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Interpreting Muslim words and deeds around the world and demonstrating doctrinal and historical continuity.

After Meeting with U.S. State Dept., Brotherhood Officially Declares Jihad on Egypt

Connections between U.S. leadership and the Muslim Brotherhood — which is banned as a terrorist organization in many countries — have always been there, for those with eyes to see. And now this. According to the Washington Free Beacon: The Muslim Brotherhood called for “a long, uncompromising jihad” in Egypt just days after a delegation [...]

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Islam — Not Saudi King — “Snubbed” Obama

Turns out the reported “snub” to Barack Obama from Saudi Arabia’s newly crowned king, Salman, was a product of Islam: the king — indeed, apparently every Saudi present — interrupted the welcoming protocol for the U.S. president because it was prayer time. Below you can see the video again, where the king and his entourage [...]

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President Sisi Revisits ‘Egypt’s Identity Crisis’

FrontPage Magazine Portuguese  Of all the recent calls for reform made by Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, perhaps most adamant has been his insistence that all Egyptians—Muslims and Christians—see themselves first and foremost as Egyptians. This came out very clearly when he visited the St. Mark Coptic Cathedral during Christmas Eve mass.  Then, he passionately [...]

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The West: Desensitized to Islamic Violence

Veritas International Enterprise  Following the January 7 massacre at the offices of Charlie Hebdo in Paris, where Islamic gunmen killed a dozen people because the satirical magazine had mocked the prophet of Islam, one thing has become clear: the amount of atrocities committed in the name of Islam all around the world have become so [...]

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Raymond Ibrahim Interview: Relativism, the Media, and Islam

I was recently the featured guest on the Denice Gary Pandol Show.  Click here to listen to the 30-minute interview (begins around the 25:15 mark).  Topics include differences between Islam and other religions, MSM misrepresentations, and Saudi beheadings.    

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Italy: Crucifix Near Mosque Destroyed

Portuguese  On January 17, a crucifix (pictured above) was destroyed in Cinisello Balsamo, a municipality in the Province of Milan, Italy. This comes days after a statue of the Virgin Mary was destroyed and urinated on by a group of North Africans in Italy. According to the report:  “Christmas is over and nativities have been [...]

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Spain: Violent Muslim Screaming “Allahu Akbar, All You Christians Will Die!” Gets Arrested

Catalonia, Spain.  To screams of “Allahu Akbar!” and “You will all die!”—an unruly and violent young Moroccan man resisted arrest and tried to steal a police officer’s weapon. On January 9, the Regional Police ‘Mossos d’Esquadra’ arrested Moroccan-born 18-year-old Omar S. in Manresa. According to Cadena Ser, who had access to the police report, the [...]

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Picture: Islamic State Atrocities ‘Built on the Prophetic Approach’

The Islamic State at it again. And lest there be any confusion as to where it gets its approach, the huge Arabic banner reads, “The Islamic State: a Caliphate Built on the Prophetic Approach.” And of course next to that is the Islamic shehada — “There is no god but Allah; Muhammad is the messenger [...]

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Video: Saudis Behead Screaming Woman With Three Sword Strokes

Laila Bint Abdul Muttalib Basim, a Burmese woman who resided in Saudi Arabia, was beheaded by sword on Monday after being dragged through the streets of Islam’s holy city of Mecca and held down by four police officers. VIDEO HERE: Woman Beheaded in Saudi Arabia She was convicted of the sexual abuse and murder of her [...]

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Islamic Violence, the MSM, and I

FrontPage Magazine Two events recently transpired that forced mainstream media to address a question they habitually dodge: Is Islam intrinsically violent?  First, on New Year’s Day, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi—a world leader, and a Muslim—did the unthinkable when he publicly asserted that Islamic texts and thinking have made the Muslim world a scourge to [...]

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