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Mubarak’s Muslim Brotherhood Prophecy

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Gatestone Institute 

In a video of Hosni Mubarak when he was still Egypt’s president, the strategies of which he accuses the Muslim Brotherhood have come to pass.  What follows are Mubarak’s words from a conference in Egypt (date unknown; author’s translation):

“Told you so”

So they [Brotherhood and affiliates] took advantage of the economic situation by handing out money,  to one man 100 Egyptian pounds, or about $30 dollars, [saying,] “Here take this bag of glycerin and throw it here,” or do this or that—to create a state of instability in Egypt.  And these groups—don’t ever believe that they want democracy or anything like that.  They are exploiting democracy in order to eliminate democracy.  And if they ever do govern, it will be an ugly dictatorship. ….  Once a foreigner [likely a Westerner] told me, “Well, if that’s the case, why don’t you let them form parties?”  I told him, “they’d attack each other.”  He said, “So let them attack each other.”  I came to understand that by “attack each other” he thought I meant through dialogue.  For years we’ve been trying to dialogue with them, and still are.   If the dialogue is limited to words, fine.  But when the dialogue goes from words to bullets and bombs…  [Mubarak shakes his head, and then gives anecdotes of Egyptian police and security being killed by Brotherhood and affiliates, including how 104 policemen were killed in 1981, and how one officer was shot by them trying to save a boy’s life.] The point is, we don’t like bloodshed, neither our soldiers nor our officers.  But when I see that you’re firing at me, trying to kill me—well, I have to defend myself!  Then the international news agencies go to these [Islamist] groups for information, and they tell them, “they’re killing us, they’re killing us!”  Well, don’t you [news agencies] see them killing the police?!  I swear to you, not one of the police wants to kill them—not one of us.  Then they say, “So Mr. President, you gave orders to the police to open fire indiscriminately?”—I cannot give such an order, at all.  It contradicts the law.  I could at one point be judged [for it].

Whatever one thinks of Hosni Mubarak—and his final assertion concerning himself is especially prophetic—he certainly understood the Brotherhood and their strategies well.  Consider especially the following three points he made about them and how they have all proven true:

  1. Mubarak: “And these groups—don’t ever believe that they want democracy or anything like that.  They are exploiting democracy in order to eliminate democracy.  And if they ever do govern, it will be an ugly dictatorship.”  Quite so.  While paying lip service to democracy, once the Brotherhood came into power under former president Muhammad Morsi, they became openly tyrannical: Morsi gave himself unprecedented powers for an Egyptian president, appointed Brotherhood members to all important governmental posts, “Brotherhoodizing” Egypt (as Egyptians called it), and quickly pushed through a Sharia-heavy constitution.  Under Morsi’s one year of rule, many more Christians were attacked, arrested, and imprisoned for “blasphemy” than under Mubarak’s thirty years.
  2. Mubarak: “Then the international news agencies go to these groups [Brotherhood] for information, and they tell them, ‘they’re killing us, they’re killing us!’  Well, don’t you [news agencies] see them killing the police?!”  Now that the Brotherhood has been ousted and is promoting terrorism in Egypt—especially against its Christian minority—trying to push the nation into an all-out civil war, they are, in fact, feeding the international media the old lie that they are innocent, peaceful victims in order to garner Western sympathy.
  3. Mubarak: “they took advantage of the economic situation by handing out money.”  Funded by rich Wahhabi states, the Islamist organizations bought their way into Egyptian society and power.  Prior to elections, they paid—that is, bribed—Egyptians to vote for them; and after their ousting, they’re paying people (along with beating and forcing them) to stay with them in Ra‘ba al-Adawiya, and provide them with numbers for practical and propagandistic purposes.

Finally, consider Mubarak’s exchange with “a foreigner,” most likely an American or European, who instantly interpreted Mubarak’s “they’d attack each other” in Western political terms of “dialogue.”  This habit of projecting Western approaches onto Islamists—who ironically represent the antithesis of the West—is one of the chief problems causing the West to be blind to reality, which must ever and always be articulated through its own paradigm, one that insists that violence is always a product of political oppression and that Islamists are perpetually misunderstood victims.

In Egypt, however, one soon learns that, when “dialogue” doesn’t go the Islamists’ way, it’s back to terrorism.  This requires a more realistic approach, or, in the words of Mubarak, a man who, like his predecessors, especially Gamal Abdel Nasser, is intimately acquainted with the Brotherhood: “when I see that you’re firing at me, trying to kill me—well, I have to defend myself!”

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  • Paul Ben

    How do you like it now, you who removed him?

    • The End of Islam

      I don’t think she did. She’s a tourist.

  • Vivienne

    I visited Egypt under Mr. Mubarak, this was 1989, at this time the ‘Great unwashed superstitious Arab’ was under control. However, I met two or three well educated men, who understood how to whip up a frenzy, presumable to remove Mubarak, and put themselves in his place. I found their arguments transparent and emotional! I am aware Mubarak may have been supreme leader backed by the armed forces and Police, however, Christians & Coptic Christians lived in peace and I daresay a few Jews. Obama is an inexperienced man who is not a senior enough statesman or negotiator to deal with the crisis in Egypt. Ashton is equally useless and the EU in the main are embarrassed by her. I enjoy reading your objective stance on the Middle East situation.

