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Nearly 90% of Egyptians Want U.S. Ambassador, ‘Mental’ Anne Patterson, Gone

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The extreme dislike in Egypt for U.S. ambassador Anne Patterson — widely seen as a Muslim Brotherhood stooge — continues to manifest itself.

Youm 7 poll

Youm 7, a popular newspaper in Egypt (the sixth most accessed website in the nation according to Alexa), conducted a survey this morning asking its readers “Do you support the call to kick U.S. Ambassador Anne Patterson out because she interfered in Egyptian affairs?”

A whopping 87.93% said yes, 10.54% said no, and 1.53% were indifferent.

Considering that Youm 7′s audience are secular-leaning, this further validates the notion that it is the moderates of Egypt that dislike the U.S. ambassador– not the Islamists, who benefit from her.

Moreover, the latest pro-Brotherhood accusation that is being leveled against Patterson is that she is the main source that has led the Western media to portray the June 30 Revolution — which was supported, and continues to be supported, by millions of Egyptians — as an illegal military coup.

According to recent statements by Egyptian journalist Abdullah al-Sanawi made on live TV, “Anne Patterson’s presence in Egypt has become a great burden for America, and Patterson should be admitted into a mental hospital for her deeds are full of bloodshed and the Obama administration is in a very awkward position in front of the whole world, the [U.S.] Congress and the Pentagon.”

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  • GFRF

    Any appointment by this administration is always suspect; and politically motivated.
    Let Egypt fight for their freedom!
    Obama, walk away!

  • jjimmyshine

    why can Egypt see our hypocrisy so clearly yet America is so blind. America is an embarrassment and sadly helps slaughter many innocents. How long can people be blind. when I tell my fellow Americans whats happening they usually say I haven’t heard that, like because you haven’t heard that reported on the mainstream media that means it’s not happening. I would go crazy if I didn’t have faith in JESUS, GOD help people see the truth and protect the innocent.

    • Waiting

      Just agreeing with your statement! And also thankful not to be alone in this time of distress on the earth.