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Obama’s Foreign Policy Crippled From Day One

CDN By Bob Taylor CHARLOTTE, N.C., May 26, 2015 — Islamic analyst Raymond Ibrahim has some interesting and poignant perspectives on how the West—in particular the United States under President Obama—is dealing with ISIS and global terrorism. Ibrahim contends that Obama is the Western leader most responsible for empowering the terror organization. Other observers have expressed concerns about America’s [...]

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Obama’s Islamophobia-Phobia and the ‘Peace Virgins’

Breitbart By James Zumwalt It is clear President Barack Obama suffers from a serious mental disconnect in his thinking about Islam. Those responsible for drawing attention to it, the media, suffer it as well—by willingly accepting his narrative on Islam. For six years, we have borne witness to Obama’s repeated assertions Islam is a peaceful religion. Neither [...]

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Insulting Religion

Crisis Magazine By William Kirkpatrick We often hear it said that it is simply wrong to insult the faith of 1.3 billion Muslims. Why, then, isn’t it wrong to insult the faith of 2.2 billion Christians? It’s done every day, and sometimes the insults are hard to take. Christians are understandably upset when art exhibits feature [...]

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Gay Muslims Running Towards the Accepting Embrace of ISIS

The Examiner In spite of more than a few photos and videos making their way to the West depicting Islamic jihadis executing homosexuals by throwing them off 10 story buildings, reports are bubbling to the surface that European Muslim homosexuals are joining up with the ISIS terrorist network. As reported by The Daily Express of London, Great Britain on [...]

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Islamic State Is Islamic

The Clarion Project  Although Western leaders as well as Muslims in the West have repeatedly said that the Islamic State is not Islamic, this is not the case. As Graeme Wood, in his seminal article, What ISIS Really Wants, writes: The reality is that the Islamic State is Islamic. Very Islamic. Yes, it has attracted psychopaths and adventure [...]

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Megyn Kelly Slams Bill O’Reilly for Insisting ‘Prophet Muhammad’ Event ‘Lit the Fuse’ That Triggered Texas Terror Attack

Christian Post By Sami K. Martin Fox News host Megyn Kelly blasted her colleague Bill O’Reilly Tuesday night for insisting that Pamela Geller was wrong to hold a free speech event critical of Islam, specifically radical factions within the faith, where people were encouraged to submit depictions of Muhammad, which some Muslims consider to be insulting [...]

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Raymond Ibrahim: Christianity’s Future In West Tied to Fate of Middle East Christians [Interview]

The Gospel Herald By Isaiah Narciso In light of the recent video released by ISIS showing the beheadings of 30 Ethiopian Christian men in Libya, author Raymond Ibrahim warns that the future of Christianity in the West is tied to the fate of Christians in the Middle East. In an interview conducted by Kathryn Jean Lopez [...]

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¿Realmente está creciendo la persecución de cristianos en el mundo?

BBC Spanish By Leire Ventas En la pasada misa de Pascua el papa Francisco hizo un llamamiento a la comunidad internacional para que no permanezca “en silencio e inactiva ante el inaceptable crimen” de la persecución de cristianos en el mundo. Era la segunda vez durante la Semana Santa que hacía referencia a los 150 estudiantes [...]

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Reports: Islamic State Blew Up Syrian Church in ‘Christian Hill’ on Easter Sunday

The Blaze By Sharona Schwartz The Islamic State group blew up a church in an Assyrian Christian village in northeastern Syria on Easter Sunday, the Syrian news agency and a Christian news agency reported. Residents of Tel Nasri village in the Hassaka province told Syria’s state news agency SANA that Islamic State militants planted explosives in the [...]

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Pentagon Admits No Strategy to Blunt ISIS Expansion

WASHINGTON – The Pentagon admits it does not have a military strategy to blunt the spread of ISIS beyond its self-proclaimed caliphate in portions of Syria and Iraq. The jihadist movement now has pledges of allegiance from groups with a presence in 12 countries, from the Middle East, to North Africa to Central and Southeast [...]

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