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Remembering the Persecuted on Easter

By Steve Huntley Chicago Sun Times At that much noted gathering of al-Qaida fanatics and killers in Yemen recently, one of the terrorist group’s leaders called for new attacks on the United States, declaring that “we must eliminate the cross” and that “the bearer of the cross is America.” The cross, of course, is the [...]

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“Tawriya” is a key to understanding Barack Obama

By Bob Taylor Communities Digital News CHARLOTTE, NC, April 14, 2014 – Whenever Barack Obama uses his favorite five word phrase, “Let me be perfectly clear,” it is a signal to turn and run as fast as you can in the opposite direction. It is time to clear the air and make it clearer about what “being [...]

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Let us protect our freedoms

Hillsdale Daily News The following guest editorial is writer Connie R. Gale’s reaction to Sheldon Richman’s opinion piece, “Obama, Kerry jeopardize peace with Iran,” which appeared in the March 22, 2014 edition of the Hillsdale Daily News. Sheldon Richman’s opinion in Hillsdale Daily News negatively stereotyped Israel and portrayed Iran as a victim seeking peace. [...]

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Mary, Martyr for the Cross; Obama, Muslim Brotherhood Enabler

By Judi McLeod Canada Free Press The horrific, only-days-ago murder of Coptic Christian Mary Sameh George, in a suburb of Cairo, can honestly be laid at the feet of shameful Muslim Brotherhood booster President Barack Hussein Obama. Rioting Muslim Brotherhood supporters attacked the Virgin Mary and Archangel Michael Coptic Orthodox Church, opening fire on it and [...]

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Islamist mob kills Coptic Christian woman in Cairo

By Julia E. Seymour World An Islamist mob beat, stabbed, and shot Mary Sameh George to death in Cairo on March 28, reportedly because of the cross hanging in her car. George, a Coptic Christian in her mid-20s, parked near Virgin Mary and Archangel Michael Coptic Orthodox Church to deliver medicine and food to the [...]

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Unacceptable! Barack Obama’s Islamic Jihad Against Christians

By Pete Parker Clash Daily Make no mistake: By financing the Syrian rebels and the Muslim Brotherhood–President Obama has launched an Islamic Jihad against Christians. As I have previously mentioned in this column–the violence being perpetrated by the Obama backed rebels against the Christian community of Syria is beyond savage. Not only have the rebels [...]

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Islamic cleric issues fatwa urging destitute women in Syria to become sex slaves

By Joseph Parker The Examiner A cleric has issued a fatwa urging destitute Syrian women to become sex slaves to jihadists in order to keep the civil war raging in that country. In a video, Jordanian Sheikh Yassin al-Ajlawni, said the following: “The needy, disenfranchised Syrian woman is permitted to ask the Muslim man who [...]

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UK Mulls Ban on Brotherhood, Violent Response Threatened

By Ryan Mauro The Clarion Project The British government is signaling that it may join the Arab coalition against the Muslim Brotherhood by announcing an investigation of the group spearheaded by the ambassador to Saudi Arabia. The Saudis joined Egypt in banning the Brotherhood as a terrorist group last month. Prime Minister David Cameron said, “We want to [...]

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Byzantine Empire Awakens to a Frightening US President

By Ralph H. Sidway Sobornost In perhaps the most significant reversal of political and global alignment since the overthrow of Christian Russia by the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917, Barack Hussein Obama has transformed the United States of America from a Christian-centric, Western democratic republic, into an Islamist-enabling oligarchy drowning in Soviet-style scandals, casting a long, [...]

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Islam and the Teachings of ‘Extremism’

By Bob Taylor Communities Digital News CHARLOTTE, N.C., April 2, 2014 — Islam is a religion that is, by definition, extreme. What is regarded as extreme by Western standards is, more often than not, considered normal in the Muslim world. The word “Islam” means “submission.” A “Muslim” is translated as “one who submits.” Now add in the [...]

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