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Pentagon Admits No Strategy to Blunt ISIS Expansion

WASHINGTON – The Pentagon admits it does not have a military strategy to blunt the spread of ISIS beyond its self-proclaimed caliphate in portions of Syria and Iraq. The jihadist movement now has pledges of allegiance from groups with a presence in 12 countries, from the Middle East, to North Africa to Central and Southeast [...]

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Needed: A New Church Policy Toward Islam

Crisis Magazine By William Kilpatrick Mark Steyn observed that “there is no market for a faith that has no faith in itself.” He was referring to Christianity’s loss of faith in itself as exemplified by the decline of Christianity in Europe and the corresponding rise of Islam—a faith that does have faith in itself. A [...]

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Murder of Pilot Sparks Tough, New Question

WND By F. Michael Maloof WASHINGTON – The gruesome murder of captured Jordanian F-16 pilot Lt. Muath al-Kasabeh by ISIS may have strengthened the resolve of the Jordanian government to launch all-out assaults against the jihadist army as members of the U.S.-led coalition. But it also could have a boomerang effect as Jordanians question why [...]

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Egypt’s Muslim Churchill

Fox News By Raymond Stock As we commemorate the 50th anniversary of Sir Winston Churchill’s passing and historic state funeral (on Jan. 24 and 30, 1965), shockingly few have noticed that he has an apparent successor in our time. And that figure is neither European nor American — but a Muslim leader in the Middle [...]

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Nigeria Is One of the ‘Worst Places’ for Christians

Christian Today By Mark Yapching The author of a monthly report on Christian persecution in various countries has ruled Nigeria as one of the least favourable nations for Christians to be in. Raymond Ibrahim pens the monthly report “Muslim Persecution of Christians”, which has chronicled instances of persecution against Christians in multiple countries since July 2011. [...]

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Washington Times Entrevista Raymond Ibrahim sobre a Perseguição Muçulmana aos Cristãos

Fonte/Source: Washington Times Interviews Raymond Ibrahim on Muslim Persecution of Christians | Raymond Ibrahim Nota de Raymond Ibrahim: Cheryl Wetzstein do Washington Times me entrevistou ontem a respeito da perseguição de Cristãos em terras Muçulmanas, especialmente no contexto da Nigéria. A entrevista foi publicada (ontem) no final do dia. Veja a seguir: “Eleições na Nigéria colocam Cristãos em [...]

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1,000 CHURCHES DESTROYED! Fear of More Muslim Attacks on Christianity Escalate During Nigerian Election

By Abigail James Catholic Online Muslim persecution of Christians is unfortunately not something new for those in Nigeria, a population made up of half Muslim and half Christian people. Their upcoming presidential election awakens more fear in Nigerian Christians; the outcome of the election can put them in danger of more Muslim attacks. LOS ANGELES, CA [...]

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Christians Burned Alive: Where’s the Outrage?

Powerline By John Hinderaker From Pakistan, another in a long series of horrifying news stories: because of a (presumably false) rumor that they had burned pages of a Koran, a Christian couple was burned alive by a mob of Muslims: Sajjad Maseeh, 27, and his wife Shama Bibi, 24, were set upon by at least 1,200 [...]

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Western Sleepwalkers and the Paris Massacre

FrontPage Magazine By Bruce Thornton The jihadist murderers are dead, after killing five more Parisians, but many Westerners, long drugged by bad ideas and received wisdom, continue to sleepwalk through the war against jihadism. This means that after all the brave words and feel-good marches, little significant action will be taken to prevent such atrocities [...]

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Egypt’s New President Blasts Islamic Extremists

Newsmax By Todd Beamon In a bold yet little-reported speech, The President of Egypt has directly confronted Islamic leaders in his country and challenged them to stand against extremism in their religion. “We are in need of a religious revolution,” President Abdel-Fattah el-Sisi told imams on New Years Day at al-Azhar University in Cairo. The [...]

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