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The Muslim Who Amputated His Hands, ‘According to Islamic Sharia’

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“Infidels,” or non-Muslims, or the wrong kinds of Muslims (Alawites and Shia for example) are often seen as the natural recipients of Islamic violence, or jihad, as prescribed by Islamic law, the Sharia.

Few, however, are aware exactly how Sharia can cause individual Muslims to do violence upon themselves.

Last week, December 5, Arabic news website Masrawy published a full report and interview with Ali Afifi, an Egyptian man who did just that—violently cut off both his hands to punish himself for, and prevent himself from, stealing, “according to Islamic Sharia.”  A summary of the report follows:

Four years ago, in Elgharbeya province, Egypt, 28-year-old Ali Afifi placed his left hand on the train tracks to be amputated by the wheels of a running train without using any anesthetics.

Upon reviving, he went to the townspeople to show the stump of his bloodied arm while yelling at the top of his lungs, “People, I was a thief, and praise Allah, he has forgiven me.”  He repeated this multiple times, while passersby looked shocked.

Normative Islamic law calls for the amputation of the hands of thieves, per Koran 5:38.

Ali began his career as a thief at a very young age; however, one day he decided to stop being a thief and to find honest work. Despite his best efforts, the harder he tried to quit stealing the more intense was the comeback. He was unable, as he put it, to overcome “the devil’s whisperings” in his ears.

According to Ali: “I started at a young age. In first grade I stole other students’ pens and sandwiches. When I grew up, I began to steal cell phones, gold, and money. I performed over one hundred robberies and was arrested multiple times, but I was a smart thief, always able to avoid making the charges stick.”

Ali’s dad works as a Muezzin at one of the mosques and tried many times to dissuade him from being a thief, which caused problems between father and son. Ali’s father took him to many Muslim sheikhs and clerics, and Ali asked them to amputate his hand “in accordance with Islamic Sharia.” The sheikhs refused, claiming that only the ruler can make such rulings, and that there are authorities responsible for dealing with such issues. One of the sheikhs encouraged Ali to repent once and for all.

Ali said angrily, “Most of these sheikhs traded with religion and refused to implement the Sharia [law] of Allah.”

The problems between Ali and his father continued, until father decided to take son to a psychiatric center to help him quit stealing. But this also failed, because Ali continued to steal with his right hand (after having amputated his left hand).

Said Ali: “I saw that I did not deserve Allah’s mercy unless I amputated my other hand.  Shortly before January’s revolution [2011], I myself amputated my right hand using the same method I used for amputating my left hand [placing it under a speeding train]. I did this because I discovered that nothing was changing; I cannot repent unless I amputate my hand. Thus, I became the authority [sultan], judge, and executioner.”

Ali continued:  “I went to the railroad tracks with joy, placing my right hand under the wheels of the train, experiencing peace of mind knowing that I will not steal again. Despite feeling this peace of mind as a result of my repentance to Allah, my family and neighbors were in shock.”

Ali now lives with his family, consisting of his parents and four siblings, in a modest home. He says with sorrow, “I only receive 215 Egyptian pounds from the department of Social Affairs, but I cannot live on this amount of money.”

The repentant thief asks the government to provide honest work for him, or a special stipend, and an apartment to help him build a new life, so that he can support his family and get married. He also requested that King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia host him, as the first thief in the world to apply Islamic Sharia upon himself.

Ali also prays that he becomes a role model for every repentant Muslim. And he wishes that authorities would implement Islamic Sharia as he applied it to himself, adding with disappointment, “I applied the punishment of Islamic Sharia on myself and amputated my hands, but the Muslim Brotherhood did not implement Islamic Sharia.”

While many in the West will deem Ali “insane,” it is important to note that, according to Islamic Sharia—which those clerics he consulted with are learned in—insane thieves should not have their hands amputated, suggesting that those clerics who tried to dissuade him did not deem him insane, otherwise they would have used that line of reasoning with him.


  • aebe

    Good Ali ! Whacks off his hands , and then proceeds to mooch off parents and also gets free money ( But not enough ) . No one will give the creature a job , so maybe he should be a good troll , move down to the basement and get online . Join the progressive trolls funded by the Presidunce or Soros and he will be fulfilled .

    Validate your 2nd Amendment Rights . Carry

  • Michelle

    Wow!!….an Egyptian disability bludger using Allah as his excuse (like many others ).
    He will be offered respite in the USA or the EU, no doubt, unlike the Syrian Christians and the Egyptian Copts.
    You would have thought that IF he was really repentant that he would have placed his neck on the line and saved everyone the trouble.

