Translating Words, Interpreting Events

Turkey: Man Shouting ‘Allah Akbar’ Firebombs Church

On June 9, a Muslim man attacked a church in the Kadıköy district of İstanbul with a Molotov cocktail, setting the building’s door on fire. In a video of the attack, the man is seen shouting “Allahu Akbar” [Allah is greater] and “Revenge will be taken for Al-Aqsa Mosque” as he throws a bomb at the Aya [...]

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Zanzibar: Muslims Target Two Churches

“Radicals” on the Muslim-majority island of Zanzibar recently targeted two churches for persecution, through legal means and otherwise. They drove Pastor Philemon, a father of five, into hiding and took over his New Covenant Church’s worship hall by getting the landlord to rent it to them before the church’s lease ended.  Once a congregation of [...]

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UK: Muslim Convert to Christianity Persecuted for 19 Years

Nissar Hussain, a former Muslim from Pakistan who converted to Christianity in 1996, recently wrote a letter to his local MP recounting some of the violence, abuse, and other attacks that he and his wife and their six children have suffered at the hands of Muslims in the Bradford area where they live.  Written to his [...]

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Muslim Convert to Christianity Arrested in Morocco on Charges of ‘Proselytizing’

A Muslim convert to Christianity was arrested in Fez on grounds that he was proselytizing to Muslims.  The apostate was approached by two police officers while in the city’s train station.  They asked him questions while searching his bag, where they found a Bible and other Christianity-related books.  Suspected of proselytizing, the man was taken [...]

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Egypt: Christian Testimony against Muslims Rejected in Courts

Popular Egyptian columnist Karima Kamal recently wrote that although the Egyptian constitution stipulates equality before the law, the judiciary does not apply this provision and refuses the testimony of Christians against Muslims in courts.   Anecdotal evidence supports her claim.   Some weeks earlier, the following letter was published on Arabic media: Yesterday I suffered an extremely harsh and [...]

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Islamic State Transforms Cathedral into ‘Mosque of Jihadis’

The Islamic State posted notices around the captured city of Mosul announcing that the Syriac Orthodox Cathedral Church of St. Ephrem, seized a year ago, is to be become the “mosque of the mujahedeen,” or “jihadis.”  The new name was announced on the anniversary of the date the church was seized. The Islamic flag stating [...]

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Christian Slave Freed from Muslim Master in Pakistan

Mumtaz Masih, a Christian man, was recently released from forced slavery by his Muslim employer. Masih had an arrangement with his Muslim employer, part of which was that Masih remain on his employer’s property at all times except once a month when he would receive payment and could go home to visit his family. In [...]

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Both ‘ISIS’ and Iraqi Authorities Abuse Christians

According to Nineveh Provincial Council member Anwar Mata “more than 120 thousand Christians [were] displaced from Mosul and Nineveh after ISIS control on Mosul,” noting that, “about 20 thousand of them have migrated Iraq since last year….  The lack of interest of the federal government towards the displaced Christians pushed them to migrate outside the country … [...]

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Christian Carnage and Western Indifference: Muslim Persecution of Christians, April 2015

Gatestone Institute Note: The following represents some of the persecution Christians experienced at the hands of Muslims during the month of April, 2015 alone.   After reading this, ask yourself how Western media, politicians, and other foolish talking heads would react if Muslims experienced the same sort and amount of persecution at the hands of Christians [...]

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Turn France’s Christian Churches into Mosques, Says Muslim Leader

This report was written for by Michele A. Invited by Europe 1 on Monday morning, the Rector of the Paris Mosque and President of the French Council of the Muslim Faith Dalil Boubaker was quizzed by veteran journalist Jean-Pierre Elkabach about his proposal to recover “empty churches” to serve the Muslim faith. Boubaker smiled coyly, but [...]

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