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WARNING: Graphic Pictures of Beheaded Syrian Soldiers

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In Idlib, northwest Syria, seven soldiers were recently captured by “rebel” forces.  They were tortured and executed, by beheading, echoing Koran 47:4: “So when you meet in battle those who disbelieve [or "infidels"], then smite the necks [decapitate] until when you have overcome them… That is the command.”

Today, Al Hadath News published the following pictures of the aftermath, to document the atrocity — and the nature of the “rebellion,” so frequently portrayed in the West as a fight for “freedom and democracy.” (Click here for more on Syria’s beheadings.)


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  • lilyred


  • marty_p

    We know what will happen should the savages ever invade northern Israel.

    • knightsman


  • Chip

    Evil can of worms – Savage Islam at its worse

  • Martin Grimes


  • Michelle

    Death is the ONLY cure for these barbarians.

  • logdon

    Heart of Darkness.

  • knightsman

    Its a very ‘enriching’ culture, enjoy it.

  • Mark McDonald

    amazing, the only time these animals smile is killing time

  • Tanks-a-lot

    ATTN: Mr. Ibrahim
    You would not say that this muslim is “mentally ill”. You would say that he is completely sane for a muslim. I would say the same as well.

    Dole: It installs a prayer mat and pray to Allah during the Easter Mass

    Dole. The faithful attended the scene amazed. Sunday morning in a packed, a man wearing a jilbab and a cap college came to his prayer. He installed a carpet to the left of the altar, while the Easter Mass was being celebrated.

    The man, visibly disturbed, read verses from the Koran before writing a few lines in Arabic in the parish register. After a troubled first mass of branches, there is a week in Bedugue then to college, the faithful had warned the police.

    A crew came to ask him to leave in peace. The sub-prefect, who has been notified of this disturbing public order, insisted: “We must not create confusion. Moved this attitude is the fact that an individual clearly disturbed.”

  • John P.

    This and all news articles of this kind should be widely distributed so the Western world can be educated as to what Islam really is. Islam loves death. To the liberals everywhere this should erase the guilt and condemnation they have about the Christian Crusades of centuries ago. Our fetid leader would never condemn this, it is always predicated with the need to understand them and explain it away that these types of Muslims are a small minority that has hijacked “peaceful Islam”. That doesn’t exist. Islam is the Koran and the Koran dictates these atrocities. My solution is to nuke every city with over 50,000 inhabitants in every Muslim land. Should take maybe two days.

    • human online

      no islam teaches just peace but if any one want to get butcher its his own wish islam is the only religion who declared the message that the one human killing is equal to all mankind so please correct your thoughts regarding The great Islam

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  • HopeLawrence

    These images are soooo sobering… we have to keep Syria in our prayers.

  • nmarie1962

    That country should be blown off the face of the earth, those people are dispicable pieces of crap!