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Syria: Terrorists Kill Four Children of Christian for Preaching Gospel?

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According to a new posting yesterday  from Al Ahram Canada (not independently verified), titled “The picture that shook the world: priest goes out carrying his Bible returns to find bodies of four sons on the floor”:

The man sitting on the floor in white clothes [in picture] is a Christian priest in Syria who went out to preach the Gospel and, upon returning home, found all his children killed — four children killed at the hands of the terrorist groups.  These terrorist groups had pressured him to stop preaching the Gospel but he responded: “It is not for others to silence my voice; I will preach the word of the lord more than ever in the past and will proclaim that which I believe.”  Thus he paid a high price for this when the terrorist groups killed all four of his sons.

Al Ahram Canada does not note when this purported incident took place.  Moreover, this picture did appear earlier and was described by “activists” as portraying civilians killed by a “Syrian Air Force fighter jet loyal to President Bashar al-Assad.”  However, because the mainstream media has been known to distort if not outright lie to demonize Assad in accord with U.S. policy — such as when the BBC ran a picture taken in Iraq 2003 claiming it was of massacred children in Syria 2012 — one still cannot be sure where the truth lies.

Furthermore, it should be pointed out that the children all seem to have died from face/head wounds — produced by guns and/or knives? — which are not indicative of airstrikes, which obviously would have struck random parts of the body.

Put differently, at this point, and especially in the context of the Syrian war, one has little to no reason to trust CNN, BBC, etc., anymore than a small outfit like Al Ahram Canada.  Thus, I translate what the latter is claiming, for the record, for balance.

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  • GreekAsianPanda

    Are you sure that picture is from the incident? I found an older source of the picture that says it was taken in September of 2012, and the bodies were victims of a Syrian Air Force strike. ( )

    • Lantariet

      Thanks for the research. I recall that, too.

  • Drakken

    I think article just shows how hard it is to get the truth anymore. I absolutely agree with Mr. Ibrahim, though – no reason to believe the MSM more than anyone else, considering how often and regularly they lie especially about Syria. And the point about the wounds to the heads make sense. If this was a missile strike like the MSM says, shouldn’t there be like missing limbs, or heavy bleeding on their torsos as opposed to all of them bleeding in face or head? Anyway, thanks for giving us an idea on what Arab media are saying

  • gustavo andronicus

    All part of the Big Christian Propaganda Machine. This photo has nothing to do with Christians. Nor that the man sitting down was a Christian pastor that had gone out to teach the gospel with a bible in his hand. This Raymond guy acting as a forensic expert saying in this article that the children show trauma to the head therefore produced by guns and knifes. What a charlatan.