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Growing Persecution of Christians in Islamic World?

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Earlier today I discussed the topic of my book, Crucified Again: Exposing Islam’s New War on Christians, on Fox News’ Lou Dobbs Tonight with Lori Rothman. The video clip follows:

  • virginiagentleman

    How many of us have heard about this through the denominational offices of “mainline” denominations, e.g. Presbyterian, Lutheran, Episcopalian, United Methodist? What is Sojourners and “Rev.” Jim Wallis saying about this?

    • DilloTank

      Not me. Not a peep. Very sad. As a matter of fact. I have seen discussion of the topic actively prohibited.

      • Lea

        Maybe that is because the Marxist Masons have promised the Muslims the first nabs on the NWO religion, since it sure embraces everything from bestiality to rape and murder, so its a free for all, anything goes. So of course, they are taking out the pesky little Christians who won’t bend to their ways, making trouble for them, putting spokes in the wheel.

  • ★✩★ David ★✩★
  • wollfb

    Ray, you hit a grand slam on the show. you rendered her speechless.

  • wollfb

    Surreal and Suicidal: Modern Western Histories of Islam —

  • FactsRule

    I’d say that Ray was great, but not excellent. Why? While Christians started the crusades because of the existential threat of Islam, it didn’t end there. Anyone who reviews the Crusades can see that they were also mass-murdering & even genocidal toward non-Christians, including many who weren’t Muslim. So, I’d have said that, although The Crusades were horrifically evil at times, they started because of Islam. And, at the beginning, they were for a very good cause. That, to the extent that they were fought to defeat evil Islam, they were defensive, not offensive for no reason. Of course, Ray is far better at articulating than I am even at writing, he’d explain it better.

    Also, I wouldn’t say that the the Crusades saved western civilization because there was no civilization to save. There was Dark Ages of constant warring, raping, torturing, & pillaging of each other throughout Europe. It was hardly civilized. Ray could say, instead, that the Crusades saved what would become western civilization. I think that the UK officially emerged from barbarism in 1650.

    • RealFacts

      Educate yourself with these facts:

      • FactsRule

        Despite this video’s obvious falseness, I like Mr. Warner very much. It is he who needs educate himself, as do you, regarding the history of the unspeakable barbaric Crusades.
        You missed my comment at the video, so I’ll re-post it:
        Before making this silly video, Dr. Warner, who I highly regard for his knowledge of the evil of Islam, should’ve studied The Crusades far, far more. What he’s presented is nonsense, utter nonsense:

        • Rolf

          …if Wikipedia – the encyclopedia that *anyone* can edit & where every halfway controversial subject is guaranteed to become a garbled mess of perpetual edit wars – is the best thing you can cite, then you really have no business criticizing an academic.

          • FactsRule

            I’m sure I posted it because it has academic links. I’ll criticize anybody when they’re misleading regardless of their past accomplishments and credentials.

    • Sheila Novitz

      Interesting. Can’t agree that the UK “officially emerged from barbarism in 1650.” Look at their treatment of natives in the countries they colonised: Murder in India; murder in Africa and the little Union of South Africa; murder and torture and hangings in Palestine; the list continues. To me this is barbarism, i.e., when one bunch of people thinks itself superior to the rest of the world, and feels free to use native peoples as slaves, and to beat, torture and murder them. The Brits managed to do all this and maintain a surface politeness designed to fool the world. BUT: Nothing, nothing, nothing was or is as bad as Islam was, and is once again proving itself to be.

      • FactsRule

        First, we’re both wrong to refer to an entity that didn’t exist until 1707. I should’ve written Great Britain.
        2nd, Aren’t you proving my point, while just adding to it? Until around 1650, there was so much war (The Dark Ages from 800, when Rome left Great Britain) there; meaning, death, rape, & pillage back & forth between dozens of players, that GB, then UK, couldn’t manage to build an empire, about which you’ve described horrific elements.
        But, we do conclude together that Islam is, objectively, the worst evil ever created. It’s managed to murder approximately 200,000,000 people & cause worldwide strife, destruction, & so much pain.