    • Patriot Lady

      That was my exact FIRST thought!

  • DogWithoutSlippers

    If he was here he’d even get food stamps!~

    • John

      YOu must mean food-stumps…no?

    • seekingknowledge2011 .

      and you are steeling our oil

  • saintecroix

    Allah be praised! LMFAO!!!

  • Richard_Romano

    A total psycho. He won’t be able to work now. Islam is a mental illness.

    • Kaliph

      You didnt read the article properly right? This had nothing to do with Islam at all.The guy is just mentally ill.

      • MarthaM

        He didn’t get the idea that Allah demands that the hands of thieves be amputated from Islam? Then where on earth did he come up with it?

      • golem2

        It has everything to do with Islam.

      • just the facts

        But that’s the point, isn’t it? One is far more likely to find this sort of behavior amongst Muslims than other creeds. One doesn’t often find Catholic suicide bombers. And before you go there, no that does not mean all muslims are suicide bombers or disturbed like this young man.

        • seekingknowledge2011 .

          Media amplifies it if it was a Muslims and stresses that he is a Muslims and connects it to Islam, yet when someone goes and kills kids in school, or rapes and kills or snipes people in the street or or or, he is never referred to as a Christian nor a Catholic, but is always referred to as mentality unstable or disturbed due to a sad childhood.

          Yet no one looks at that has caused that person to bomb himself
          and what kind atrocities he faced as a child!

  • sedona2

    Well there you go…there is a rule that if you are insane enough to cut off your own hands you don’t have to cut off your hands. Let’s add if you are insane enough to drive an airplane into a building then you don’t have to. They are just not updating the rule book fast enough for these insane people which in my opinion most of them are.

    • seekingknowledge2011 .

      I know, how insane that a government will fly plains in to
      buildings and blame 1.8 billion Muslims around the world for it! Invade countries
      kill innocent women and children and then say hmmm why do these Muslims hate

      This video tells you who really did 911..

  • De Doc

    What were his first words as he stumbled into his home after the train lopped of his two extremities? “Look Ma, no hands!”

  • Vickiejanson

    Incredibly sad. There are lots of people who self mutilate but this extreme expression leaves no room for rehabilitation that leads to the best work and life opportunities. And of course, he is encouraging these archaic sharia laws – as I said- incredibly sad for him, for his family who will have to care for him and for the community at large.

  • Al Roy

    Hmmm…logic would seem to dictate that he needs to have a couple of prosthetic hands attached, so he can at least regain some semblance of his old lifestyle. True, he would probably not be as effective at picking things out of pockets and purses, but he could probably manage to grab an apple or loaf of bread when no one’s looking.

  • seekingknowledge2011 .

    The amount of silliness I am reading does not even deserve a
    reply. All I can say is a verse from the Holy Quran 25 Alfurqan:

    And the servants of the Most Merciful are those who walk upon the earth easily, and when the ignorant address them [harshly], they say [words of] peace, (63)

    Peace and may the One all Mighty guide you all.

  • seekingknowledge2011 .

    In today’s world once a
    thief steels either authorities do nothing about it, or he is rewarded by
    getting him off the street and give him a place to stay with free meals and
    clothes (jail) learns more tricks and tips from the pros until his sentence is
    over. That is why everyone has insurance (another institute stealing your

    So when a thief breaks in
    to your home in to your private life and take that is what is the most precious
    to you, stepping on your bed throwing family albums, or even steels your dream
    car that you spent a life time trying to buy, denting it, filths it etc etc,,,
    you feel like killing them! NO that is not allowed in Islam, if the penalty for
    such a person is cutting off the hand, no one will dare do it, you can sleep
    with your front door unlocked and no one will think of entering not to lose his

    I think we all felt that horrible
    feeling when someone broke in to our privacy and took that which is ours??

  • seekingknowledge2011 .

    And lets see what the bible has to say about this

    Matthew 18 Temptations to Sin

    7“Woe to the world for temptations to sin!b For it is necessary that temptations come, but woe to the one by whom the temptation comes!8And if your hand or your foot causes you to sin, cut it off and throw it away. It is better for you to enter life crippled or lame than with two hands or two feet to be thrown into the eternal fire.9And if your eye causes you to sin, tear it out and throw it away. It is better for you to enter life with one eye than with two eyes to be thrown into the hellc of fire.

    So Mr Raymond it is according to the Biblical Law as well, thank God that Muslims are following the commands of the One all Mighty since you people have decided to follow your own temptations!

  • Danielck

    It seems that many muslims have mis-aligned eyes. Is that an outward reflection of their inner spiritual mis-alignment?