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Ancient Egyptian Christian Monastery Set Aflame

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Jihad Watch

As Muslim Brotherhood supporters continue their jihadi rampage on Egypt’s Christian churches—several dozens have now been attacked—it’s important to remember that their hostility is not simply directed to churches, but any and every expression of Christianity, including crosses, Bible stores, and even remote monasteries. Most recently, for instance, early Thursday morning (Egyptian time), hundreds of pro-Morsi rioters set fire to the Virgin Mary Monastery, also known as Muharraq Monastery, in Quwsaya, Asyut—one of the oldest monasteries in the world, which held many ancient Coptic manuscripts, likely now all turned to ash. Its flames reached surrounding Coptic Christian homes, setting some 15 aflame.

As I relate in Crucified Again: Exposing Islam’s New War on Christians, Islamic attacks on Coptic monasteries are as old as Islam’s invasion into Egypt itself, that is, nearly 1400 years. Thus the persecution of Egypt’s indigenous, most original, inhabitants, the Christian Copts, continues unabated, in the same patterns, and in the name of Islam — that is, in the name of the Muslim Brotherhood, which, to its automaton-like devotees, is synonymous with Islam itself.



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  • Blair

    How do we know with certainly who lit the fire? The accusation seems to be rather hasty in the absence of an impartial investigaton

    • mickeycz

      Oh, please.

    • Danny

      Fuck you Blair.

    • Mark The Infidel

      Really? I despise Islam but I hate apologist idiots. Some reading for you Blair: thereligionofpeace dot com.

    • Lokie

      Look at the photo Blair.

    • hellosnackbar

      If known serial killers are in the neighbourhood and murder takes place?
      Whom do you think might be responsible?
      Islam is a well established death cult!

    • Kimberly Elliott


  • Sammyb

    Islam is such a wonderful, loving and peaceful religion at their best!!

  • Sammyb

    Islamists are BARBARIANS!