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Raymond Ibrahim’s “study diary” where he shares insights derived from his ongoing researches in Islam, including from Arabic and arcane texts.

“How Can Any Man With Good Sense” Overlook the Koran’s Violence?

Portuguese  Bruce Thornton writes another great article today titled “Western Sleepwalkers and the Paris Massacre.” He points out the utter lack of common sense in Western responses to repeated jihadi attacks, which are repeatedly portrayed as aberrations by Western media and leaders.  Towards the end he writes, “Our ancestors for centuries acknowledged the true nature [...]

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‘We All Now Look Like Terrorists Before the World!”

Apparently  the “religious revolution” that Egyptian President Sisi called for on New Year’s Day is taking root — at least by emboldening more moderate Muslims to speak out publicly, as Sisi did. I am currently watching the latest episode of Cairo Today, hosted by ‘Amru Adib, a very popular Egyptian show.  Like Sisi’s speech before [...]

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Obama: Islamic State Acting Out of ‘Expediency’

French After my article “Islamic State Atrocities: Products of Grievances’?” appeared, a reader sent me the following email, which makes similar points, specifically about Obama’s use of the word “expediency” to explain away Islamic State savageries: Dear Mr. Ibrahim, You are so correct to find Obama’s real point of view by paying close attention to [...]

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Allah’s Sword of Terror

The first time I heard about Khalid bin al-Walid—the 7th century Muslim jihadi affectionately known in Islamic history as “The Sword of Allah”—was when I was in college researching for my MA thesis on the Battle of Yarmuk, when the Muslims, under Khalid’s generalship, defeated the Byzantines in 636, opening the way for the historic [...]

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Islamic Jihad and the Doctrine of Abrogation

While other scriptures contain contradictions, the Koran is the only holy book whose commentators have evolved a doctrine to account for the very visible shifts which occur from one injunction to another. No careful reader will remain unaware of the many contradictory verses in the Koran, most specifically the way in which peaceful and tolerant [...]

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Islamic Teaching: Non-Muslims Equal to Dogs


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Was Marco Polo an ‘Islamophobe’?

If the same exact criticisms being made against Islam today were also made centuries ago, is it reasonable to dismiss them all as “Islamophobic”— that is, as “unfounded fear of and hostility towards Islam,” as theCouncil on American Islamic Relations would have it?

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Nidal Hasan und Fort Hood

Eine Studie über Islamische Doktrin Englischer Originaltext: Nidal Hasan and Fort Hood Übersetzung: Eine der Schwierigkeiten, welche sich ergibt wenn man die besorgniserregenderen Lehren des Islam diskutiert, ist, daß sie einen Charakter haben, der aus einer anderen Zeit und einer anderen Welt stammt. Wenn diese islamische Doktrin nicht aktiv und freimütig von den Muslimen selbst [...]

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Nidal Hasan and Fort Hood

One of the difficulties in discussing Islam’s more troubling doctrines is that they have an anachronistic, even otherworldly, feel to them; that is, unless actively and openly upheld by Muslims, non-Muslims, particularly of the Western variety, tend to see them as abstract theory, not standard practice for today. In fact, some Westerners have difficulties acknowledging even those problematic doctrines that are openly upheld by Muslims — such as jihad. How much more when the doctrines in question are subtle, or stealthy, in nature?

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Was Muhammad a Messenger from God or Satan?

Father Zakaria Botros recently ran a show dedicated to answering the question, “Was Muhammad a messenger from God or Satan?” As usual with these shows, viewers were asked to call in and respond to this question, with poll results revealed at the end of the show

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