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U.S. Christian College Drops ‘Crusaders’ Nickname Because ‘World Has Changed Since 9/11′

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An American college abandons its fifty-year-old Christian nickname and CAIR “applauds their effort.”  One more example of Western — and Christian — capitulation to the forces of “multiculturalism,” “pluralism,” “diversity,” and of course, political correctness, despite assertions otherwise.

A Christian college in Wisconsin is dropping its “Crusaders” nickname after nearly 50 years, claiming the moniker has become outdated in a “more global society,” university officials told

Maranatha Baptist University in Watertown and its Division III athletic teams have used the name since its founding in 1968. Matt Davis, the university’s executive vice president, said no complaints have been received by the school and stressed that it coincides with its name change from Maranatha Baptist College in December.

“But I also agree that times change and we understand that context changes,” Davis told “Our world has changed since 9/11 and we’ve become a more global society with the Internet. The heartbeat behind this was not political correctness, but expanded opportunities for our students.”…

Ibrahim Hooper, communications director at the Council on American-Islamic Relations, told he welcomed the “Crusaders” change, but said he found team names or mascots that incorporate race or ethnicity more problematic, particularly those pertaining to Native Americans.

I welcome the spirit behind the change,” Hooper said. “It’s obvious they thought about this. I applaud their effort.”

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  • Softly Bob

    Don’t worry about it. Forget the old crusades, the new crusades are about emerge and I can tell you this, the Muslims won’t know what has hit them!

  • MarilynA

    Political correctness has just about returned the world to where it was when the origonal Crusades were organized by the Catholic Church to save the world from Muslim invaders, and criminals who preyed on Christian pilgrims to the Holy land, Caravans bringing trade goods from India and China, and raided the European coast at harvest time, seizing foods, and taking hostages who were either ransomed for money or treasures, or made into slaves for Muslim masters. Todays Muslims and their progressive liberal allies, most of whom have been educated in advanced psychology at our Universities at our taxpayers’ expense, are using their mass psychology skills to manipulate public opinion in their favor, reinvent the Muslim image and demonize those who took up arms to prevent them from taking over the world in the past. Now that Islam is on the march again, those who ally themselves with this murderous hoard who are out to take over the world again, do not realize that, as James Carville once said, “first you do it to our enemies. Then you do it to your friends.”

  • JoFro

    Weird that a Baptist college – now a university and hence the excuse for the name change – would even call a sport’s team “Crusaders”, noting how that word is still very much associated with Catholicism