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Exposed: Muslim Brotherhood Operatives in the U.S.

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El Watan, one of Egypt’s most widely circulated and read newspapers, has published a report discussing the Muslim Brotherhood’s influence over the United States, especially in the context of inciting pro-Brotherhood policies against Egypt’s popular June 30 Revolution, which resulted in the ousting of Muhammad Morsi and the Brotherhood from power.

Titled (in translation), “With Names, Identities, and Roadmap…  El Watan Exposes Brotherhood Cells in America,” it’s written by investigative journalist Ahmed al-Tahiri, who begins the report by saying:

In the context of El Watan’s ongoing investigation concerning the Brotherhood’s cells and lobby inside America that support the regime of the ousted [Morsi], and which intensified their activities to attack and defame the June 30 Revolution, informed sources have disclosed to El Watan newspaper the names and cell entities of the Brotherhood and their roadmap of activities all throughout the United States of America.

The sources said that these organizations, which are spread throughout the States, agitated for and were supportive of the decisions taken by Muhammad Morsi’s project to “Brotherhoodize” and consolidate power [in Egypt] and gave a favorable opinion to the general American public that Morsi’s decisions were welcomed by the public [in Egypt]. Following the June 30 Revolution, these groups  launched a malicious war in order to incite the American administration to take hostile decisions against Egypt, with the aim of bringing back the Brotherhood to power.

El Watan then goes on to name names, saying that the following activists and entities are Brotherhood operatives working within the United States (reproduced verbatim):

  • Union of Egyptian Imams in North America, represented by Sheikh Muhammad al-Bani
  • The Egyptian American Foundation for Development
  • Dr. Khalid Lamada, New York
  • Dr. Hassan al-Sayah, Virginia
  • The Egyptian Network in America, led by Dr. Muhammad Helmi
  • Dr. Akram al-Zand, Sa’ad Foundation
  • Muhammad al-Khashab, head of ART channels in America
  • Sameh al-Henawi, member, Business Association of America
  • Dr. Hany Saqr, member, Egyptian Association in America
  • Dr. Khalid Hassan, Maryland
  • Dr. Muhammad Abdel Hakem, Seattle
  • Dr. Ahmed Ismat al-Bendari, president, Islamic Society of America
  • Walid Yusari, Chicago
  • Ahmed Shadid, New Jersey
  • Ahmed al-Hatab, Indiana
  • Dr. Muhammad Morjan, Boston
  • Ramadan Ridwan, Houston
  • Ahmed Fayez, Las Vegas
  • Dr. Amru Abbas, member, Egyptian Foundation in Michigan
  • Dr. Safi al-Din Hamed, Pennsylvania
  • Dr. Hamdy Radwan, North Carolina
  • Ahmed Shehata, director, Egyptian American Organization for Democracy and Human Rights
  • Dr. Iman Shehata, New York
  • Dr. Muhammad Amru Attawiya, member, Organization of Islamic Relief in the United States
  • Dr. Khalid al-Sayes, member, Rebuilding of Egypt Foundation
  • Dr. Tariq Hussein, member, American Islamic Relations Council (CAIR)
  • Dr Hisham al-Gayar, member, Egyptian Foundation, Michigan
  • Amin Mahmoud, Maryland

As a most recent example, El Watan quotes from an American op-ed published on October 16 (just two days before the publication of the El Watan report itself).  Titled “Egypt: 100 days later” and written by Ahmed Shehata of the Egyptian American Organization for Democracy and Human Rights, the piece appeared in The Hill, the Capitol’s most widely circulated newspaper, published specifically for Congress.

The op-ed is certainly a prime example of pro-Muslim Brotherhood propaganda that actually tries to “shame” U.S. policymakers into returning the Brotherhood back to power in the name of “democracy.”  Key excerpts follow:

While the U.S. must consider its own interests in the region, it is baffling and disheartening to think the current administration would choose to discount the suffering that continues to occur on a daily basis as well as the complete violation of democratic principles which it espouses to the rest of the world….  As this past week marked 100 days since the coup and the lives of the Egyptian people continue to be sacrificed, the United States cannot be silent any longer for the sake of their own interests and convenience….  To that end, Egypt represents a golden opportunity for the U.S. to uphold democratic values by pushing for the reinstatement of the democratically elected government, despite their shortcomings. This would aid tremendously in showing the world that, above any one particular physical interest, stands the mantle of freedom and the rule of law.

