Catholic Congregation Held Hostage, Church Robbed by Armed Men

On February 19 around nine in the morning, three armed men entered Our Lady Queen of Angels Catholic church in Kasur district, Punjab, which is 97% Muslim, and took church personnel, the assistant parish priest Father Ijaz Bashir, and congregation hostage. Before leaving the premises the terrorists stole mobile telephones, cameras and a computer.  This [...]

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Raymond Ibrahim Interview on ISIS Abduction of Christians, Western Indifference, and More

I was recently interviewed on Reel Talk with Audrey Russo.  Topics ranged from Western desensitization to Islamic atrocities (wrote about here), the recent abduction of Syrian Christians (now reportedly between 350-400 people), and the truth about Muslim reformers.  Click here to listen to the 30-minute interview.  

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Obama’s Self-Professed “Confusion” About Islamic Terror

FrontPage Magazine Portuguese  During the National Prayer Breakfast earlier this month, U.S. President Obama tried to shield Islam from criticism by depicting Christianity as equally violent and intolerant (via comments about crusades, inquisitions, and “high horses”).  Much lesser known is that he also tried to shield Islam by invoking Christian virtues. In many ways, his [...]

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