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Shocking Video: Muslim Women Drinking Camel Urine for ‘Good Health’

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Muslim women drinking freshly procured camel urine.

A video just appeared (see below) further substantiating my recent report, “Sharia-Medicine: Egyptian Clinic Treats People with Camel Urine,” which documents how several Islamic authorities praise the practice of drinking camel urine for good health—based on the advice of Muslim prophet Muhammad—and how in Egypt there is now even a clinic that treats people by giving them camel urine to drink.

The video appeared on Dream TV, with talk show host Wael Ibrashi narrating.  It shows men collecting camel urine in buckets and giving it to people who are, in Ibrashi’s words, “looking to be healed from influenza, diabetes, infectious diseases, infertility,” etc.

Several women are shown drinking camel urine—and doing all they can to keep it down and not vomit.

Ibrashi concluded by saying he is not airing this video to mock or disgust but to determine “whether we are moving forward, or whether we are moving backwards.”

Indeed, the Muslim phenomenon of drinking camel urine appears to be but the latest example of the true nature of the “Arab Spring”—slavish devotion to the teachings of Islam’s prophet, many of which are even more problematic than ingesting dromedary waste.

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  • Jan adele

    Drinking urine, eating shiite…..any other strange practices recommended by Islamic pharmacopoeia?

  • rofedoc

    Camel dung is highly recommended for all muslims

  • Lupe

    just want to know if the men are drinking this also

  • Max Modine

    If you watch the video it appears it is camel milk being collected, not urine. That is unless camels have multiple penes. Just saying, Max.

    • Nihilanth Non Serviam

      At the beginning it is piss, later you see milking, but re-wind, go back, clearly no touching and the fluid is transparent yellow colour

  • Flim Smable

    looked to me like the men were drinking the camel milk and the women were drinking the urine….

  • Moneje Sogo

    This practice is only common among Arabs, recently In saudi Arabia they have epidemic of MERS because of this habit

  • bill

    The great pedophile muhammed piss be upon him.