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Egyptians Enraged by U.S. Outreach to Muslim Brotherhood

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In the eyes of tens of millions of Egyptians, Senators John McCain’s and Lindsey Graham’s recent words and deeds in Egypt—which have the “blessing” of President Obama—have unequivocally proven that U.S. leadership is aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Egyptian media is awash with stories of the growing anger regarding this policy.

A top advisor to Egypt’s Interim President Adly Mansour formally accused McCain of distorting facts to the benefit of the Brotherhood, dismissing the senator’s remarks as “irrational”—or, more colloquially, “moronic.”  Ahmed al-Zind, head of the Egyptian Judge Club, called for the arrest and trial of McCain for “trying to destroy Egypt.”  The leader of the youth movement, Tamarod (or “Rebellion” against the Brotherhood) which played a major role in mobilizing the June 30 Revolution, said “We reject John McCain and call on the international community to let the [Egyptian] people decide their own fate.”   Another incensed secular political commentator, Ahmed Musa, asserted that “These two men have made more shameless demands than the Brotherhood themselves would dare,” adding:

He [McCain] is not a man elected by the American people to speak on their behalf; today, he speaks on behalf of an armed terrorist organization—the Muslim Brotherhood…  We had expected [better] from these two men who came to speak with the tongue of the Brotherhood’s leadership, and as if they had been recruited as two new leaders of the Brotherhood, which killed, destroyed, and burned in al-Muqattam, and now in Rab‘a al-Adawiya [the main Brotherhood camp].  The only thing missing is to see them [McCain and Graham] in Rab‘a, surrounded by armed groups, and in their midst Muhammad Badie [supreme leader of the Brotherhood] and [U.S. ambassador] Anne Patterson. That’s all that’s missing!  Here comes Brother McCain today saying that we must “release the [Brotherhood] prisoners”…. are you not aware that these people are accused of murder?  Are you not aware that hundreds of Egyptians have been killed at the hands of the Brotherhood, Morsi, Shatter, Qatatni, Badie, Baltagi—have you forgotten?  Did you not read the report on what happened?  Or did you just blindly accept your ambassador’s [Anne Patterson’s] words that it was a coup, that 33 million people did not go out?

What did McCain do and say in Egypt to earn the ire of millions of Egyptians?

First, most offensive to Egyptians—and helpful to the Brotherhood’s cause—is McCain’s insistence on calling the June 30 Revolution a “military coup.” In reality, the revolution consisted of perhaps thirty million Egyptians taking to the streets to oust the Brotherhood. McCain is either deliberately misconstruing the event, or believes the story as manufactured by Al Jazeera and promulgated by Ambassador Anne Patterson. In this narrative, at least an equal amount of Egyptians supported Morsi, and the military overthrew him against popular will. Al Jazeera has actually broadcast images of the millions of anti-Morsi protesters and identified them as pro-Morsi protesters, disinformation which was quickly adopted by Western media.

Several Al Jazeera correspondents have resigned due to Al Jazeera acting as the Brotherhood’s international mouthpiece.

Fortunately, some American officials have formally rejected this false narrative. A new congressional resolution states:

Whereas in recent weeks, an estimated 30,000,000 Egyptians in a majority of Egypt’s 27 provinces gathered to protest the widespread failures of former President Mohamed Morsi and the Government of Egypt and its violations of the most basic rights of all Egyptian citizens, including Egyptian women, minorities, and those publicly dissenting from its views and policies; Whereas the participants in the June 30, 2013, popular protests far outnumbered those involved in the protests and demonstrations of January and February 2011 …

Even the Obama administration has been sensible enough not to call the June 30 revolution a “military coup.”  Nevertheless, McCain rejected John Kerry’s statement that “the [Egyptian] military did not take over.”

McCain’s designation raises other questions as well. If he considers the ouster of the Brotherhood government to be a military coup, why didn’t he extend that distinction at the fall of Mubarak’s more moderate government, which was also removed by the military in response to popular protests? If McCain’s argument is that Morsi was democratically elected and Mubarak was not, then why was the U.S. giving Egypt billions in aid for decades—thus legitimizing Mubarak’s government no less than Morsi’s?

Further angering Egyptians is McCain’s insistence that all arrested Brotherhood members be released from prison. As Musa said, McCain’s stance does not address the fact that Brotherhood leadership is awaiting trial on serious charges: inciting terrorism, causing the murder of Egyptians, and grand treason by conspiring with foreign powers against Egypt’s interests.

McCain claims he is simply interested in the human rights of the incarcerated Brotherhood members, a statement that is additionally curious. If human rights are at issue, why has McCain and the U.S. administration been indifferent to the fate of Hosni Mubarak? Morsi faces perhaps more serious charges than Mubarak does, yet McCain calls for his release.

