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Newsmax Video: Raymond Ibrahim on Downed Russian Flight and Egypt

Earlier today I was interviewed by JD Hayworth on Newsmax TV.  We discussed the significance of the downed Russian flight over Sinai — including how it ultimately belies ISIS’ weakness vis-a-vis heavy Russian bombardments — and the amorphous nature of Islamist groups in Sisi’s Egypt and elsewhere.  The segment begins right around the 3-minute mark [...]

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Radio Interview: Raymond Ibrahim on Jihad and Forced Conversions

I was recently interviewed on Reel Talk with Audrey Russo.  Among other topics we discussed Iraq’s Grand Ayatollah’s comments on “defensive jihad” and “offensive jihad,” and how Coptic Christians were being abducted in Egypt and tortured to renounce Christianity and embrace Islam. Click here for the 20-minute interview.

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“We Did What We Learned: Attacking Christians”: Muslim Persecution of Christians, August 2015

Originally published by the Gatestone Institute Danish Throughout the month of August, the Obama administration and the so-called mainstream media kept insisting that Islam does not promote the persecution of Christians — all the while ignoring the direct testimonies of those who have undergone it. According to Chaldean Archbishop Bashar Warda, All the statements [by U.S. government [...]

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Turkey Condemns Russia for Fighting Islam in Syria, Calls on West to Accept ISIS

According to several media, Hakan Fidan, the head of Turkey’s National Intelligence Organization, recently condemned Russian military intervention in Syria by saying Vladimir Putin was trying to smother the rise of political Islam in the guise of ISIS, or the Islamic State.  He further urged the world to accept ISIS, reportedly saying: ISIS is a [...]

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Radio Interview: Raymond Ibrahim on the Muslim Migrant Crisis

I was recently interviewed on Rose Unplugged on my article dealing with Muslim migration into Europe, its historic manifestation, including in east Asian nations, and much more. Click here to listen to the 12-minute interview.

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Egypt: Christian Tortured for Refusing Islam

Coptic Solidarity A Christian man was abducted and tortured for refusing to convert to Islam last week in Egypt. Fayiz Fouad, a Coptic Christian, was kidnapped as he was returning from a visit to the St. George Coptic Orthodox Monastery in Qena. His vehicle was forcefully stopped in a Nag Hammadi village that he had [...]

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Teacher Savagely Whips Coptic Christian Boy 40 Times

Coptic Solidarity An Egyptian teacher of Arabic language whipped a 10-year-old Coptic Christian boy with 40 lashes using an electric wire last week in a Cairo school. The doctors who later examined the boy’s wounds “could not believe that a teacher could do this,” said the child’s father. The incident occurred on October 21, during [...]

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Raymond Ibrahim on Russia’s “Holy War” on ISIS

I was recently interviewed by Erick Stakelbeck on The Blaze TV regarding my article, “Russia Declares Holy War on Islamic State.”  Are Russian claims concerning persecuted Christians sincere or propaganda?  What of Russia’s alliance with Iran?  I respond to these concerns and more in the 7-minute video below:

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Coptic Blasphemy Case Sheds Light on Muslim Views of ISIS

Coptic Solidarity On October 22, a court postponed to December 3 the case concerning four Coptic Christian students accused of blasphemy.  They did this after the Copts’ lawyer, Maher Naguib, convinced the court to bring the exhibits of the case, including the video made by the Copts which is responsible for the blasphemy charge. The four Coptic [...]

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Direct Experience: The One Benefit of Accepting Muslim Migrants

If the West cannot learn about Islam from doctrine, history, and ongoing current events, then let it learn from up close and personal contact.

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