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Interpreting Muslim words and deeds around the world and demonstrating doctrinal and historical continuity.

Where’re the Protests to Ban Islam’s Black Flag?

This article was written for by Ralph Sidway, an Orthodox Christian researcher and writer, and author of Facing Islam: What the Ancient Church has to say about the Religion of Muhammad. He operates the Facing Islam blog. Over at The American Conservative, Rod Dreher has a really stirring piece in which he grapples with the complexity and pain [...]

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The Return of Child Brides in Libya

The following article was written for by an American teacher in the Muslim world A few months ago, I had an interesting conversation with my manager, Rana, a Libyan in her late twenties.  The discussion began on how she, with many other Libyans, long for the days of peace and tranquility (under the “brutal” [...]

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A Triple Jihad and France

This article was written for by Michele A The world woke up yesterday [Friday, June 26] to the horror of a triple jihadi attack: one at a beach resort in Tunisia, killing 37 and wounding as many; one in a Kuwait city mosque, killing and injuring scores of Shia worshippers; and one at a [...]

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Turn France’s Christian Churches into Mosques, Says Muslim Leader

This report was written for by Michele A. Invited by Europe 1 on Monday morning, the Rector of the Paris Mosque and President of the French Council of the Muslim Faith Dalil Boubaker was quizzed by veteran journalist Jean-Pierre Elkabach about his proposal to recover “empty churches” to serve the Muslim faith. Boubaker smiled coyly, but [...]

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Islamic Hate for the Christian Cross

PJ Media Last May in Italy, a Muslim boy of African origin beat a 12-year-old girl during school because she was wearing a crucifix around her neck.  The African schoolboy, who had only started to attend the school approximately three weeks earlier, began to bully the Christian girl—“insulting her and picking on her in other [...]

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Libya Declared a “Muslim State”

Editor’s note: The following account was written for by an American teacher in the Muslim world. On May 26th, the residents of Tripoli and other areas under the control of the General National Congress (GNC) and their military wing, Libya Dawn (a coalition of Islamic militias),  discovered that they were now living in a [...]

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Islam’s ‘Baby Jihad’

FrontPage Magazine Islamic aspirations to dominate the world are set to happen—if not through might of arms, then apparently through sheer numbers. In 1900, the Muslim population of the world was less than 200 million.  Conversely, the Christian population of the world was almost 560 million—almost three times the number of Muslims. Times have changed.  [...]

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Turks Glorify Historic Slaughter and Rape of Christians

FrontPage Magazine A recent news report unwittingly demonstrates how Turkey—once deemed the most “secularized” Muslim nation—is returning to its Islamic heritage, complete with animosity for the infidel West and dreams of the glory days of jihadi conquests: A group of devout Muslims from across Turkey prayed before the city’s historic Hagia Sophia on the 562nd anniversary [...]

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Islamic State Kidnaps 86 Eritrean Refugees, They Fail Koran Test

On June 3, the Islamic State kidnapped 86 Eritrean refugees in Libya, including 12 women and children.  ”IS militants asked everyone who is Muslim or not and everybody started saying they are Muslims. But you have to know the Koran, and they didn’t,” said a human rights activist, citing eyewitnesses who managed to escape. Nael [...]

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“It Is Permissible for the Mujahid to Enjoy Young Boys in the Absence of Women”

Recently a number of Arabic language websites posted the following picture which is attributed to the official Twitter account of Caliph Abu Bakr of the Islamic State. The Arabic writing reads: “It is permissible for the mujahid [jihadi] to enjoy young boys in the absence of women.” The purported fatwa then justifies this position by [...]

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