McCain’s call to release Brotherhood leadership validates the widespread belief in Egypt that America is a fellow conspirator with the Brotherhood. Egyptians believe the U.S. fears that Morsi and others, if tried, would reveal the nature of their cozy relationship with the U.S. government, leading to any number of ugly revelations—treasonous ties and conspiracies, the exchange of billions of dollars, and Sinai issues. Hence, McCain wants them freed. This belief seems all the more reasonable to Egyptians considering that in 2011, McCain said of the Muslim Brotherhood:

I think they are a radical group that first of all supports Sharia law; that in itself is anti-democratic—at least as far as women are concerned. They have been involved with other terrorist organizations and I believe that they should be specifically excluded from any transition government.

McCain also personally visited Khairat al-Shatter, the multi-millionaire deputy chief of the Brotherhood who is currently incarcerated on charges of treason and terrorism. Interestingly, Shatter was not even a member of Morsi’s government. Why is McCain visiting a civilian? Shatter’s status as a major figure in the largest Islamist organization in the world is leading Egyptians to connect the dots. Even Shatter himself, understanding the awful visuals, asked McCain to visit “the legitimate president” Morsi instead.

U.S. media has said little about the administration’s ties to al-Shatter; however these ties are well-known among Egyptians: ambassador Anne Patterson was frequently seen going to Shatter’s residence.

Egyptian media has also pointed out that McCain repeatedly dodged critical questions by Egyptian journalists at the press conference. When asked about the fact that the Brotherhood in Rab‘a was armed to the teeth, and—with the aid of al-Qaeda—was killing and terrorizing innocent Egyptians, McCain ignored the question. This, of course is in keeping with the fact that McCain has also ignored the question as to why he is the staunchest supporter of the jihad in Syria, which has torn that nation apart, seen the slaughter and displacement of untold thousands of Christians and the destruction of their churches, and the beheadings and “legitimized rapes” by foreign jihadis whom McCain is in favor of arming.

Many Egyptians are also wondering why McCain—as well as the Obama administration—is pushing for elections as soon as possible.  Such a rush contributed to the empowerment of the Brotherhood in the first place: once the long-entrenched Mubarak was removed from power, the only party that was organized and ready to campaign was the Brotherhood. Secular Egyptian parties wanted to postpone the 2012 elections in order to mobilize their campaigns, but the U.S. was adamant that Egypt hold elections immediately. When the military wished to perform a recount, citing irregularities in the election—including widespread allegations of voter fraud by the Brotherhood—Hillary Clinton chastised them and called for a winner to be declared as soon as possible. This turned out to be Morsi, by a tiny margin—if that.

In short, McCain’s remarks and actions in Egypt have further confirmed the popular narrative—as memorably displayed by countless anti-Brotherhood and anti-Obama placards raised during the June 30 Revolution—that U.S. leadership is aligned with the Brotherhood, and thus ultimately a supporter of terrorism. Americans can no longer afford to ignore this serious accusation with broad implications.


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  • DogWithoutSlippers

    Obama & Hillary on the side of The Muslim Brotherhood!
    We, The People, did not authorize that! They serve us and
    must act in OUR best interests not their own. Being on the
    side of muslims in any way is not in our best interests – they
    wish us harm. 2014 must be a turn around year to throw a
    lot of these bums in American politics and Government out
    on their asses!

  • ILipshitz

    Whenever hillary and obama agree on something, run from it. They have evil in their hearts. They lust for power and wealth at the expense of others, namely, the others they profess to lead, but instead sacrifice.

    America is dying from their “leadership”, should Egypt follow? obamunism is a disease spread by political whores. Those whores should be banished by any who desire freedom, autonomy, civilization, and a stable economy.

    The pestilence is upon us in America. Don’t let it befall Egypt as well.

  • rod

    Do they not realise that it won’t work this time. Supporting the Muslim Brotherhood is like supporting Bin Laden and the rest of his cronies

    • John Amos

      It may not work in Egypt but it is working elsewhere. This conspiracy is is much bigger than Egypt. The illigal government of the United States is allied with the Muslim Brotherhood for world conquest and must maintain its loyalty.

      • rod

        Concur with that John..This infiltration has to stop and quite frankly it is about time the terms with the UN need to be re-addressed

  • Donald J DaCosta

    And think of this…we could have had this guy instead of Obama as the POTUS and many disgruntled republicans would have to hang their heads in disgust for voting at all. Conversely, those that didn’t vote in 2008 can be relieved of any feelings of

    America needs a figurative enema to flush all this mediocrity and stupidity down the sewer and start anew. This bunch in Washington are completely out of touch…. with everything……and worse. They consider themselves “leaders,” and why not?
    America keeps voting for the name they know, the ones they see spouting carefully scripted sound bites on media political public relations outlets rather than risk any change whatsoever.

    Tenure in Washington, learning from experience, does exist. Unfortunately the learning process immerses newcomers in a rancid, toxic soup of incompetence parading as political wisdom. It’s a big, exclusive club representing its own and special interests devoid of any congruence with that of their constituents, occasionally wandering out on the international stage in an effort to appear relevant, making complete fools of themselves and the rest of us, as in this case, before returning to the safety of their self serving Clique, smoke a cigar, pat themselves on the back and jump back on the band wagon most likely to get them face time in the national media.

