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Interpreting Muslim words and deeds around the world and demonstrating doctrinal and historical continuity.

Egypt’s Salafi Party Calls on Government to Uphold Islam’s Apostasy Law

Coptic Solidarity The Salafi party in Egypt, the Islamic party that most tries to follow the literal example of Muhammad and his first companions, wants the Egyptian government to uphold Islam’s apostasy law and penalties—punishing any born Muslim from abandoning Islam or even criticizing it (which is tantamount to breaking from Islam in Salafi eyes). [...]

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Saudi Arabia: The World’s Greatest Hypocrite

FrontPage Magazine Saudi Arabia recently preached to the international community about the need to confront “intolerance, extremism and human rights violations.” If this sounds surreal, consider the following excerpts from a July 26 report in the Saudi Gazette (emphasis added): Saudi Arabia has reiterated its call on the international community to criminalize any act vilifying [...]

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How Nazism Explains ‘Moderate’ and ‘Radical’ Islam

PJ Media If Islamic doctrines are inherently violent, why isn’t every single Muslim in the world—that is, approximately 1.5 billion people—violent? This question represents one of Islam’s most popular apologias: because not all Muslims are violent, intolerant, or sponsor terrorism—a true statement—Islam itself must be innocent. Let’s briefly consider this logic. First, there are, in [...]

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Skanderbeg: The Albanian Freedom Fighter Who Defied the Ottomans

Note: This essay was written for by André Masséna. Albania is ranked as one of the least religious countries in the world, with only 30% of the population stating they consider religion to be important, according to Gallup. Yet, roughly 60% of the population state they belong to Sunni Islam, with only a 17% minority [...]

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Raymond Ibrahim: Pope’s Encyclical, Islamic Rape, and Denied Visas

REEL Talk’s Audrey Russo recently interviewed me on why the Pope’s encyclical failed to mention Christian persecution, the phenomenon (past and present) of Muslim men raping blonde, infidel women in Europe, and how Christian representatives from Muslim nations are being refused visas by the State Dept.  Click here to hear the 20 minute interview.

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Critic Blasts Obama Narrative on Islam

Note: WND‘s  F. Michael Maloof recently interviewed Raymond Ibrahim on the Obama administration’s approach to Islam and the persecution of Christian minorities.  It follows: WASHINGTON – The persecution and slaughter of Christians throughout the Middle East has become a major humanitarian crisis, with Pope Francis warning that the atrocities border on “genocide,” according to a report [...]

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Obama Makes U.S. Oath of Allegiance Comply with Islamic Law

The Obama administration recently made changes to the Oath of Allegiance to the United States in a manner very conducive to Sharia, or Islamic law. On July 21, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced some “modifications” to the Oath of Allegiance which immigrants must take before becoming naturalized. The original oath required incoming [...]

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Why Muslim Rapists Prefer Blondes: A History

FrontPage Magazine The Muslim penchant to target “white” women for sexual exploitation—an epidemic currently plaguing Europe, especially Britain and Scandinavia—is as old as Islam itself, and even traces back to Muhammad. Much literary evidence attests to this in the context of Islam’s early predations on Byzantium (for centuries, Christendom’s easternmost bulwark against the jihad).  According [...]

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Islamic State Executes Another Copt in Libya?

Coptic Solidarity According to sources in Libya, there are unconfirmed reports, including from the Libyan Herald,  that on July 23rd, the Islamic State executed another Egyptian Christian they seized over a week ago at a road block near Nufaliya, an Islamic State stronghold southeast of the city of Sirte. Bekhit Nageh Efrank Ebeid, a 25 year [...]

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Raymond Ibrahim Debates ‘Moderate’ and ‘Radical’ Muslims: Is ‘ISIS’ Islamic?

Last week on the Glazov Gang, I debated Isa Hodge, an American convert to Islam (an apparent representative of “moderate Muslims”) and Imam Anjem Choudary of the UK (an apparent representative “radical Muslims”).   The topic under discussion was, “Is the Islamic State Islamic”? The video follows (and here’s a related article I wrote last [...]

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