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Obama Admin: Fighting Terrorism but Supporting Terrorists?

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News recently emerged that “the Obama administration is imposing sanctions on an Egypt-based group that has claimed responsibility for attacks against Egyptian officials, Israeli interests and foreign tourists in Cairo and the Sinai peninsula. The State Department said Wednesday [4/9/14] it has designated Ansar Bayt al-Muqadis a ‘foreign terrorist organization.’”

While ostensibly a laudable move, some—many in Egypt—think this announcement is a ruse to portray the Obama administration as committed to combating terrorism, even as it supports the head of the terrorist-snake, the Muslim Brotherhood.

For instance, according to Mustafa Zayid, the Coordinator of the Sufi Coalition Forces in Egypt, “The expectation was for the United States of America to announce its designation of the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization—as opposed to Ansar Bayt al-Muqadis, which takes its lead from it [Brotherhood].”

The Sufi leader further added in published comments to Watan “that Ansar Bayt al-Muqadis is a pseudonym for the terrorist Brotherhood organization, clarifying that what the U.S. State Department did was one of the administration’s tricks to deceive the world, mocking it into believing that the U.S. is combatting terrorism.”

He further added that “the U.S. supports the Muslim Brotherhood and sponsors its terrorist activities throughout Egypt.”

Nor is the Sufi the only one making such charges.  According to Nabil Na’im, a Salafi, former member of Egyptian Islamic Jihad and confidante of al-Qaeda leader Ayman Zawahiri, Ansar Bayt al-Muqadis is funded by Khairat al-Shatter, the currently imprisoned, multi-millionaire Brotherhood leader.

Of note is the fact that, although al-Shatter was never part of the Morsi government, U.S. diplomats often met with him, including Ambassador Anne Patterson and Sen. John McCain.

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  • Arius1071

    “the U.S. supports the Muslim Brotherhood and sponsors its terrorist activities throughout Egypt.” He said it as well as it can be said. And the odious McCain and US ambassadors support the jihadis that are raping and killing Christians across the region.

  • SoCalMike

    It’s as if the Stockholm syndrome of the Cold War that infected too many of our journalists and professors has metastasized to officialdom.
    Supporting people who hate us and betraying people who share our values and interests is insane.
    The job of the media anymore is to maintain the pretense that such insanity isn’t really insanity but within normal rational policy making.

  • PAthena

    President Barack Obama’s half-brother from Kenya is a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood. Obama’s Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had as her close aide, Huma Abedin, from a Muslim Brotherhood and Muslim Sisterhood family. See Michelle Bachmann on the penetration of the Muslim Brotherhood into the U.S. government.
    President Obama is, I think, a Muslim himself. See his speech in Cairo where he promised to defend Muslims – and, claimed that the printing press was invented by Muslims (like Johannes Gutenberg in Mainz), the compass (invented by the Chinese), and that they had founded the first university (the first university was founded by Italians in Bologna, or, not quite universities issuing degrees, the Academy founded by Plato, and the Lyceum, founded by Aristotle, in Athens.

  • Andy_Lewis

    “It’s complicated.” –Alec Baldwin.

  • RationalFearOfTerror

    Wherever the political elite allow Islam into the Public Square a crime against humanity is being committed.

    No amount of so called moderate adherents to a cultural codex containing anywhere within a genocide construct of Other will stop in time and space the terror and major schism.

    How many broken bodies and lives does humanity need?