    Does anyone ever wonder why the same song with the same lyrics bemoaning the state of the nation on waste, fraud, abuse, illegal immigration, racism, destruction of the environment, the plight of the middle class, the evil rich not paying their fair
    share, the tax code, the Wall St. fat cats, etc., etc., etc., over and over again, repeated ad nauseum as problems in dire need of government intervention? The result is typically finger pointing, calling the opposition obstructionists or, on those rare occasions when so called bi-partianship occurs or when one party is dominant, legislatively creating bigger problems. And then there are the arbitrary, baseless regulations created on the basis of the predominant whim supported by irresponsible, fabricated, agenda driven science. Big government at its “best.”

    2014 is approaching. America can begin to fix this or continue its politically blasé attitude grounded in deliberate ignorance, a national attitude among far too many of “what difference can my vote make?”; the universal, irrational, irresponsible excuse for failure to participate in the democratic process, in effect, leaving their own future in the hands of more proactive strangers; like it is now.

  • calico_kitty

    Any American citizen who buys into this dangerous and destructive propaganda game being perpetrated upon both us and the Egyptian people is an utter fool. John McCain is a sellout; given his status as a prisoner of war during Viet Nam, he of all people should know better. This is appalling and I pray that the Egyptian people understand that a great many of us in this country see through the lies, we support Morsi’s ouster and with God’s blessing, we can rid ourselves of this corrupt regime in Washington in the upcoming elections.

  • aebe

    The Presidunce gave support – money , equipment and training to the brotherhood , specifically to help bring down Mubarak and put the brotherhood into power . And now , the progressives running America are seeking to restore a terrorist organization to power , islamists , anti women anti queer anti democracy anti beer . And it takes three of the preceding to have a healthy democracy .
    Validate your 2nd Amendment Rights . Carry

  • MJ

    2013: Egyptian Military ouster a Fascist religious genocide construct Islam

    “McCain visits Egypt, calls ouster of President Morsy a ‘coup’”

    1933: German Military ouster a Fascist secular genocide construct Nazi

    “McCain visits Germany, calls ouster of Chancellor Hitler a ‘coup’”

    McCain clearly does not understand what ‘Democracy’ means.

  • Nowhereman

    John McCain really frightens me. This is a guy who goes to get pictures taken with the same Syrian jihadists that are today murdering children and turning a once-peaceful country into so much rubble. Isn’t he a Republican? Why does he have exactly the same views as Obama? Why does the US Government always support the bad guy nowadays? Whoever is the most violent and extreme can nearly always depend on US support. It’s absolutely mad. Misguided as Bush was, at least he never tried to support terrorists.

  • BillRind

    McCain has committed many egregious acts against our constitution and nation, but this one is really egregious to a foreign nation in trying to bring it down, he sucks the Penis of Obama and he seems to cant stop it, he is the worse of senators along with Graham, Rubio, flake, Schumer., Reid, Feinstein, Levin, Boxer, and all on the Democratic side of the Nazi aisle. I really despise these agitators and Marxists to my inner being. something must be done to remove these evil people from their positions.

  • imnokuffar

    Obamoid is a Muslim and a supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood. Sometimes he has to appear as if he is disinterested and pragmatic but he is not. He is a danger to you Americans and you should get rid of this Alynsky clone ASAP.

  • DontLikeWimps

    Egyptians please understand that it is only Obama and his thugs that support Muslim
    Brotherhood, not the American people!

    • Barasheit

      I second that. But, McCain and Graham too and Hillary. They are all bad bad people

  • Ellman48

    Jeremiah Wright described 911 as “America’s chickens coming home to roost”. The US got what was coming to it! Obama may deny having heard him make the remark but those who are not willfully blinding themselves to Obama’s radicalism know better. My contention is that Obama and Wright not only believed America was justifiably attacked but they identified with the attackers at a deep psychological level, which I describe as mutual hatred of America and all it stands for. So Obama’s unequivocal support for Morsi and the Brotherhood is to be expected but McCain is a greater mystery and paradox than Obama himself. Why he supports Morsi and the MB, why he and Graham were chosen to convey Obama’s message to the opposition, being Republicans, is shrouded in intrigue and fog. There’s much more to this than we know but the devil is in the details.

  • Ellman48

    The Egyptian people realized after but one bitter year of rule by the MB that an immediate and drastic course correction was required before Morsi and the Brotherhood gained absolute power, as the dictator in Turkey has. It took much longer for the Iranian people to launch a revolution in 2009 to depose their Islamic despots, a movement that Obama barely acknowledged and certainly did not extend an iota of support to. Shameless and disgraceful and hypocritical in the extreme!

    Why have the American people, after over 4 years, not yet recognized that in Obama we have an Islamist and a despot who is ignoring his constitutional limits with increasing audacity and arrogance? Will the deluded and intoxicated populace wake up before the 2014 elections or will they elect a government which in practice will differ little from Castro’s Cuba? We will need a Moses to lead us out of bondage!

  • stormark

    The late Bud Day wouldn’t like what his former cellmate from hanoi hilton is doing.