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Video: Coptic Church Set Aflame by Muslim Brotherhood Supporters

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One week ago, I wrote,

anti-Christian fury [from the Brotherhood and its supporters] is far from sated and has taken on genocidal proportions. While Al Jazeera was covering (and distorting) events in Egypt, a Libyan man named Tamar Rashad called in and said “I want to offer the good news to [Pope] Tawadros that, Allah willing, the day is coming when no Copt will ever again tread the ground of Egypt—and no churches. We will no longer allow churches to exist.” When the TV host appeared to protest, Rashad interrupted him saying, “It’s already decided, take your cameras and go to the churches and you’ll see what’s going to happen soon, Allah willing.”

True to these threats, in the last two days, since the Brotherhood was dispersed from their terrorist camps on August 14, they have been attacking and in some cases slaughtering Egypt’s Christians — including women and children — and attacking dozens of Coptic churches, and many hundreds of Christian homes and businesses.

As news of assaults on Coptic churches in Egypt becomes commonplace — in the last two days, nearly 70 churches and even ancient monasteries have been attacked and/or torched — and readers possibly become desensitized to such news, the above video of the burning of the Amba Musa church in al-Minya from hours ago is a reminder of how horrific and hate-filled these attacks truly are. As if the torching of the church was not enough, around the 2-minute mark, the pro-Morsi Brotherhood supporters can also be seen destroying church property and hurling objects at the flaming building.

Imagine if that was your church — set aflame because you dared reject oppressive Muslim Brotherhood rule.

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  • BrennyC

    May GOD helps my Egyptian Brothers and sisters..!!!!

  • MJ

    Democracy and Islam are as oil and water. Democracy for Islam is a means to an end not an end in itself. The end of Democracy.

    Praising terrorists who put unarmed civilians between them and the police so as to gain a political point is not a good.

    Morsi Muslim Brotherhood supporters deliberately and violently kill Egypt’s police in carrying out their assigned task of securing Egypt’s streets, Egypt’s police in justifiably defending themselves respond by killing Morsi Muslim Brotherhood supporters.

    The Muslim Brotherhood acted in complete disregard for human life, as expected of a genocide construct, simply to gain political support in proportion to the lives the Muslim Brotherhood caused by their action to put their fighters within the public space of unarmed Muslim Brotherhood supporters.

    Humanity knows this to be true as we have seen the complete disregard for life Islamists have to enable women and children to be put in harm’s way simply to gain political leverage. To support the Muslim Brotherhood in anyway because of the deaths arising directly from Egyptian police having to defend themselves is obscene

  • Reyad A.

    the writer is a freaking liar. in the past few days there were no slaughtering of Christian Egyptians. and there were attacks only on a few churches (not 70). Moreover, there are many reports and live witnesses that says the attacks are arranged by government allies and not by Muslim brotherhood.

    on the other side, at the same time this fire was happening, there were close to 300 supporter for the elected president – moahmmad mursi – were killed, and thousand others got injured by the coupe militant.

    please be aware, by no means, this is not a war between Muslim and Christians its a war between legality and coupe supporter in Egypt.

    • ninna rubinsky

      62 Churches have been burned so far and the only freaking liar here is you, the Christians are like sitting ducks in Egypt Syria and elsewhere in the M.E may GOD ahve mercy on them because ill-allah has none not then and not now, ill-allah is a god of hate lies and war

  • Winefred

    President Obama has scheduled his level of outrage and disgust to rise from Green to Blue ['Low' to 'Guarded'] first thing Monday morning after he returns from vacationing in a $7million house on Martha’s Vineyard.