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Yemen: Muslims Burn Alive Female Relative for Converting to Christianity

Muslim relatives of a woman conspired to kill her by placing gasoline in one of her kitchen bottles, causing her to catch fire while cooking and burn to death.  The reason?  Earlier she had converted to Christianity and refused to return to Islam.  Now her husband (also an apostate to Christianity) and children are homeless [...]

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Raymond Ibrahim on TruNews: The US-Jihad Alliance

Today Raymond Ibrahim was interviewed by Rick Wiles on TruNews.  The nearly 40 minute interview begins at the 23:30 mark.

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The Muslim Rape of Christian Nuns

Despite how unsavory and barbaric Islamic groups and persons around the world have been behaving—whether Nigeria’s Boko Haram, Mesopotamia’s Islamic State, Somalia’s Shabaab—perhaps few things are as disgusting and cowardly as the Muslim rape of nuns: defenseless Christian women who sacrifice much of their lives to help sick and needy Muslims. The latest such attack [...]

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Revisiting “The Silent Extermination of Iraq’s ‘Christian Dogs’”

Nearly three-and-a-half years ago, before the “Arab Spring” and the plight of Christians became much of a topic, I wrote a FrontPage article titled “The Silent Extermination of Iraq’s ‘Christian Dogs.’”  Revisiting it is useful, as it highlights some important points.  The article follows below in italics, with new observations interspersed in regular font: Last [...]

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Egypte: Des Partisans des Frères Musulmans Incendient une Boucherie

Les médias égyptiens ont rapporté que des partisans du groupe “terroriste” les Frères Musulmans ont mis le feu à une boucherie samedi soir  à Aim Shams, une des banlieues du Caire. La raison de ce dernier acte criminel de la Fraternité Musulmane est que le propriétaire de la boucherie s’était opposé à l’une des manifestations [...]

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La Femme de Morsi Menace d’Exposer «la Relation Spéciale» de Hillary Clinton avec les Frères Musulmans

L’épouse de l’ancien président égyptien Mohammed Morsi est la dernière des «initiés» des Frères Musulmans  à menacer de dénoncer la relation spéciale entre Morsi et l’administration d’Obama – une relation que ce dernier insiste n’a jamais existé. Nagla Mahmoud, la femme de Morsi, serait en colère  à  cause de certaines déclarations faites récemment par Hillary [...]

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Sharks and Islamists: Equally Misunderstood?

I recently spent some time watching Shark Week on television.  Being fascinated with large predatory fish, I’ve watched many shark programs throughout the years.  And I’ve reached one conclusion: the “liberal” response one is accustomed to when the topic of Islam and Islamists come up—that they are misunderstood, that we need to respect their ways [...]

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Tripoli: Les Salafistes Bannissent les Croix et les Icônes Chrétiennes

A Tripoli, des bandes de salafistes  armées – des musulmans qui cherchent à suivre l’exemple du prophète de l’islam aussi littéralement que possible -  ont ordonné aux bijoutiers de la ville de cesser de vendre des croix et des icônes chrétiennes. “Immédiatement après,” ont annoncé les médias arabes, “les bijoutiers ont collecté toutes les croix [...]

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Tripoli: Salafis Ban Christian Crosses and Icons

French In Tripoli, roaming bands of armed Salafis—Muslims who seek to follow the example of Islam’s prophet as literally as possible—went door to door of the city’s jewelry stores, ordering the owners to stop selling any crosses or Christian icons. “Immediately thereafter,” report Arabic media, “the store owners collected all the crosses and Christian icons [...]

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Morsi’s Wife Threatens to Expose Hillary Clinton’s ‘Special Relationship’ with Muslim Brotherhood

French The wife of former Egyptian president Muhammad Morsi is the latest Muslim Brotherhood “insider” to threaten to expose the special relationship between Morsi and the Obama administration—a relationship the latter insists never existed. Nagla Mahmoud, Morsi’s wife, is reportedly angry at some statements recently made by Hillary Clinton, including that Morsi was “naïve” and [...]

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