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Interpreting Muslim words and deeds around the world and demonstrating doctrinal and historical continuity.

‘With This Sword Is Civilization And Humanity Slaughtered’

The above cartoon from Arabic social media captures well the significance of the Islamic State’s recent destruction of priceless and ancient statues dating back thousands of years and which were once a reflection of the grandeur of early human civilization. In the picture above, an IS member unsheathes his sword as he prepares to behead [...]

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Pictures: IS Prepares to Burn Caged Kurds

The following picture stills are from a new propaganda video issued by the Islamic State.  It shows several captured Kurdish Peshmerga fighters being humiliated and in cages awaiting their execution by burning — like the Jordanian fighter pilot before them.  It should be noted that burning humans alive, while common throughout Islamic history — see [...]

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‘Devotion to Islam’ — Not Unemployment — Root Cause of Jihad

In light of the State Dept’s recent assertion that economics is what attracts Muslims to join the savage Islamic State, consider the following excerpt from Understanding Terror Networks, by Marc Sageman, a former CIA officer who worked closely with jihadi groups in Afghanistan (emphasis mine): There was a definite shift in degree of devotion to [...]

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Obama Admin: Poverty ‘Root Cause’ of ISIS Atrocities

Recent assertions by State Dept. spokesperson Marie Harf expose how the Obama administration continues to operate under wildly false — if not ludicrous — premises in its approach to combating the Islamic State. During an interview with Chris Matthews on MSNBC’s Hardball, Harf said: We’re killing a lot of them, and we’re going to keep [...]

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American Ignorance of Islam Due to American Muslims

Where Muslims are strong, they coerce non-Muslim “infidels” to do their bidding; where they are weak, they plead and play victim in order for non-Muslims to do their bidding. All throughout the Islamic world — and not just under the Islamic State — non-Muslim religious freedom and freedom of speech  are openly banned, from building [...]

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Living and Dying by the Sword of Jihad

PJ Media  In a move reminiscent of “ancient history,” Saudi Arabia is building a 600-mile-long “Great Wall”—a combined fence and ditch—to separate itself from the Islamic State to the north in Iraq: Plans for the 600-mile wall and ditch Saudi Arabia will build with Iraq in an effort to insulate itself from the chaos engulfing its neighbors. [...]

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Obama: Islam Not ‘Responsible for Violence and Terrorism’

After playing the role of pseudo historian, Obama today took on the mantle of pseudo theologian, reassuring Americans that Islamic law and teaching are not “responsible for violence and terrorism” — despite the plain fact that they are.  As I delineated in “The Islamic State and Islam,” every atrocity IS has committed—whether beheading, crucifying, raping, [...]

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The Islamic Nightmare: Europa and the Incubus

Europe, Britain and the West are pinned down by Sleep Paralysis beneath the weight of Islam and Muslim Immigration by Ralph H. Sidway Sometimes an image — a metaphor — is much more effective at presenting truth than even the most persuasive argument or laying out of facts. “The Nightmare” is such an image. Europeans [...]

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Raymond Ibrahim on Fire Fatwas and the Sword of Allah

On February 12, I was interviewed on the Denice Gary Pandol Radio Show.  Topics included the Islamic fatwas that justify burning people to death — including one that mysteriously disappeared from a Qatar-run website —  and the “Sword of Allah.”  Click here to listen and fast-forward to around the 34:30 mark.  

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The True History of Christendom and Islam

FrontPage Magazine U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama’s recent condemnation of medieval Christian history to exonerate modern Islam is a reminder of how woefully ignorant (or intentionally deceptive) a good many people in the West are concerning the true history of Christian Europe and Islam. The problem is that those who condemn things like the Crusades—including [...]

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