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‘Obama Supports Terrorism’ — Large Banner in Tahrir Square

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Placed hours ago in Tahrir Square in preparation for the mass anti-Brotherhood protests planned beginning June 30 in Egypt, a large banner says in both English and Arabic, “Obama Supports Terrorism.”

It’s hard to dispute this unflattering charge, when one considers that all throughout the Islamic world, Obama offers his support for Islamists and jihadis — al-Qaeda “rebels” in Libya and Syria, Boko Haram in Nigeria, and the Brotherhood in Egypt — laughably, under the pretext of “democracy.”

Yet when secular Egyptians and Christians who do not want to live under Sharia law protest, the Obama administration tells them not to.

So much for what the people want…

Thus large numbers of Egyptians are intimately aware of what only a few Americans understand.

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  • Lisa Brown

    Egypt is finished. Next is Syria. But then what? Oh right, ‘Sharia Law’ as the outcome was undoubtedly a ‘laughable joke’ and a conspiracy of the ‘flat earth society’, er ‘tin foil hat society’, just before the election. And since Liberals are always correct we can only assume that this is a racist lie and smear campaign (probably Romney or Bush) by the ‘flat earth’ society and the ‘tin foil hat’ societies in Egypt. *How long can America keep it’s eye’s shut?* I’m guessing as long as there are pretty things. When those run out, we’re going to have to grow up.