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Christianity Under Siege

By Steve Huntley Chicago Sun Times During this season of joyous religious celebrations and especially the holiday cheer enjoyed with family and friends during Christmas time, we should not forget that in too many corners of the world Christianity is under siege with Christians abused, brutalized and murdered. Ghastly crimes like the kidnapping of nearly [...]

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Even Christians Who ‘Convert’ Get Beheaded

F. Michael Maloof WND WASHINGTON – “There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger.” This is the statement that fighters in ISIS demand of captured Christians if they don’t want to be summarily executed, mostly by beheading. But now Raymond Ibrahim, writing for the Gatestone Institute, says that if a Christian is [...]

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Must Middle Eastern Christians Keep Turning the Other Cheek?

By David Pryce-Jones National Review Online Christianity is under attack throughout the Muslim world. Iraq and Egypt still have sizable Christian communities but hundreds of thousands of Christians from both countries have fled abroad. Since Lebanon came under the thumb of Hezbollah, the Shiite terrorists sponsored by Iran, the Christian community there has just about halved. Anecdotal [...]

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What Century Are We In?

by Ed Vitagliano AFA Journal The world’s attention is now fixed on an army of radical Muslim jihadists going by the name Islamic State – or the acronym ISIS – that threatens the stability of the Middle East. They have also threatened to destroy the West, including the United States, and subject it to Islamic [...]

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Psychological Warfare and Terrorism

By William Kilpatrick Crisis Magazine In a recent column, I suggested that one of the best ways to fight terrorism is by undermining the terrorist’s ideology. For example, by undercutting the belief that seventy-two virgins await the young martyr in paradise, you simultaneously undermine the will to fight. That’s not to say that the standard method of [...]

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Islam and the Mother Lode of Bad Ideas

Andrew Gripp IVN.US The spat between Ben Affleck, Sam Harris, and Bill Maher on the HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher over Islam has become so heated and escalated that even 10 days hence, it has still managed to survive the erosive force of the 24-hour news cycle in a way unique among cable TV debates. The feud began [...]

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What Makes a British Muslim An Executioner?

By Dr. Laina Farhat-Holzman Family Security Matters Are radicalized Muslim youth more dangerous to Europe than to the United States? It is far easier for immigrants to be absorbed in the US, a country created by immigration from its onset, than in Europe. But even in Europe, where immigrants benefit from generous welfare and possible absorption, many [...]

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If seeing is believing, Sean Hannity is getting an eyeful of truth

By Bob Taylor Communities Digital News CHARLOTTE, NC, August 5, 2014 – Three cheers for Sean Hannity. Benjamin Netanyahu invited the media and the Obama administration to visit Israel and see what is really happening there. Hannity obliged. Sure, other reporters are imbedded in the region. We see nightly on-the-scene stories with journalists wearing helmets and [...]

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U.S. Ally Underwriting Jihadist Expansion into Africa

By Michael Carl WND Middle East and Africa analysts say there is a growing wave of militant Islamic activity in sub-Saharan Africa that is being funded by U.S. ally Saudi Arabia. Hussein Solomon, University of the Free State professor and analyst for the Israel-based think tank Research on Islam and Muslims in Africa, said the [...]

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The Caliphate Means Constant War on Us on a Scale Not Yet Seen

By Enza Ferreri Liberty GB While the British government is making its own citizens pay for the jihadis allowed to return to the UK from Syria and Iraq, both in terms of money – through the £1.1 billion cash injection for defence announced yesterday, £800 million of which will fund an extra investment in intelligence and surveillance [...]

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