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Egyptian Club Bans Beards and Veils

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In the first move of its kind, the Jazira Club, a popular sports and country club in Cairo, Egypt, has, “in the context of what’s been happening in the nation,” just banned all entry to men wearing the traditional Muslim beard and women wearing the niqab, or full black mantle that conceals everything but their eyes.


Nor is this new rule limited to visitors, but employees as well, some of whom have been dismissed for refusing to comply.

Such is the open hostility that the Muslim Brotherhood and its Islamist allies have bred among secular Egyptians — including the millions who marched during the June 30 revolution — through their treason and terrorism.

The male beard (with clipped mustache) and the female niqab are the quintessential indicators of “pure” Islam — which, far from being treated with honor or piety,  growing numbers of Egyptians are now showing their open contempt for.



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  • Betty4440

    they should be banned every where. all that nasty hair on those faces. no wander the women don’t want any thing to do with muslim men. they are nasty.

  • friendlykamustaka

    If a non-muslim in the West tried such a move, he/she would no doubt labelled an “Islamophobe”. When muslims themselves outlaw what are regarded as Islamic dress codes, this begs the question that politically-correct multiculturalists cannot face: how can muslims themselves be “Islamophobic”?

  • Alan

    I wish my country would ban these two things. That ugly beard and that ugly garbage bag for women.

  • Biff Henderson

    There is a practical limit to the backlash. You won’t see them banning the diaper they wear on their heads. The occasional leakage of the **** for brains, blind-faith donkeys would unleash an untenable, sanitary fiasco.

  • me

    What an ignorant decission, down with the dictator

  • Lea

    Just shows that in our western societies we should not allow it either, Egypt is a muslim country yet they are against it and it must be for good reason, reasons that we are refusing to accept and that is that these Islamic cultish traditions foster the increase of extremism and is also in violation of national security interests. It will also force the muslims to integrate better and not have to face any form of mockery and stigma, which is in their best interest too. As for old Obama, impeach him now.