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Raymond Ibrahim on CBN News: ‘Will Egypt’s el-Sisi Protect Christians?’

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On April 24, CBN News Senior International Reporter Gary Lane interviewed me about Egypt. Lane’s write-up, “Will Egypt’s el-Sisi Protect Christians?” as well as the three part interview, follow:

With only one month to go before Egyptians elect a new president, it looks like former Army Chief General Abdel Fattah el-Sisi will be the likely winner. The interim government says international observers will monitor the polling to assure the integrity of the electoral process.

But who will give assurances that violent acts against Christians will be minimized in the months ahead?

Not el-Sisi, CBN News contributior Raymond Ibrahim said. Not the Egyptain military, police, or any other political candidate who may become president.

Ibrahim says that’s because a mob mentality dominates Egypt. This is most apparent on Fridays, after prayers in the mosque. That’s when radical imams preaching an extremist intepretation of the Koran incite their followers to attack the “infidels.”

Watch my interview with Raymond Ibrahim, presented here in three parts.

Part #1–Raymond discusses the Egyptian mob mentality:

Part #2–Raymond shares his thoughts on the upcoming election:

Part #3– Raymond talks about the vacant U.S. Ambassador to Egypt position:

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  • alRassooli

    Dear Mr Ibrahim

    As knowledgeable as you are about Muhammadan Islam, yet you still use Politically Correct expressions that actually hurt your cause and mislead Quran ignorant humanity such as:

    “that’s because a mob mentality dominates Egypt. This is most apparent on Fridays, after prayers in the mosque. That’s when radical imams preaching an extremist intepretation of the Koran incite their followers to attack the “infidels.”

    In fact I challenge every human being to find a SINGLE operative verse in Muhammad’s Quran that shows any Compassion & Mercy towards Kuffar/Infidels/ Unbelievers currently 80% of none Muslim humanity.

    The Imams do NOT, I repeat do NOT misinterpret the Quran; on the contrary they are telling their audience EXACTLY what Allah commands them to do to Infidels.

    Please correct me if I am wrong

    IQ al Rassooli
    Kafir & Proud!

    • sybarite123

      Myself, I think you are right in assessing the cause of violence against all non Muslims. It is Islam itself that prescribes such violence and persecution. On the other hand, you have such people as Tarek Fatah, Raheel Raza, Salim Mansur in Canada, and Zuhdi Jasser in the U.S, who are attempting to promote a “Religion of Peace and Love” Islam. They are sincere in their efforts but are in a tiny minority and receive death threats from other Muslims. BTW these good people reject any form of Sharia Law and the domination of the State by the Islamic clergy(Theocracy). Thanks. From Canada.

      • alRassooli

        Thank you for your comment
        As far as believing Muslims are concerned (Imams, Scholars & others), the above mentioned ‘do good’ Muslims are in fact APOSTATES to Islam deserving of death since they do NOT follow Sharia

        For those who do not yet grasp the essence of Muhammadan Islam, let me put it in a nutshell:

        Muhammad’s Quran & Sunna (the foundations of Sharia) are Hatemongering Warmongering Duplicitous Misogynist Intolerant Disloyal Racist and hence most certainly Ungodly

        Again I would like someone to correct me

        IQ al Rassooli
        Kafir & Proud!

    • RaymondIbrahim

      As you requested, here I am to inform you that you are wrong. I never used that expression. As I explained at top, that is Gary Lane’s write up of the interview. My views are quite clear here:

      • alRassooli

        Thank you for CORRECTING me and I apologize for misunderstanding the article

        Now that I read your link, all is crystal clear that we BOTH understand and agree that the source of alleged ‘Islamic anger’ resides entirely and only in Muhammad’s Quran & Sharia, the very depraved and evil scriptures that Muslims adhere to and have been for 1400 years.

        As a corollary, there are no minority of Extremist, Militant or Radical Muslims who allegedly hi-jacked ‘peaceful Islam’ but actually they are the TRUE followers of Muhammad obeying literally the hate mongering and racist commands of their god Allah (NOT the same as the God of Jesus Moses & Abraham) to the letter.

        It is the Quran & only the Quran! Stupid!

        IQ al Rassooli
        Kafir & Proud!

  • nacazo

    Only the copts themselves can protect themselves. As they said in the wild wild west (Egypt), Annie bring your gun.