    • Benyomin

      You give Obama way too much credit. Muslims, by virtue of their world view, are incapable of supporting a democracy. Mubarak was a dictator, but as far as dictators go, he was extremely benign. And again, this is not the politically correct thing to say but it is the truthful thing to say… dictators are a necessary evil in governance in the Middle East.
      That Obama sought to oust Mubarak was at best, naivete. I find it hard to believe that Obama’s that stupid. And the equally naïve American public assume that so called “democracy” is the end all in governance. Look at what “democracy” got the so called “Palestinians”… Hamas. Even after that, so called, democratic election, Hamas had to “ethnically cleanse” Gaza of it’s political rival with a blood bath at the expense of Fatah.
      Even from the article, one can see that Obama’s pursuit of the ouster of Mubarak has resulted in more deaths than ever occurred under the “evil dictatorship” of Mubarak… and innocent Christians are dying at the hands of the so called benevolent (Obama’s words not mine) Muslim Brotherhood.
      It’s grievous for me to say this, but everything this President touches turns to C-R-A-P.

      • Vivienne

        Hi Benyomin, you’re probably right, though I have to say I didn’t want to be too impolite? He is too young and inexperienced, what are we all to do? He is in his second term, he’s hopeless in the Middle East and I don’t believe it is even about OIL anymore. The whole thing is just way too out of hand and the current crisis is likely to lead anywhere and I for one cannot guess which way it will go!

        • Benyomin

          Vivienne, “Young and inexperienced” is not his problem. His problem is that he’s an ideologue. He has an agenda, but no one really knows what it is because he keeps his cards close to the vest, ‘though his autobiography and some of his early political interviews have intimated some of the nature of that agenda.
          Personally, I believe that he is one of two things… An Islamist or a Socialist. Both world views have world dominance in mind. Islam desires to establish a world-wide Caliphate under Sharia Law.
          Socialism, taken to the nth degree desires a one world government. Socialism hasn’t worked in the past. But my thinking is that that Socialists feel it hasn’t worked because it hasn’t been applied on a universal scale. Marx said something on the order of “the meaning of peace is the end to the obstruction of socialism”.
          The scary thing, for me, about either universal Islam or Socialism is that neither tolerates a Biblical world view and both will be hostile towards it.
          I new, before the ’08 election that Mr. Obama was a Trojan Horse. What I see happening in the United States reminds me of the story of (not so) good ole’ King Belteshazzar in the Book of Daniel (Bel for short). Bel decided to throw a great party… complete with dancing girls and booze. This party was awesome. The only thing it lacked was pornographic videos but, then again, they had the real thing. Well, they were not only having a great time at this party but decided they wanted to drink out of and eat off of the artifacts of the God of Israel. In so doing, they demonstrated contempt.
          That night, the Medo-Persian army stealthily found its way into the City, put good ole Bel and all of his party guests to death and took over the empire.
          I fear that’s what’s happening in America. Americans are partying it up. They’re more concerned with what’s going on with Kim Kardashian than what’s going on around them. We’re drunk with complacency and the Medo-Persian Army is within the gates.
          BTW Medo-Persia was centered at a location on the map which we would call, today “Iran”.

          • Vivienne

            Hi Benyomin, I completely agree, communism/socialism fell in both Russia and China after about 60-65 years. Obama is as you say an ideologue, Trojan Horse, perfect description. Pictures today of him with his brother in Kenya, is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, he’s just spent a fortune on holiday in Africa – at the expense of the US tax payer…..partying is apt! I firmly believe Sharia will not take hold, largely because people are waking up albeit it is late? I read today 2 million US Bikers are speeding into Washing DC on 9/11, with luck and fate I believe the US electorate and people will take action against Obama. The Brotherhood is beginning to crumble and Israel retains a cool attitude (rockets fired from Lebanon am). All eyes are on Israel, who will hold centre stage in the coming months, because of Israel Sharia will fall, just not quick enough for me.

  • Waiting

    It’s good there is someone who is willing to say it like it is and it is appreciated. After having studied terrorism, its roots, etc., I can only say that it would have been more than a little helpful to have had this information from you. And this information, specifically, would have added to the portion devoted to the MB and its beginnings. My mind compares it to the Mob. Just talking doesn’t work with the mindset. Thanks.

  • aebe

    The Presidunce of America brought terror to Egypt , and where are the cries of the progressives , any part of the left , of war criminal , terrorist , murderer ? The O’Bummer has been held blameless in his actions to support the terroristic islamists , where is the United Nations , Islamic Europe ,anyone , speaking out and censuring his actions ? Citizens of America seem to be incapable of being heard by our government , and it is more than time to go to Washington , millions of us , and demand that our useless politicians set things to rights .
    Validate your 2nd Amendment Rights . Carry

  • Jean Soliman

    so true.thanks.