Anyone familiar with the real happenings of Egypt knows that Shehata’s assertions are complete opposites of the truth: the military ousted the Brotherhood in response to the will of millions of Egyptians—the people, the demos, as in democracy—who took to the streets protesting against the totalitarian Morsi government.   Moreover, it is the Muslim Brotherhood and their supporters who have been committing numerous human rights atrocities—including the slaughter and persecution of Christians, the torture and murder of many Egyptians (including before the revolution), and the destruction and torching of some 85 Christian churches.

Shehata seems to think that, if the Muslim Brotherhood and their supporters terrorize, murder, destroy, persecute, and betray their nation—which is precisely why tens of millions of average Egyptians rose up against them (though you might not know that following Al Jazeera-led Western media that distorted the popularity of the revolution)—as long as they won “elections” (which from the start many authorities insisted they didn’t), then that is all that matters; and, if need be, the U.S. must war with Egypt’s military and people on behalf of the ousted terrorists—all in the name of “democracy” and “human rights,” as Shehata’s U.S.-based Brotherhood front is laughably called.

That such a shameless piece of Muslim Brotherhood propaganda can be published in the most influential and widely read Capitol Hill publication certainly goes a long way in validating El Watan’s claims that the Brotherhood has its tentacles all around the United States’ points of influence.

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  • sybarite123

    The infiltration continues; the strangulation is almost complete! America you voted your demise.

  • Dan Nowotarski

    My hope is that the people mentioned in this article to include many others, and the Mosques in the U.S. are being watched closely to prevent another islamic terrorist attack, and my concern is that President Obama hasn’t placed a Muslim Brotherhood member or supporter in charge of watching these people and mosques in the U.S. – Mr. Ibrahim thank-you for sharing and writing your articles I always enjoy reading/learning from them. God Bless America, Israel, the NRA and all Real Freedom Fighting Patriots.

    • CWDJR

      I heard that Muslim Mosques are made off bounds to the FBI or any other investigators as per Obama’s orders. And in particular, to American undercover agents. Correct me if I’m wrong, please.

      • SFTOBEY

        I fear you may indeed be correct.

    • jeff BROWN

      His advisor to the NSA is a Muslim. He thinks like Obama. Muslims are always innocent, and people are always guilty.

    • David Lef

      Hows that “Hope” working out so far? Good thing you thanked the NRA, they worked hard on the Obarry’s health law.

  • DogWithoutSlippers

    Danger! Danger! They are not here as Immigrants – they are here as settlers!~


      Think “hijra”.

  • chan chan

    Insha’Allah the infidel dogs are unaware of this article, and cannot resist Islam now. It is too late. Our blade is upon your filthy neck.

    • N. Wasse

      Is this supposed to be funny? enlighten us kuffar

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          Where is the humor? Enlighten us!

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  • susan

    watch your back, Mr. Ibrahim. People who tell the truth are not safe in America anymore. I trust your reporting.

  • N. Wasse

    I would like to add to the list the creeps Mohamed Elibiary and Dalia Mogahed
    Despicable characters


      Not to mention Valerie Jarrett.

  • aebe

    The elite , the intellectuals , the ones progressives want ruling this country , eat that stuff up . After all , it is just Jews and Christians and Hindus and Buddhists that the islamists hate……
    Validate your 2nd Amendment Rights . Carry

    • N. Wasse

      No Islamists also hate Shia and Ahmadees and Jain and Sikh and Sufis and polytheists and atheists and women!
      They are criminals

  • jeff BROWN

    It’s time for the people of the world to come together, and declare that ISLAM is no longer a part of society at all. That it’s members are dysfunctional components. And to get rid of Islam by any means necessary.

    • N. Wasse

      And i would add that the Qur’an should be declared a book of hate not unlike Hitler’s Mein Kampf

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      Jihad should be declared “crime against humanity”

  • David Lef

    The U.S. Gov is not watching these terrorists, they are funding them. The Gov is busy watching little old ladies who are in the TEA party.

  • walterc

    I find it odd that I didn’t see Barack Obama on the list. Must be an honorary member.

  • openyoureyes

    Thank you for listing these operatives. Also watch out for the new radio station ‘Al Jazeera America’, which purports to report ‘just the truth’ for the gullible West. It too is a protector and front for MB interests. Sugar coat and obfuscate: it’s called taqiyyah!